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Why running is the worst way to lose weight – The Telegraph

Apr 26th, 2023

Research shows that strength training also protects the midlife brain, and improves memory, cognitive function and decision-making, and a 2018 study from the University of Limerick found that resistance training had a significant impact on those with mild to moderate depression.

Yet despite this wealth of evidence, research also shows that most people still value aerobic exercise over lifting weights.

And this is particularly true of men, says Roberts. If you look around any gym, youre more likely to find women in Pilates or body-pump classes, and men on the treadmill, he says.

Flexibility exercises are often seen as not being intense enough, but, ironically, men tend to be less flexible than women, especially as they get to midlife and beyond, so they should work more on their mobility and see things like yoga and Pilates as a necessity, rather than a bolt-on exercise or as some gentle class to help you unwind.

So, can running play any part in a healthy fitness routine? Absolutely, says Lowery. I enjoy running myself, and it can be a really useful exercise for staying fit, improving heart health and boosting your mood. The key is to start slowly and build up, to reduce the risk of injury.

Last year, a study found that more than six million runs were completed using the NHS Couch to 5K app in 2022. Designed for people with little or no running experience, the app provides guided commentary and helps users track their progress.

Ultimately, any type of exercise and movement is good for us, says Lowery. But the fact is, lots of people dont like running, which is still held in such high regard, and they shouldnt feel bad about not enjoying it.

Because while running, as part of a routine that also includes walking, stretching and lifting weights, is good for us, too much can put a lot of stress on your body, and impact mobility and flexibility as you get older, when those things start to really become important.

And remember, if anybody watching todays London Marathon is thinking of taking up running to help them lose weight, theyre probably going to be sorely disappointed.

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Why running is the worst way to lose weight - The Telegraph

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