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Try this diet combination with side planks, it will reduce belly fat fast – Pledge Times – Pledge Times

Sep 25th, 2020

In the running life most people are struggling with the problem of obesity. In addition to obesity, the fat on the stomach is one of the biggest problems. There are many people who do not have much weight but have fat on their stomach, due to which their stomach looks different on every dress. In such a situation, if you want to remove the fat stored on the stomach, not the weight, then you have to try a combination of workout and diet.

Include protein, fiber in the diet You should include protein-rich foods like eggs, fish, lentils, sea food in your diet every day. Also you have to keep in mind that instead of eating more food at once, you should eat a little food within 2 hours or Whatever food you eat at one time, divide it into three to four parts and eat it in 2 hours interval. Apart from this, you have to eat fiber-rich foods in the diet, which can reduce your belly fat.

Side planks Increasing the amount of fiber and protein in food increases your energy, which allows you to work quickly and burn your calories. This does not increase your obesity. With diet, you have to include in the side planks workout which will reduce your belly fat fast.

How to do side planks

Plan first lie flat on the abdomen. Now bend the elbow as shown in the picture and put the weight of the body on the front of the arms.-Then keep your body straight and do not move. Do not leave the abdominal muscles loose. Look at the ground without putting pressure on your head.Maintain this state according to ability.During the plan exercise, keep breathing and exhale slowly.

By following this diet and workout, you will see its effect in 15-20 days.


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Try this diet combination with side planks, it will reduce belly fat fast - Pledge Times - Pledge Times

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