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Robin Janes accused of photoshopping weight loss transformation –

Aug 16th, 2017

Robin Janes accused of photoshopping weight loss progress pictures. Picture: Facebook

AN obese trainee teacher lost 133kg after her heart stopped but has now been accused of Photoshopping her progress pictures.

Robin Janes, 28, from Newfoundland, Canada, decided to lose weight after she suffered a blood clot that stopped her heart four years ago that left nurses fighting to bring her back to life.

The Sun reports at her heaviest, Robin weighed over 203kg and was so big that she was forced to use an industrial set of scales meant for weighing large quantities of fish.

But after her brush with death and being declared too overweight to work Robin decided to radically change her lifestyle.

Robin switched her daily four large lasagne servings for nutritional shakes, healthy food and daily walks.

She has now shifted a whopping 133kg and looks like a new woman but many have criticised her because of how unrecognisable she is compared to her former self.

Some have blasted her images as being photoshopped, and thought shed undergone weight loss surgery because she looked so good.

Robins Janes has lost 133kg.Source:Facebook

Robin Janes weighed more than 200kg.Source:Facebook

Robin, a trainee primary schoolteacher, said: Doctors addressed my weight many times, telling me if I didnt change I wouldnt have many years left and it wasnt hard to see that at all.

I got to the point where I was so large that I couldnt do everyday things, I couldnt work anymore or go to school, my health had deteriorated to such a bad place.

The biggest wake-up call came after my heart stopped, all the nurses had to work so hard to revive me, I got to a very scary point in my life.

I had blood clots in my lung caused by pneumonia, it was terrifying, being watched for 24-hours to make sure I was still alive was a rude awakening that I needed to change my lifestyle.

I wasnt educated about health before, so I cut down my portion sizes immediately and adopted a new lifestyle, where I used Isagenix meal replacement shakes.

Because I didnt know how to cook or eat properly I would have the Isagenix shakes twice a day, so that I only had to prepare one healthy meal.

I started activities like hiking, bike riding and swimming and took pictures to savour the moment, unlike the strict routine of the gym.

After losing weight, the biggest thing is that now my life is back in my hands now, Im doing great in school and am becoming a teacher, I do everything I want to now.

People are blown away when they see how I used to look, a few people have accused me of photoshopping myself as they cant believe its me.

Other say I must have had weight loss surgery, but its all natural I used Isagenix shakes, started eating healthily and exercising so I take it as a compliment.

Robin Janes shows incredible weight loss. Picture: Robin Janes/Caters NewsSource:Caters News Agency

Robin says that shed been overweight since she was seven, when she tipped the scales at over 44kg nearly double the heaviest weight a child at that age should be.

Her excessive food intake carried on as she grew up, with her believing that she used to consume well over 6,000 calories every day.

Robin said: I was eating a lot of greasy fried food, no vegetables and would always have a second plate of food, even as a child Id have three hot dogs instead of one.

In adulthood, if I ordered a large pizza I would eat the whole thing or would drive to multiple drive-thrus for chicken nuggets and more.

Even my lasagne portions would be a slab and probably the equivalent of four normal-sized servings, it was ridiculous, or if I had spaghetti it would be piled up to the ceiling.

Robins size became such a problem that she couldnt take the classes she wanted because the seats werent wide enough and she eventually was signed off from work.

Robin Janes lost weight after a health scare Picture: Robin Janes/Caters NewsSource:Caters News Agency

She said: It had come to the point where I had outgrown seats in school, so was choosing classes based upon the classroom seat size, if I couldnt fit I would run out of the classroom.

I had limited movement so would go for short little walks, at the beginning I was so large that while sitting down my stomach was over my knees and would hurt my thighs

I was out of breath very easily and couldnt walk far around grocery stores without being winded.

Robin decided to lose weight in 2014 and swapped fattening foods for healthier options and nutritional shakes, and took up a daily exercise regime.

Robin said: Before if I walked ten feet I would have to put my hand on the wall to rest because I was so out of breath, Id be wheezing and my chest would hurt.

Now I can run and hike, I tell people I dont think Im human any more as I dont really even sweat, it takes a lot to get me out of breath now.

Now a healthy 77kg, Robins started travelling something she was previously unable to do, because she was too large for aeroplane seats.

Robin Janes weighed more than 200kg. Picture: Robin Janes/Caters NewsSource:Caters News Agency

Robin Janes used to run out of breath quickly. Picture: Robin Janes/Caters NewsSource:Caters News Agency

She attributes her weight loss success to Isagenix shakes as well as setting small manageable goals to work through.

I kept setting short term goals, which helped to motivate me and ensure I celebrated each milestone, keeping me on track, Robin said.

I would log every achievement into the My Fitness Pal app or look back at old pictures as it helped me to realise how far I had come.

I have a new life completely; I went from not being able to do anything to limitless options where Im seeking out adventure.

Now because I can I travel as much as I can, I get on roller-coasters, I seek out adventure to catch up on all the time I missed out.

Kathy Coover, Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, said: Robins transformation is a tremendous testament to her perseverance and commitment to living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Losing more than (90kg) is an amazing feat and Robin is an amazing woman who made it happen, we are pleased that we could help her on her journey.

Robin is a member of our 100-Pound Club where her success is celebrated and has inspired so many other people.


Breakfast nothing

Snacks lasagne with lots of cheese

Lunch a whole large pizza or slab of lasagne equivalent to four portions

Snacks nachos

Dinner hot dogs

Dessert popcorn or whole bag or large chips


Breakfast Isagenix shake or eggs and one slice of wholegrain toast

Snacks almonds or berries

Lunch chicken breast with sweet potato and broccoli or asparagus

Snacks boiled egg or Greek yoghurt

Dinner Salmon with brown rice and mixed vegetables

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission.

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See the article here:
Robin Janes accused of photoshopping weight loss transformation -

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