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From car seats to cribs: How to choose the safest products for your baby – WTRF

Sep 16th, 2020

(WTRF) Being a parent can be difficult right?

Especially when you have a new baby at home.

From car seats to cribs, theres a lot of precautions you have to take to keep them safe.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) designated September as Baby Safety Month nearly 40 years ago to help parents understand how to choose and use the best products for their babies safely.

Theres so many unintentional injuries and incidents when babies and young children are interacting with products we rely on every day.

A major part of avoiding some of those hazards starts with baby proofing your home. That includes:

Safe sleep is also important.

It starts with choosing the right bassinet for co-sleeping or crib if baby is in their own room.

Also to remember for safe sleep:

Those things are so cute when we register for them, or were setting up the perfect nursery, but they are really not intended to be placed in the crib with babies.

When it comes to car seats there are a lot of options.

Car crashes are a leading cause of injury, leading cause of death for children.

When making your choice, experts advise to go with a car seat that fits your childs age, height and weight; fits properly in your car; and that you can easily use the proper way.

JPMA says remember, children should be rear facing as long as the manufacturers instructions allow.

The answer isnt when do I switch, its more when do I have to switch because Ive exceeded the maximum height or the maximum weight, or Ive met the minimum age and met the other requirements.

In other words, if your child meets the minimum age, but not the maximum height or weight stay rear facing.

No matter what, the car seat should be in the back seat.

A child is far less likely to be injured in the back seat than the front. Theres one study that showed youre 40% more likely to be injured in the front seat up to age 13 than the back.

JPMA has a few other safety tips that should be on the mind of parents all the time, not just during Baby Safety Month:

Babies change so rapidly and move through their ages and stages while we blink, and so its really important to stay on top of those things to make sure baby is safe.

Almost all baby furniture or necessities parents will buy come with product registration cards. JPMA says make sure to fill them out and mail them back as instructed.

Its not a chance to get more junk mail. You fill out that card, its actually illegal for a manufacturer to use that for marketing. They can only notify you of recalls or safety campaigns.

To learn more about Baby Safety Month from JPMA, visit

Need help choosing the safest products? JPMA also has a Certified Product Directory you can find by clicking here.

JPMA also has plenty of other resources for parents. You can check them out at

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From car seats to cribs: How to choose the safest products for your baby - WTRF

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