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Elite HRT Publishes Information on Zomacton – Business Wire

Oct 14th, 2021

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Experts in hormone and hormone therapy Elite HRT have published a new informational guide on medication Zomacton. Their online article details what the medication is, what benefits it brings, and who should or should not use it on a regular basis. Their article, with medical review from Regulatory Affairs Specialist Camille Frecking, is available online and for free, in an effort to promote education on hormone replacement therapies and the benefits they can have on anyones health.

Zomacton, also known as somatropin, is a medication designed to treat a deficiency in human growth hormones, which can occur for several reasons. Human growth hormones are known to encourage bone strength and growth through aiding in the creation of osteoblasts, which are bodily cells that build bone material. In addition, it also balances this out by promoting the activity of the osteoclasts that break down and absorb old bone material as calcium. These hormones also break down fat in the body to help support healthy weight and fat loss, however Zomacton should not primarily be used to facilitate weight loss.

Zomacton is taken as a subcutaneous injection, and is prescribed, on average, in 0.006 milligrams per kilogram of weight daily, increasing to 0.0125 milligrams per kilogram after six weeks. However it should be noted that these figures can widely vary depending on age, weight, health status and history, HGH levels, and more; a physician or healthcare provider should ultimately decide your dosage. However, those who experience diabetes, mellitus, or scoliosis are not recommended to take this medication, as well as those with allergies to somatropin, pregnant women, and those with active cancers or growths.

Elite HRT is happy to have this online resource published freely for those considering Zomacton and seeking information on the medication. With this article, information on this beneficial Human Growth Hormone medication is more widely-available, giving consumers information on whether it may or may not be right for them.

About Elite HRT: Elite HRT is a telemedicine firm led by a network of physicians specializing in hormone replacement therapies. With unique approaches to HRT, TRT, HGH, and more, Elite HRT works to tailor solutions uniquely created for specific patients, all at affordable rates. Those wanting to learn more and contact Elite HRT can visit and submit a contact request form with background information today.

Elite HRT Publishes Information on Zomacton - Business Wire

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