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WINNING BY LOSING: Friends step it up to compete in weight loss challenge – The Philadelphia Tribune

Aug 18th, 2017

What started out as a joke between friends about one anothers weight, became a fitness challenge which set the friends on a 30-day weight loss challenge when Philadelphias own Charlie Mack stepped into the picture.

Thats how the Charlie Macks Step It Up Challenge had its origins and the two longtime friends, performer Snookchaos and Shelly Williams, producer of the show Single on A Saturday Night, faced off to see which could lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

Although the challenge began as a friendly exchange among friends, once Charlie Mack issued the challenge, they both took it seriously and began vigorous diet and fitness regimens.

I think I won, said Williams who, along with Snookchaos, met at Warmdaddys restaurant, 1400 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd., to announce the winner.

I had already been on a weight loss journey and Charlie Mack saw that I had already lost 30 pounds, said Williams. What I had to do more seriously was cut back on everything. Before I used to have a little piece of cake or two, now I was like, no cake, no nothing, Im serious. I have to do this because Im a competitor just like he is and I want to win.

The announcement of the winner at Warmdaddys was, like the competitors itself, friendly and the venue was packed with their friends, family members and supporters who enjoyed live music, performances by spoken word artists and, of course, Warmdaddys southern cuisine.

To help motivate the challengers, Charlie Mack sweetened the pot.

Charlie Mack challenged us to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. The winner gets $3,000 dedicated to their favorite charity, the loser has to do 30 days of community service of the winners choice, said Snookchaos.

Snookchaos had plans for Williams if she lost.

If I win, Shelly will be giving pedicures to homeless men for 30 days, he said humorously.

If Williams won?

He would have to clean the houses of everyone in the place tonight, said Williams who asked that everyone in attendance sign a list so that Snookchaos could clean their houses if he lost.

Despite the fun of the festivities, Charlie Mack cautioned those present to not take their health and fitness lightly.

People are dropping right now of massive heart failure, said Mack to the room full of people. I love both of you, I care about both of you, I love everybody so for me this was more about your health more than it was about the money.

Mack said despite the actual results, both contestants were winners.

In the end, it was Snookchaos who walked away with the $3,000 prize money having lost 27 pounds to Williams 21 pounds.

In a show of sportsmanship, Snookchaos agreed to split the money with Williams.

Like I said, we are both winners so Im giving half of the money, $1,500 to Covenant House for Homeless Teens and the other half to Shelly to give to the charity of her choice, said Snookchaos.

Its not certain if he will insist on Williams community service obligation to provide pedicures to homeless men for 30 days.

During the ceremony, Mack announced that the fitness challenge will expand, allowing people throughout the city to participate and win money for their favorite charities in the hope that by doing so they can also begin the journey of healthy lifestyles.

Were coming back here in exactly two months and its the Charlie Mack Cares Weight Loss Challenge, again, its a challenge for your life. Its not a challenge where were saying that you cant do it, were saying that you can, said Mack.

And well give you the support systems and mechanism to support you in your loss, he said.

Both Williams and Snookchaos promised to continue their personal fitness journeys.

Want to learn more about the Charlie Mack Cares Weight Loss Challenge? visit Mack on Instagram at @Charlie Mack First Out, or call Williams at (215) 843-1984.

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WINNING BY LOSING: Friends step it up to compete in weight loss challenge - The Philadelphia Tribune

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