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Obesity Increases Risk of Diseases: Eat These Foods Instead – The Epoch Times

Oct 14th, 2022

People want to lose weight for different reasons, such as better health or a better body shape. Being chronically overweight or obese does increase the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, gallbladder disease, and certain types of cancer. No matter what the reasons for losing weight are, there are some weight loss strategies everyone should know about.

Fiber protein should be chosen over fatty proteins. Protein is important for organ function and muscle building. When consuming red meat, people should choose lean meat over fatty one. Remove skin from chicken before cooking, skip fatty deli meats like Italian sausages and choose lean chicken or roast beef as an alternative. Vegetarians can get plenty of protein from beans, nuts, and seeds.

Lentils and beans are excellent sources of fiber and protein. Having low-fat dairy products as a protein source, including low-fat cheese and nonfat yogurt is good for our health. A 150-gram serving of yogurt provides about 11 grams (0.4 oz) of protein. Research shows that women, who eat high-protein yogurt snacks instead of cookies, chocolate, and other low-protein snacks, consume fewer calories and feel less hungry.

The natural sugars of fruit help satisfy a sweet tooth, while fresh vegetables can also help fill you up faster so eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which can help you feel satisfied quickly. Consume seasonal foods such as eating apples in the fall or cherries in late summer. If you are not in favor of fruits and vegetables, you may eat them as snacks or desserts. Otherwise, you can use vegetables as a main course such as making a healthy salad to which you may add some cooked chicken, salmon, or almonds.

Eat more whole grains and cut back on simple carbs. Whole-grain bread, oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, sweet potatoes, and brown rice are all excellent sources of energy and nutrition. Simple carbs are things like white bread, processed flour, and white sugar that provide quick energy, but quickly turn into fat. Substitute with whole-wheat or oat flour for pancakes or baked goods. Replace rice with barley, or try to mix rice with barley or brown rice. Eat only natural carbs instead of processed carbs. Avoid processed foods like white bread, and cookies, or processed sweets like candy bars or vegetables high in sugar.

Follow the ancient diet and eat meat, fish, and seafood, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, seeds, and nuts just like the ancients. Do not eat any pre-packaged or processed foods.

Reduce salt in your diet. Eating more sodium keeps your body hydrated, which can make you feel bloated and gain weight. Therefore, an easy way to lose weight is to consume less sodium in your diet. Instead of salt, try seasoning your meal with chili flakes, fresh salsa, and other seasonings. If you cut back on the salt for a while and let your taste buds get used to it, less salty foods will eventually taste salty too.

Do not skip meals. Many people think skipping meals helps with weight loss, but people who successfully lose weight tend to maintain their weight loss better by consuming three meals and two snacks a day. This suggests that three meals and two snacks could be a healthy eating pattern for weight loss. Between meals, eat a 150-calorie snack to keep your metabolism burning and stave off hunger while avoiding fattening snacks, such as candy or potato chips. When people are hungry, the body stores calories and slows down the metabolic process.

Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages. Sweetened beverages, whether artificial or natural, have little nutritional value and add significant calories to the diet. Do not drink fruit juice or other sugar-sweetened beverages. Even natural sugars can increase daily calorie intake and increase weight. If you choose to drink fruit juice, do not exceed half a cup per day. Instead of drinking sugar-sweetened beverages, drink unsweetened, calorie-free beverages. You should avoid beverages including soft drinks, fruit juices, sweetened teas, juice drinks, sports drinks, sweetened coffee drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

From a TCM perspective, weight loss is dependent on ones own constitution. Those who have spleen deficiency and phlegm-dampness, often appear puffy and edematous, tend to feel dizzy and drowsy throughout the day, and suffer from bloating with loose stools, and an enlarged tongue with a white and cloudy coating. For this type of constitution, to lose weight, one needs to focus on strengthening the spleen, removing dampness from the body, nourishing qi, and activating blood. On the other hand, those with a dry and hot stomach, often have strong muscles, and a good appetite, are prone to feeling thirsty and are thus fond of cold drinks, tend to have problems with bowel movement, and their tongues tend to be reddish with yellow coating. For this type of constitution, to lose weight, one should focus on clearing the heat from the stomach and lubricating the intestines to help with bowel movement. TCM embodies the spirit of treatment by syndrome differentiation andhas different treatment plans for people with different constitutions.


Dr. Teng Cheng-Liang, is a Chinese and Western medicine practitioner with more than 20 years of professional medical experience. He is the Superintendent of Chi Teh Medical Clinic & Cheng-Liang Medical Clinic in Taipei, Taiwan. He graduated from the College of Medicine at Taipei Medical University and completed his Doctoral Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

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Obesity Increases Risk of Diseases: Eat These Foods Instead - The Epoch Times

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