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The View fans beg for Ana Navarros weight loss secret as she stuns in silk ensemble and opens up about h… – The US Sun

Apr 26th, 2023

ANA Navarro has shown off her fit figure in a silk outfit and a boa in a new video.

The View fans begged her to to share her "weight loss secrets" as she opened up about her "size."

Ana posted a video to her Instagram on Monday.

She did an unboxing from the National Hispanic Media Coalition, who sent her a box of their merch.

"I am very excited today because I got a box of goodies from the National Hispanic Media Coalition," she said, as she flung the orange boa around in a circle.

The View host paired her boa with a white silk tank top and light green silk pants.

She was barefoot, as it appeared her slip-on shoes were resting beside her.

One of her friends helped with the unboxing, as she had no idea what to do.

In the box was a water bottle, a baseball cap, and two T-shirts.

"You got this T-shirt," her friend said, "Oh, you got two T-shirts!"

Ana held it up in front of her and said: "Yeah, because they don't know what size I am anymore and neither do I."

They also sent her tea, a mug, and a blanket.

However, most fans were more concerned about how slim Ana is now, rather than what she had in her box.

"You look fantastic ! What is your weight loss secret?" asked one fan.

Although many people were speculating what she might have done, one fan answered the first who asked the question.

"Shes mentioned over the last few months that last summer she went to a weight loss seminar called rancho la puerta in Mexico!" they said.

"Then when she came back she hired a personal trainer to lose weight plus shes been attending Pilates classes and playing pickle ball and I know shes looking terrific!"

But, Ana did not confirm or deny what the fan said.

"Okk Ana u look fabulous hunny," said another.

"Ana, I must say you are an inspiration to so many women, especially me. I see you and I say I can do it," complimented a follower.

A fourth asked: "Ana what are you doing to loose so much weight?? You look amazing! Whats your secret??"

"you look FIREEEE mamiiii," one last fan added.

In March, Ana opened up about her seven-month weight loss journey.

She revealed she checked into a "fat farm," while responding to a fan question onInstagram.

In the comment section of a recent post, the fan asked: "I want to know how you are losing weight so gracefully."

Ana, 51, very honestly, replied: "Went for a week to a fat-farm, exercise and wellness spa -@rancholapuerta- in Baja last August for a drastic reboot.

A one-week stay at the "family-owned and operated"Racho La Pureta resort starts at about $5,000 and can cost upwards of $7,500.

The experience appears to be well worth the price of admission as theThe Viewhost revealed: "I came back 6 lbs lighter and determined to get healthier."

Anathen admitted: "I did zero exercise during quarantine and did a lot of food and booze instagrams instead."

She then wrote: "I stopped all that," punctuated with a "laugh-till-you cry face" emoji.

The 51-year-old TV star continued to detail her lifestayle change, writing: "Back home, I got a trainer. Joined@clubpilatesin NY and Miami. Hired a pickle-ball coach. Got my closest friends to join. I try to play at least twice a week.

"Got medical and nutritional help and supervision. Started eating the things we all know are good for us, many more vegetables, fruits, grains, fish."

She explained: "I stopped drinking alcohol at home and on planes/airports - where I spend a lot of time," before jokingly confessing, "I still drink just about everywhere elseworking on that."

Ana provided the curious fan with the hard truth about weight loss as she admitted: "Its not been over-night. Its been a gradual 7 month, and counting, process. Its a daily challenge.

"I went to Vegas a couple weeks ago, and gained 2 lbs in 2 days. Too much temptation in too close a proximity."

She concluded by stating: "The struggle is real and endless."

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The View fans beg for Ana Navarros weight loss secret as she stuns in silk ensemble and opens up about h... - The US Sun

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