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How Many Miles Do You Have To Walk Every Day To Lose Weight? We Asked A Personal Trainer. – SheFinds

Mar 29th, 2023

Running can be an effective cardio to increase calorie burn, but it's not necessary to lose weight. If it doesn't feel good and you won't stick with it, then it's better to simply increase your walking time and mileage. To lose weight by walking, Brooks says, "The actual mileage is going to vary for each person. I believe it's about the consistency of showing up daily and trying to progress in pace and distance. As you improve, start adding in more inclines or hills and trekking poles to increase the total calorie burn."

And, for women over 40 who want to incrementally work up to walking every day, Brooks has some suggestions. "Start out slowly so that you don't create muscle aches or fatigue that keep you from showing up the next day. It's not about one day of workouts, it's about doing it for many months and years," she says. "Remember that a walk with a friend can be a great way to get together, have more fun with your walk, and skip lunch out!"

However, Brooks also says that you have to focus on your diet too if you want to actually lose weight. "Diet is an integral part of any weight loss program. Your body [needs] nutrients to feel energized to stick to the workouts and needs enough protein to help with muscle repair and growth," she notes. That's why it's important to eat nutritious, low-carb meals rich in protein. Check out these protein-packed foods you can after every walk to promote muscle growth and calorie burn.

So, you might be able to lose weight by walking every day, but it depends on how long you walk, how intensely you walk, and, most importantly, what your diet's like. A combination of physical activity and cutting calories can help immensely with weight loss. And, when it comes to how many miles you should actually be walking every day to lose weight, Brooks says that it depends on each person. A good starting point according to popular fitness trackers and pedometers, and a 2016 study, 10,000 steps or 5 miles is ideal for optimal weight loss.

However, balance is also important. You never want to overdo exercise, it can increase your risk of aches, pains, and burnout. This is even true for a simple workout like walking. You'll want to start and end every work with light stretches to prevent cramping and injuries. If you're new to regular exercise, you may need to start out with short walks or walking at a light pace. Then, you can gradually build up to longer walks. Once you've lost weight, you'll want to consistently walk and even transition to running to keep the weight off.

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How Many Miles Do You Have To Walk Every Day To Lose Weight? We Asked A Personal Trainer. - SheFinds

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