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Kang So Ra says she was desperate to lose weight and get back to … – allkpop

Mar 13th, 2023

Kang So Rarecently sat down for an interview and shared that she was desperate to lose weight so that she could return to her work quickly.

In light of her latest ENA drama 'Strangers Again,' where she plays a divorce lawyer, Kang So Ra shared about how she lost weight after giving birth and how it feels to be back on the screen.

On this day, Kang So Ra shared how she lost 20 kg (44 lbs) after giving birth. She explained, "I shared this many times but there is nothing new. It's what everyone knows: exercising and keeping a healthy diet."

She added, "A lot of people ask about my diet secret but there is nothing special. I was just desperate."She elaborated, "I diligently worked out because I really wanted to go back to work quickly. I usually did Pilates and weight liftingto tone my body."

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra got married in 2020 and gave birth to a daughter in 2021.

When asked, "How is Kang So Ra as a mother different from the actress Kang So Ra?"She responded, "I thinkfor me, living a good life would benefit my child so I think it was important to show my child the hard work put in even if the results aren't perfect. So I thought 'I should live my life diligently."

Kang So Ra explained that she received help with caring for her daughter when she had to film the drama. Kang So Ra shared, "I received a lot of help with childrearing from those around me. The filming schedule changed to only 4 days a week so it helped a lot. So I was able to take care of my child for the 3 days I wasn't working."

The actress also shared that having a child and the change in her life was something she needed. She explained, "Personally, I think this was a change that I needed in my life. I actually adjusted fairly quickly. I used to live with my parents before getting married so I feel I was able to truly become independent now. I realized that I used to live most of my life as celebrity Kang So Ra but I put that aside so life is much better."

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Kang So Ra says she was desperate to lose weight and get back to ... - allkpop

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