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How to healthily reduce weight in middle age and onwards – LymeOnline

Apr 18th, 2023

Personal trainer Rosie Jackson

YOUVE nailed your step count, youre taking your cold water dips, youre stretching and breathing in front of your online yoga but something is still missing.

Do you still struggle to shift those unwanted pounds that have crept up on you when you werent looking, do you feel un-balanced and are starting to lose muscle tone ?

Research has shown that lifting weights or strength training is vital to preserving good health, fighting disease, lowering blood pressure and fighting weight gain.

In my classes and with my one-to-one clients, I talk a lot about future proofing; no-one wants to be that stooped individual worried about falls, knees and hips aching, all made worse by weight gain.

Building muscle stimulates the body to maintain existing muscle and to add more, the energy required to undertake this comes from sugar, stored fat or extra calories consumed.

When you lift weights, your muscles need to repair; this burns calories and bonus it continues for 24 hours. New muscle is also the gift that keeps giving, having muscle means the body burns more fat, even at rest.

Being strong is so important for supporting independent living; you can incorporate functional exercise into your strength building, this means the exercises you do help with day to day tasks such as walking, getting out of chairs, hiking across the hills, balancing on a ladder to dust up in that corner.

So, were fighting disease, were lowering blood pressure, were losing weight all important gains but there are many other wins to be had.

Getting stronger improves your posture, which in turn helps with balance, trip avoidance and lower back pain, it also means you can get out of that chair without making an ooomph noise!

Then theres the mental-health aspect; I know this is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment, but feeling strong is such a positive to how we feel about ourselves.

Dont feel like theres no answer when that weight gain takes you by surprise, dont resort to unhealthy faddy diets, eat healthily, concentrating on packing your plates with protein and fibre, focus on strength, flexibility, bone health and disease prevention.

Its always a good idea to seek help from a professional, they can help you set achievable goals and ensure youre working safely and effectively.

Look after the body that has served you well!

More about protein intake and calorie tracking to come


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How to healthily reduce weight in middle age and onwards - LymeOnline

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