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Charu Asopa On Her Transformation Post-Pregnancy, Reveals Her Strict Diet To Lose Weight Quickly –

Apr 7th, 2023

Charu Asopa has left everyone stunned with her drastic transformation post-pregnancy. Now, she revealed how she managed to lose weight quickly and shared her strict diet plan.

By Kalash Khurana Last Updated: Apr 7, 2023 | 08:46:14 IST

Television actress, Charu Asopa has been leading the headlines for quite some time because of her on-and-off relationship with her husband, Rajeev Sen. The estranged couple has been vocal about their marital issues in public, leaving no stone unturned to bad mouth each other. However, of late, Charu and Rajeev have been cordial with each other and are co-parenting their daughter, Ziana. Meanwhile, Charu has made her comeback to acting and is currently busy shooting for her new show, Johri.

In a new YouTube video, Charu Asopa opened up about her weight-loss journey after the birth of her baby girl, Ziana. Talking about the same,the actressrevealed that she had to follow a strict diet regime for her new show, Johri, as she hadto look younger for a certain portion of the show. Revealing that the weight loss journey was not easy for her, she said:

"Weight loss journey wasn't easy for me. I did a very strict diet for my show called Johri. I had to reduce weight because they had to show me as a 16-17-year-old and then grow from there eventually. So I had to reduce weight quickly."

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Charu also revealed how she was able to lose fat quickly and get back into shape post-pregnancy and revealed the drastic measures she took to shed some weight. She shared that she had stopped eating and eliminated sugar and milk from her diet. Apart from her strict diet, Charu used to work out for two hours every day at the gym. She added:

"I stopped eating. I was off sugar, off milk. I was on a strict diet Sometimes I used to only have fruits or dry fruits in the morning and drink black coffee. I used to work out for 2 hours everyday at the gym. I never took a rest in between and rather went to shoot for long hours. It was quite hectic for me."

Though Charu managed to lose her weight pretty quickly, she asked her followers not to follow her pace and advised them to take it slow. Talking about the same, she revealed that she had certain responsibilities that made her take up the work and lose weight quickly. However, she added that sometimes she used to break down due to pressure and said:

"I'd say take your time to lose weight. For me there was urgency, I had a lot of responsibilities, so l had to lose weight quickly. Back then, I had shifted to Mumbai. I had to pay rent, and pay my maids among other things. For that, you need to work hard. I'd break down sometimes, but whenever I see Ziana's face, everything feels worth it."

Further in the video, Charu Asopa also talked about her life as a single parent and revealed how she deals with her mental breakdown. The actress also opened up about postpartum depression andshared that she developed many health issuesafter Ziana's birth.Moreover, since Charu was not lactating, people would question her for not being able to feed her daughter, whichtook a toll on her mental health.

Read the rest here:
Charu Asopa On Her Transformation Post-Pregnancy, Reveals Her Strict Diet To Lose Weight Quickly -

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