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Learn more about this Shreveport woman who was on TLC’s ‘My … – Shreveport Times

Mar 13th, 2023

Kamie Crawford talks 'Are You the One?,' 'Catfish' popularity

Kamie Crawford, who hosts both "Are You the One?" and "Catfish" discusses the popularity of the reality TV shows. (Jan. 25)


On the popular TLC show My 600lb Life viewers are taken on a year in the life of someone looking to lose weight and be approved for bariatric surgery. Shreveport's Latonya Pottain recently appeared in the series 11th season.

During the show, viewers get to know the patients and what brought them to this point in their lives, but there's more to a person than their weight and trauma.

Pottain was the youngest of three siblings. At the age of 12 her mother suddenly died. Soon after, her father moved away to be with another woman, and Pottain moved in with her older sister. When she was 15 her father agreed to co-sign on a place for her to live on her own.

It was this series of events that caused Pottain to turn to food for emotional comfort.

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Pottain signed up for the show with the hopes of getting help losing weight so she could walk down the aisle to marry her fianc, now husband, Daune. Shortly before filming began her brother died, and Pottain said her grief affected her ability to loose weight while on the show.

However, Pottain hasn't lost her drive.

"I'm back with my trainer, I'm dieting and my weight is going down," explained Pottain. "I'm also moving to be closer to my family so I can get my weight down and get my surgery."

Other than getting weight loss surgery, Pottain has dreams of opening a shelter for girls in Shreveport and is already making moves to do it.

Guiding Light Group Home will be a safe place for girls ages 13 - 17 to reside for a variety of reasons whether that be struggling with family problems, are at risk or have nowhere else to go.

According to the nonprofit's mission statement "the long-term goal is to encourage each girl and her family to re-establish positive communication, and wherever possible, to work toward reunification. When reunification cannot be achieved, the staff will work to create another desirable option, including, perhaps, residence with another family member."

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Pottain's own experience not having a stable environment during her teen years is a big reason why she felt called to help others out in the community. She's currently a foster parent but wants to be able to do more.

"All my life I have taken care of young girls and helped support them, getting them through school, helping them with their kids and just encourage them and be there for them," explained Pottain. "There's so many young girls that have lost both of their parents, going through what I went through as a teenager and not having anywhere to go. Some of them don't feel loved at home and my group home will offer them that love and support, help them go to school, when they graduate, help them find an apartment, help them with their college applications. You know, just like a family."

Over the years, Pottain has spent more time trying to take care of her loved ones and put herself on the backburner. She hoped signing up for the TLC show would push her to turn her life around and get the surgery she needs to improve her quality of life.

"Life can take a turn and you have to have to be positive and just remind yourself that you are special, you are somebody," Pottain said. "In 2023 I look forward to having my surgery, opening my girls group home and having it up and running. And I want to have a big, awesome wedding and everyone's invited."

For more information on how you can help with Guiding Light Group Home, email or visit the GoFundMe page.

Meredith G. White is the arts and culture reporter for the Shreveport Times. You can find her onFacebookas Meredith G. White, onInstagramandTwitteras @meredithgwhite, and email her at

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Learn more about this Shreveport woman who was on TLC's 'My ... - Shreveport Times

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