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Signs That Labor Is Approaching (& Last-Minute Things To Do To Prepare) – BabyGaga

Sep 20th, 2020

These signs indicate that you're almost ready to give birth, but remember to check these last-minute things off your to-do list.

If you are already at your 37th week of pregnancy, the baby is around the corner. Most women deliver between the 37th to the 41st week of pregnancy. Your baby might arrive a week earlier or later than the expected due date; however, if labor does not begin after the 41st week, you have a prolonged pregnancy and expect to be induced. Most women will show signs of labor, while some women show no signs at all. How do you tell when its time? Keep reading to recognize the signs that labor is approaching, and the last-minute things you can do to prepare for delivery.

Labor is the term used to describe the process of delivery. Every pregnancy is different, but these are some signs that indicate labor is coming.

In preparation for delivery, the baby drops into the pelvis, with the head facing down. When the baby drops, you get to breathe better as the weight is taken off the diaphragm, but you might also become clumsier because of the baby's weight on your pelvic muscles and loose joints.

When the baby is in the pelvis, it pushes against the bladder, causing you to pee more often. Sometimes the pee might leak a little, and you have your baby to blame for this. You might think that the water has broken, but it is only pee leaking.

You might lose a pound or two of your weight a day before labor starts due to reduced amniotic fluid and frequent urination.

In preparation for delivery, the hormone relaxin relaxes muscles and loosens your joints and ligaments. This causes the common back pain. Low back pain increases as you approach labor, and it spreads through the pelvis area as the pelvic muscles stretch and shift. Additionally, the baby's back is usually on the mother's spine as they lie in a posterior position. The pressure the baby puts on the spine increases the back pain. The hormone relaxin might cause diarrhea as the rectum muscles are relaxed too.

Labor contractions are different from Braxton Hicks contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions begin in the second trimester. The abdomen tightens, then relaxes. They feel like mild, painless menstrual cramps that come and go. Labor contractions are regular, longer, intense, and closer together (could be 5 to 10 minutes apart). These contractions can last hours before the baby comes. To feel better during labor contractions, try the following tips;

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Regular contractions and the baby's weight open (dilate), softens and thins out (efface) the cervix. Your doctor will begin measuring the dilation and effacement of your cervix regularly from the 36th week of pregnancy. When the cervix has thinned out completely and opened up to 10cm, labor is on the way.

Vaginal discharge increases, thicken and turn pinkish. During pregnancy, a mucus plug seals off the uterus from the external world, protecting the baby from infections. When the baby is ready to exit, the mucus plug loosens and comes out as part of the vaginal discharge or as a whole. The mucus plug could be clear like normal mucus or pinkish with bloodstains. This is what is termed as the blood show.

It is an obsession to organize and neat things for the coming baby. Hours before labor, mothers get so energetic and obsessed about cleaning the house. When this happens, take a walk instead of cleaning; it is better to save your delivery energy.

Moms-to-be can prepare for delivery by doing the following things:

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Signs That Labor Is Approaching (& Last-Minute Things To Do To Prepare) - BabyGaga

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