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How Ellie managed to lose a whopping 115kg –

Aug 27th, 2017

She used to smash burgers, now she smashes triathlons. Picture: Supplied

TWO YEARS ago, Elle Gooddall was a very different person.

My whole life was based around food, she tells Kidspot. I didnt do any physical activity at all. There were times when I tried I knew I needed to lose weight but it never lasted very long.

At her heaviest, Elle weighed 184 kilograms.

I ate McDonalds and KFC three meals a day and it wasnt just one meal for each sitting it was about three.

The now 29-year-old had diabetes and sleep apnoea. Doctors told her she wouldnt live past 40 if she continued with her unhealthy lifestyle.

At her heaviest, Elle couldn't reach to tie her own shoes and had to have others help her stand from a seated position. Photo: SuppliedSource:Facebook

When food is your life and its taken away

Elle knew she would have to do something drastic, but when her doctor mentioned a gastric sleeve, she was resistant at first.

I wasnt keen on surgery, she said. Id never had surgery in my life and the thought scared me.

With a gastric sleeve they cut out and remove half your stomach so whats left is quite small.

Elle first tried to lose weight on her own, but wasnt able to, and in the end decided to have surgery.

In preparation, she went on a shake diet to lose fat around her liver, saw a dietitian and psychologist too to make sure she was mentally prepared.

When food is your life, mentally you need to be able to cope. This thing you rely on is being taken away. Thats what the surgery is; it makes it so you cant eat anymore, she says.

At 184 kilograms, doctors were concerned Elle wouldn't live past 40. Photo: FacebookSource:Facebook

Losing more than 100 kilograms

It took Elle a year and a half to lose 115 kilograms.

It was quick, quicker that most people because of the changes I made along with surgery, Elle said.

Four weeks after surgery my doctor cleared me to exercise. I started working out, walking on the treadmill, doing weights.

Elle knew she didnt want to slip back into her old life, but it wasnt easy.

I was the worst person to be around. I was so angry. Id throw things across the room if my husband told me I couldnt have food, she said.

Eventually I started to learn about food and the amazing flavours you can get out of eating healthy. I started making my own soups, experimenting with herbs and spices.

The flavours were so much better than what I was getting from McDonalds.

Then one day she met a woman who had had the same gastric surgery.

Shed put all the weight back on and then some. I told myself, Thats not going to be me. I cant afford for this not to work, she says.

As a teenager, Elle loved to swim, and she returned to the sport after surgery. Photo: FacebookSource:Facebook

How to conquer an Iron Man

Cleaning up her eating and exercising for the sake of it wasnt enough for Elle.

I wanted to do something drastic, she says. I wanted to fall in love with something. I knew I wanted to find a sport, and because I used to be a swimmer, I thought swimming would have something to do with it.

One day she was at the lake and began talking with a stranger who had been training with the local triathlon club.

I said to her, I wouldnt mind giving that a go, but Im quite a big girl. It feels pretty extreme, she says.

The woman replied, If you want to do triathlon, you will and you can.

She became Elles coach. They set some short term goals with the ultimate goal to complete the Noosa triathlon. The distance is 1500 metre swim, 40 kilometre cycle and 10 kilometre run.

I started training and I havent looked back, she said.

Elle's ultimate goal is to race in the Kona triathlon world championship. Photo: FacebookSource:Facebook

When you cross that finish line, its all worth it

Weight loss was Elles motivation at first, but it quickly took second place to fitness as she began to love triathlon.

I dont have a weight goal now. I dont weigh myself anymore, Im not interested in that anymore, she says.

My story isnt a weight loss story, its a story of health and fitness. My goals are fitness goals. I want to get to the finish line of an iron man in December, and then get a position in Kona, which is the Hawaii world championship.

Its going to mean a lot of hard, hard work, but Im pretty determined.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot.

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How Ellie managed to lose a whopping 115kg -

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