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Gut of Problems! Expert Smriti Kochar talks about Fad Diets, Gut Health & Weight Loss [Exclusive] – Times Now

May 4th, 2023

Worries about lifestyle diseases? Not able to lose weight? The root cause could be your Gut Health! Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner Smriti Kochar explains how everything in the body is interlinked to our Digestive System and how Gut Health could be the reason behind diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Fatty Liver and even weak immunity.

Updated Apr 28, 2023 | 10:57 AM IST

Everything! Says Gut Health Expert Smriti Kochar. In an exclusive heart to heart, Smriti explains how people have effectively ruined the one important system that controls us all our Gut. Gut, essentially the entire digestive system of the body, including your stomach, pancreas, intestine, liver and more, is the key to healthy living. And conversely, the gut of all problems.

A Functional Medicine Practitioner and Gut Health Expert, Smriti explains how good health is all about effective nutrition. In conventional medicine today, you basically go to different healthcare practitioners. You know, if you have a brain issue, you're going to somebody, you have a bone issue, you're going to somebody, you have digestive issue, you go to somebody. And mostly what you are really looking at is fixing those symptoms somehow, she points out.

Unfortunately, while we manage the symptoms, we never truly realize the root cause of the problem. That is where Functional Medicine helps. Smriti explains, You take a medicine or a pill and you kind of manage that symptom somehow. But you're not really understanding where it all came from. Today, if I'm not digesting my food, why is that happening? If I have osteoporosis, how did I get that? If I have arthritis, how come? Let's say my hair is falling in batches, like alopecia, where did that come from? Functional medicine addresses all of that. Functional medicine really means we go to the root of the issues, understand the biochemistry that runs inside of us, understand how each body organ of ours is functioning and using nutrients to function.

It is, as Smriti simply explains, all beginning with our Gut. And since all problems begin from Gut, the answer or solution must also.

- Smriti Kochar

But how does the Gut impact us so much? Is acidity causing me to gain weight?

The key is obviously systems and how each system in the body are interlinked. From immune system to metabolic system to our endocrine system, everything is dependent to the nutrition orthe food we eat and how well our gut is functioning. One disarray leads to a chain reaction that continues and all of it starts from improper nutrition and imbalance of our guts microbiome.

We are housing trillions of pathogens in our body. So many bacteria in our small intestine, large intestine, even in our stomach sometimes, Smriti explains.

- Smriti Kochar

But why are we hosting these pathogens? Because, we need them, she explains. Our entire immune system, our entire digestive system and entire brain health is dependent on this bacteria functioning well.

We all have heard about good bacteria and bad bacteria in our gut. Sometimes, due to ineffective nutrition and bad lifestyle choice, we get what is referred to as dysbiosis or an imbalance in the bacteria. And this is where it all begins.

There are unwanted pathogens growing and the beneficial ones are not enough to basically keep that balance.

So when the unwanted starts going, they cause a lot of issues. They can cause havoc in our gut, bringing in a lot of inflammation, bringing in a lot of bowel diseases, like a lot of constant loose stool & diarrhoea, chronic constipation which doesnt go away no matter how much we hydrate.

Of Weight Loss Diets and Functional Nutrition Functional nutrition is basically the nutrition to support the functionality of your body, she shares. The body, a combination of various systems like immune system, digestive system, metabolic system, nervous system, lymphatic system, runs on nutrients. But if your digestion is not right and you are not able to get the nutrients, then the systems would be disrupted.

If you don't absorb what you are eating into cells, you're starving your biochemistry. You don't have the nutrients to run that biochemistry. All these biochemical pathways which take place inside us, they get broken.

She adds that managing these biochemical pathways can help relieve the symptoms and the many diseases as well.

A lot of symptoms, and most often diseases are just dysfunctions and easy to reverse and put into remission. Just go upstream and look into all these functionalities and you'll get your answers. And it's easy to fix with food.

If you're cutting carbs out, especially for women, understand that your thyroid gland will dysfunction at the end of it, because thyroid needs a lot of carbohydrates to function.

Similar is the case with calorie deficit diets and OMAD. When you go on a starvation diet, it's a calorie restriction diet, what happens is our bodies using all the nutrients that you eating from the food, to function, like I said, in all this, while I've been talking about it, when you cut out that nutrition, your body has to shut off certain functions, because it doesn't have enough to carry out whatever it was carrying out, she adds.

And the cycle does not end there. Smriti warns how crash diets can lead to long term impact on your overall health. You will end up losing your hair, get saggy skin, dry skin, wrinkles, and a lot of digestive dysfunction, because you have also stopped your microbiome. If you're not feeding your beneficial bacteria with the things that it needs it is going to have a lot of impact on your digestion and immune system later.

So what should one do? Smriti advises reason and caution. Being slim should not be the goal.

I think what you need to do is more mindful eating. Restrict your carbs a bit yes, especially processed foods, grains, sugary foods, everything which can harm your system but not real vegetables and fruits and whatever nature intends us to eat we should eat. Dont do some crazy diet because you want to look good and look thin. It's okay to have some weight as long as it's not visceral fat. Don't get fatty liver and fatty pancreas, that's harmful. It's okay to have a little bit of weight and not be thin and not compromising your system.

Watch the complete interview as Smriti lists out what we as Indians are doing right in our diet and what is it that we are doing wrong. Small changes can make a lot of difference.

Smriti is a leading Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner, based out of Gurgaon, India. She consults people around the world (online), and specializes in working on the underlying factors of chronic diseases. She believes that most chronic diseases can be put into remission through lifestyle and dietary interventions that are personalized and backed by science. She works on Gut health, Brain health, Autoimmune conditions, Hormonal imbalances, Asthma and Allergies, Immune System Dysregulation, Skin Diseases, Rashes, Food intolerances, and Metabolic Dysfunctions.

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Gut of Problems! Expert Smriti Kochar talks about Fad Diets, Gut Health & Weight Loss [Exclusive] - Times Now

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