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Andy Ruiz Jr weight loss: Tyson Fury trainer lists the pros and cons – SecondsOut

Oct 15th, 2019
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Andy Ruiz Jr boasting a new slimline physique (Instagram)

A recent Instagram post from unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr sparked a whole host of speculation. Cuddly Mexican-American Ruiz, celebrated in the aftermath of his June upset victory over Anthony Joshua for not conforming to the stereotypical chiselled aesthetic of a fighter, looked rather lean. With seven weeks still to go until the Joshua rematch in Saudi Arabia on December 7, Ruiz looked (being the operative word) in career-best shape and while some observers praised his dedication, others expressed concern that Ruiz was fixing something that was never broken.

I wanted an expert opinion so approached Ben Davison, trainer of Tyson Fury and the man who helped the Gypsy King lose a huge amount of excess weight while retaining sufficient performance quality to go unbeaten on the comeback trail - long before his move to WWE which you can read about here. Davison was happy to list some of the pros and cons in the direction Ruiz has apparently taken.


Could help athleticismThe whole process with Tyson, from the very start in October 2017, was solely focused on losing weight while using boxing training. There is no point having a great skill-set if it is limited by being grossly overweight. A big part of Tysons skill-set is his athleticism. He was a decent weight for the Francesco Pianeta fight but that wasnt a true weight, he went back up after.

Time on his sideRuiz has still got about seven weeks to focus his training on an output to reach his maximum strength and fitness levels, finalise gameplans and spar. Tyson still had weight to lose in the Deontay Wilder camp to get to 18st 4lbs [256lbs] which is around his ideal weight. So the first part of the camp, at altitude in Big Bear, was focused on getting him into peak condition, but you cant stay at a calorie deficit long term to lose weight then still fuel yourself to get into optimum condition to train. Once he was able to eat more, fuel himself more, there was a bigger output in training, then we were fine-tuning in LA.

Confidence effectIf the bodys right the minds right and vice versa. Tyson does like to look good. You have to find that balance though and thats the difficult part. Tyson wouldnt care, if it was best for his boxing, if he had to walk around at 25st [350lbs], but he enjoys training and looking good. Also it helps his mental heath, and anyones mental health, to look in the mirror and look in shape. Looking at yourself out of shape does not have the same effect.


Could compromise durabilityIts like with Dereck Chisora, I think the lighter he comes in, he doesnt take as well of a shot so I wouldnt keep losing weight if I was Ruiz. You have to be focused on boxing and not losing weight.

Head may have been turned?I think the media can have an effect, all the stories about Ruiz partying after beating Joshua and not taking boxing seriously. I saw something Andy said to Joshua at the presser, he said something about All this media so obviously it had been playing on his mind have. There is pressure to become a certain type of character, a level of expectation. He might be thinking, Is it me? Should I change something? Tyson used to get bothered by it but now he plays them at their own game. Ruiz has had no time to get used to that heightened scrutiny. I think he performed very well in the first fight, I wouldnt say he needs to change anything, but maybe hes feeling pressure as people say how a heavyweight champion should look.

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Andy Ruiz Jr weight loss: Tyson Fury trainer lists the pros and cons - SecondsOut



Weight Loss: Make THIS change in your lifestyle and shed a pound in just a week – PINKVILLA

Oct 15th, 2019
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If you want to lose weight easily within few weeks then you are at the right place as today we are talking about making a small change in lifestyle which will help you to lose few stones in a matter of some weeks.

If you want to lose weight easily within few weeks then you are at the right place as today we are talking about making a small change in lifestyle which will help you to lose few stones in a matter of some weeks. As per an expert, one can shed a pound in a week if you shun alcohol. Yes, avoiding alcohol has several health benefits and losing weight is among them. Dieters should consider this change as they think alcohol consumption is nothing to do with weight gain but alcohol has a good number of calories then we think. And cutting down on alcohol will have a big impact on your weight management. Geeta Sidhu-Robb award-winning holistic health specialist told said that alcohol is calorie and carbohydrate packed and the same means that you don't let your wallet suffer but also your waistline.

She added, "The average Long Island iced tea can pack up to 800 calories per drink and will be harmful to you in your weight loss goals. Studies have shown that you can lose a pound a week by giving up the booze and also improve other health measures such as blood pressure and improve your heart."The extra calories from alcohol's sugar get stored as fat and thus leading to the beer belly. This is not all, alcohol, also makes people eat more and make other unhealthy choices. For the unversed, beer is worst as a pint of beer contains 208 calories and a glass of wine has around 123 calories. So instead of celebrating Oktoberfest with beers, one can go for sober October.

Also, alcohol is called empty calories as it just provides calories and hardly provides any nutrients. Many do not know that alcohol affects many organs of the body in bad way as well. Excess consumption can lead to fatty liver and the same makes the bodies more difficult to lose weight. We also know that alcohol can lead to more periods of wakefulness and disrupts sleep cycles. And this is also not good for weight watchers. Sleep deprivation can lead to hormonal imbalance and it will affect hunger, satiety, and energy storage.

ALSO READ: Weight Loss: 8 foods you must avoid if you really want to lose weight

So, say bye to alcohol and hi to a healthier body, improved sleep and better digestion. Aside from alcohol, one should also cut sugar and junk from their diet for ideal results. Along with a healthy diet, one should also include some form of physical activity. Ideally one should indulge in a 30-minute workout every day. If you do not have time for gym then you can do brisk walking, jogging, steps instead of lift and escalator, cycling, swimming, and dancing or Zumba among others. One can also do bodyweight exercises from the comfort of their homes if you don't have time for gymming. Exercises such as spot jogging, skipping, mountain climbers, burpees, squats, lunges and planks among others.Along with workout and healthy diet plans, one can also follow eating patterns such as intermittent fasting among others for effective weight loss results.

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Weight Loss: Make THIS change in your lifestyle and shed a pound in just a week - PINKVILLA



Gwyneth Paltrows Goop website is facing criticism over its weight-loss advice and your ‘leanest liveable weight’ – iNews

Oct 15th, 2019
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NewsHealthThe language used in dieting advice can prove controversial if certain phrases and words risk encouraging people to eat unhealthily

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 07:00 am

Not for the first time, a row has broken out over the health and lifestyle advice issued on Gwyneth Paltrows website Goop, and whether the language of diet articles can be harmful even if theyre meant in a positive and constructive way. This time its over a blog called Busting Diet Myths and boasts that its supported by science but is accused of encouraging anorexia instead.

In the Q&A, Dr Traci Mann, a psychologist who is the author of Secrets From the Eating Lab, explains: Your leanest livable weight is the weight at the low end of your set range.

Your set range is a genetically determined range of weight that your body generally keeps you in, despite your efforts to escape it, it adds. For many of us, our leanest livable weight is heavier than our dream weight... its where your body wants you to be, its easy to maintain, and you can be healthythere.

An irresponsible phrase?

But Dr Giles Yeo, a Cambridge scientist who is the author of Gene Eating, has said the phrase is dangerous as many people will take it to mean they should be as thin as possible.

His concerns about the term leanest livable weight were revealed in i earlier this year in an excerpt from his book: Just say that out loud to yourself, and you begin to realise what a fine and dangerous line that is. If that doesnt illustrate, with crystal clarity, the infusion of fear into food, I dont know what else will.

The article remains live and speaking at a New Scientist Live event in London at the weekend, Dr Yeo said: It is irresponsible because the idea is so open to misinterpretation, especially for young girls susceptible to eating disorders. The problem with many of Goops recommendations is that they are not based on science, but pseudoscience.

He added: Its a silly idea because there is no clear way to determine what your leanest liveable weight is. It is therefore nigh-on impossible to find a target.

Dr Mann hit back. I am strongly and clearly opposed to strict dieting, she told the Daily Mail. "In fact, the article is specifically about not dieting, not trying to lose too much weight and not doing anything unhealthy or extreme. The phrase leanest liveable weight refers to the leanest weight you can be without doing any strict dieting or unhealthy behaviour.

When talking diets, its probably best to be as careful with your words as you are with your food.

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Gwyneth Paltrows Goop website is facing criticism over its weight-loss advice and your 'leanest liveable weight' - iNews



Weight loss: Eating more of this food can help you slim fast – how much should you eat? – Express

Oct 15th, 2019
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Following a healthy diet and exercise plan is the best way for slimmers to get into shape. Filling up on one food group in particular could see the best results, Harry Smith, PT at Snap Fitness and nutritionalist, revealed. Pairing natural whole foods with those high in protein can help slimmers shape up quickly. How much should you eat?

When picking a meal plan for weight loss, Harry explained the importance of eating foods high in protein.

He told Id advise you consume mostly high protein foods from dairy, fish and meat sources.

Also whole non-processed foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.

How much should protein should you have?

The general rules I have with most of my weight loss clients are to make sure they have at least two plants and one fist-sized protein serving with each meal. This does the trick nicely," he added.

By upping the protein content in the diet, slimmers can start to notice their waistline shrink.

When choosing a plan high in protein, dieters can stock up on foods including meat, fish, eggs, nuts and dairy.

Some have claimed this plan can be combined with a low carb diet in order to see quick results.

Although food choices are important, Harry explained why no foods need to be cut out completely when shaping up.

He said: All foods can be consumed when trying to slim down. There are no fattening foods.

This is in some moderation, but you can still eat and drink your favourite foods and lose weight so long as you are consistently in a caloric deficit.

In fact, the most important thing could be ensuring you eat less than you burn off and stay in a calorie deficit.

Harry said: No foods absolutely need to be avoided and they definitely can be enjoyed when trying to lose weight.

"You must take caution though as some foods can pack a large amount of calories in just a mouthful.

Cakes, biscuits and sweet treats like mini-pies can contain over 500 calories and these sorts of single mouthful bites can easily push you into calorie surplus rather than deficit.

When slimming down, choosing healthy breakfast foods such as eggs, avocados and yogurt can set dieters up for the day.

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Weight loss: Eating more of this food can help you slim fast - how much should you eat? - Express



Weight loss Size 22 bridesmaid shed 6st to fit into dress by snacking MORE – The Sun

Oct 15th, 2019
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WHEN Bethany Duffield was asked to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding, it was just the incentive she needed to lose weight.

The 23-year-old, who lives in Lakenheath, Suffolk, was 16st 11.5lb and a dress size 22.



She says: "I was terrified of ruining all her pictures and not fitting into the dresses like everyone else.

"It was the motivation I needed to keep going and I stuck with the plan for an entire year."

By the time the wedding came round, Bethany had dropped to 10st 11.5lb and a size 10.

The sales correspondent admits she had always loved food and while her mum made healthy home-cooked dinners, she's always have seconds.

She would also snack in between meals and would spend her pocket money on big bags of sweets to eat on the way home from school.

Bethany said: "At school I was the biggest of my friends, but I was never bullied so I didn't overthink it.

"At school I was the biggest of my friends, but I was never bullied so I didn't overthink it.

"When I finished school I was a size 14 and started an apprentice scheme, which meant early mornings and quick breakfasts on the go, such as bacon rolls and croissants.

"I worked next door to a pub so ate fish and chips and pies for lunch or went to the nearby petrol garage to get pasties and crisps.

"I rarely ate vegetables. Within six months I'd gone up to a size 18 - and that's when I met my boyfriend."

Bethany says that her carpenter boyfriend Liam Harding, 23, loved her for "who I was" - but reckons it made things worse for her weight.

"We loved nights in with takeaways and sharing bars of chocolate, and the weight kept piling on," she said.

"I went up to a size 22, weighing more than 16 stone. I recall going into a shop to be measured for a bra and the lady telling me I was a back size 44.

"I felt disgusting, as I didn't even know they went up that big."

I felt disgusting, as I didn't even know they went up that big

She said it was a few months later, in June 2016, while on a climbing adventure day to Go Ape with family that she felt the need to change.

"On the first obstacle the ladder broke. I was so mortified I had an anxiety attack," she said.

"I had only just turned 20 and I felt so disgusted with myself. I didn't know where to turn."



Bethany decided to sign up to Slimming World and followed the Food Optimising eating plan.

She said: "When I cooked my first meal, I was amazed at how delicious it was.

"I was so full I struggled to finish it and thought I must have got it wrong.

"I followed the plan and in the first month I lost 10lbs. I couldn't believe it."

Bethany says she found the plan easy to follow and was actually excited about the meals rather than dreading them.

Her friend then asked her to be her bridesmaid at her wedding the following year.

She was still a size 20 at this point and worried she wouldn't be able to fit into her dress, she continued with the diet for another year,

She said: "By the time the wedding came round in the summer of last year I'd gone from 16st 11.5lb to 10st 11.5lb, and dropped to a size ten.


Bethany's diet before and after

Diet before

Breakfast: Bacon rolls or croissants

Lunch: Fish and chips

Dinner: Takeaway curry or ready meal

Snacks: Popcorn and fizzy drinks

Diet after

Breakfast: Bacon (no fat), poached eggs, tomatoes, beans and low-fat sausages

Lunch: Homemade pasta salad with onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and extra-light mayonnaise

Dinner: Steamed fish with garlic, ginger and lemongrass with a stir fry and noodles

WAHAYE! Chanelle claims she's dropped from size 18 to 12 by exercising five times a week

FOOD 'SWAMPS' Glut of takeaways in poor areas making it hard for kids to eat healthily

AISLE DON'T BELIEVE IT Bride looks unrecognisable after losing 8st for dream wedding dress

SLIM-BELIVEABLE Mum sheds 6st without giving up carbs after doc thought she was pregnant

OP HORROR Mum who lost 18st starved to death after gastric bypass op left her unable to eat

THAT FRIED FEELING Having a bad night's sleep makes us crave unhealthy food, study finds

SNACK HAPPY Want to lose weight fast? Late night snacks you should and shouldn't be eating

EAT MORE VEG Half of British toddlers tried crisps before greens as parents lose veg battle

ENERGY GOALS Great breakfast picks to start the day and shower gels to wrap up your workout

"My bra size went down to a 34 and I felt incredible. I slipped on the slinky strapless bridesmaid dress and knew I'd have never been able to walk down that aisle before I lost the weight.

"I'll never go back to how I was before. My life hasn't had to change, I was still able to eat out and enjoy myself, but just with the Slimming World plan guiding me.

"I've become so much more confident socially and at work - I can't believe I didn't do it sooner."

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Weight loss Size 22 bridesmaid shed 6st to fit into dress by snacking MORE - The Sun



Arginine Protein Market : Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored 2019 2027 – Online News Guru

Oct 15th, 2019
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Arginine protein is a conditionally essential amino acid the body uses it in a variety of functioning within the body. Enough of arginine is produced within the body of healthy individuals, Arginine is also obtained from fish, walnuts and a properly balanced diet. The main function of arginine protein is it works as a building block of the body tissues and cells, Arginine protein is also used in dietary supplements for the sports person. Arginine protein is consumed by the most health-conscious consumers, wanting to gain weight and interested in bodybuilding, and also by the childrens for their proper growth and development. Due to the increase in the stress in daily life which might be a cause of chest pain and high blood pressure that could also lead to critical heart dysfunctioning. Arginine Protein is used as a precursor to nitric oxide that maintains the blood pressure along with a healthy cardiovascular system. Along with the health benefits, arginine protein is also used for skin care. In the day to day life, the physical appearance also matters for a lot of young consumers which is growing the market for arginine protein.

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Increasing Demand for Arginine Protein Due To Increasing Consumer Demand for Various Health Aspects

Nowadays due to the consumption of fast food and improperly balanced diet the growth of childrens are hammered in this situation childrens body is unable to produce enough of arginine required for growth, arginine protein helps in stimulating the human growth hormone that benefits the childrens growth, Not only arginine protein is for childrens but it is also beneficial for young and adult consumers who are interested in muscle building. Due to the intake of excess of oil and junk foodstuff consumers are encountering with cardiovascular defects to avoid this defect nitric oxide plays important role in maintain blood pressure and dilating blood vessels, arginine protein is used as a precursor for nitric oxide that could retain the healthy condition of the heart. Arginine protein is also used in correcting the inborn errors of urea synthesis. In diabetes consumer, arginine protein controls the blood sugar level. Arginine protein regulates the immune and hormone functioning.

Arginine protein is also used in skin care for wound healing and increasing blood flow to cold feet and hands specifically for diabetes customers. Due to increasing stress and hormonal imbalance, there is less supply of blood to the head scalp that might cause loss of hairs, this situation is overwhelmed by the arginine protein that increases the supply of blood to hair root cells that eventually results in hair growth.

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Opportunities for Arginine Protein Market Participants

As there are more benefits of arginine protein in the field of healthcare and the skincare there might be increasing demand for arginine protein by the consumers. Manufacturer and market participants should take a chance in doing research and development like introducing new fruit flavors along with the exotic flavors also new participants must focus on making the arginine protein more cost effective and should focus on creative ideas like giving complementary shake bottles, sippers, spoon with proper weight marking so its easy for consumers to consume it with proper dose as suggested, Preexisting manufacturers for arginine protein should focus on attractive packaging along with small packets for trail they should also focus on good marketing strategy that might also uplift the manufacturer market as compared other competitors in the queue.

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Arginine Protein Market : Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored 2019 2027 - Online News Guru



Global Human Growth Hormone Market-2019 with high CAGR in Coming Years with Focusing Key players, Types, Application and Forecast to 2024 – Statsflash

Oct 15th, 2019
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The given report is an excellent research study specially compiled to provide latest insights into critical aspects of the Global Human Growth Hormone Market by VERTEX MARKET INSIGHTS.

With more number of market data pie chart, tables, figures, and graphs, now the Global Human Growth Hormone Market study is released by VERTEX MARKET INSIGHTS. The comprehensive valuation of the market is presented in the report entailing facts, existing development factors, mindful standpoints, future patterns, and industry-confirmed advertise information forecast up-to 2024. The Human Growth Hormone Market advertise is probably going to develop at a noteworthy CAGR. The principle goal of report is to direct the client comprehend the Market advertise as far as its definition, order, potential, most recent patterns, and the difficulties that the Human Growth Hormone Market advertise is confronting.

Major Key Players of Human Growth Hormone Market:

Novo NordiskPfizerMerck SeronoF. Hoffmann-La RocheFerring PharmaceuticalsGeneScience PharmaceuticalsIpsenLG Life SciencesSandoz InternationalEli LillyAnhui Anke Biotechnology

Get sample Copy of this Human Growth Hormone Market Report at:

The worldwide market for Human Growth Hormone is expected to grow at a CAGR of generally throughout the following five years, will arrive at million US$ in 2024, from million US$ in 2019, as per most recent industry study.

Benefits of Purchasing Human Growth Hormone Market Report:

Inimitable Expertise: Analysts will provide deep insights into the reports.

Analyst Support: Get your query resolved from our team before and after purchasing the report.

Customers Satisfaction: Our team will assist with all your research needs and customize the report.

Assured Quality: We focus on the quality and accuracy of the report.

Years considered for this report:

Estimated Year: 2019

Historic Year: 2014 to 2018

Forecast Year: 2019 to 2024

Inquire for further detailed information of Human Growth Hormone Market Report at:

Maket Segmentation By Types:


Maket Segmentation By Applications:

Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)Turner SyndromeChronic Renal InsufficiencyPrader Willi SyndromeSmall for Gestational AgeSHOX Deficiency

This exploration report comprises of the worlds vital locale Human Growth Hormone market share, estimate (volume), examples including the thing advantage, esteem, generation, limit, limit utilization, supply, and solicitation and industry improvement rate. Important application areas of Human Growth Hormone are also assessed on the basis of their performance. Market predictions along with the statistical nuances presented in the report render an insightful view of the Human Growth Hormone market. The market study on Global Human Growth Hormone market 2019 report studies present as well as future aspects of the Human Growth Hormone market primarily based upon factors on which the companies compete in the Human Growth Hormone market growth, key trends, and segmentation study.

Highlights of the report: A complete backdrop analysis, which includes an appraisal of the parent showcase Important changes in market elements Market division up to the second or third level Historical, current, and anticipated size of the market from the stance of both worth and volume Reporting and assessment of late industry enhancements Market offers and strategies of key players Emerging forte portions and territorial markets A target evaluation of the direction of the market Recommendations to companies for strengthening their foothold in the market.

Look into Table of Content of Vacuum Capacitor Market Report at :

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Global Human Growth Hormone Market-2019 with high CAGR in Coming Years with Focusing Key players, Types, Application and Forecast to 2024 - Statsflash



Changing Bodies exhibit challenges conventional standards of beauty – The Watchdog

Oct 15th, 2019
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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what does society have tosay about bodies that dont fit the norm for beauty standards? BellevueColleges current art exhibition, Changing Bodies, challenges the notion that bodiesmust be considered beautiful in order to be considered valid.

The exhibit features artists from a range of backgrounds anda variety of body types and shapes from people of different ages, ethnicities, andgenders. Most of the pieces on display are self-portrayals in a mix of mediums,from sculpture to photography to paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor) on wood,canvas, and paper. These works showcase how a bodys image is perceived by theself and by society.

The artists featured are Kim Anderson, Mario Joyce Belyusar,Pat DeCaro, Eridian Falcone, Pamm Hanson, Barry Johnson, Andrea Marcos, HannahMcBroom, Sam Newton, Hanako OLeary, Amy Royale, and Elizabeth Seibel.

The works of art touched on how bodies change over time dueto the process of aging, physical changes, etc. and how the perception of thosebodies are transformed. One artist painted a series of self portraits showinghow her face changed over a period of ten years. Another used digitallymanipulated photographs to communicate a sense of alienation and control overhow the body changes during hormone therapy in a series called Dysmorphia. Aceramic sculpture piece was a creative representation of how one artist feltafter abortion, and how she felt she was perceived by others. Anotherphotographer showed how her body was affected by extreme weight loss followingobesity. A painting without a face depicted how identity is affected by race,and a collage portrayed the idea that identities have layers of history thatcannot be obscured. All of these pieces touch on the idea that the physicalform of a person is transformed in the eyes of the viewer.

Many of the pieces featured have a certain amount of shockvalue. Bodies with stretch marks, body hair, and wrinkles arent normallypresented in art. The exhibition defies conventional beauty standards in anextreme way.Some viewers may feel uncomfortable when confronted with bodiesthat arent typically displayed. The point of the exhibit is to questionsocietys feelings on bodies that tend to be ignored or hidden away. There wasa great range of representation in the gallery, with diverse races, ages,gender identities, and body types, but the message of inclusivity could havebeen stronger if there was representation of people with disabilities.

The exhibit is certainly thought-provoking, and through theevaluation of our perception of others we can reflect on our evaluation ofourselves. The currently acceptable beauty standards exclude many bodies whodont fit the norm. By displaying unconventional bodies as art, the exhibitmakes a statement that all shapes and sizes are acceptable at all stages oflife. The progression of time is inevitable, and bodies are transformed by anumber of circumstances and events; all of them are valid as part of the humanexperience. By opening a discussion on how society perceives the whole spectrumof bodies, the exhibit marks a new understanding of the differences andsimilarities shared.

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Changing Bodies exhibit challenges conventional standards of beauty - The Watchdog



Weight loss: 5 EASY ways to get a flat stomach without actually dieting; Check it out – PINKVILLA

Oct 14th, 2019
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Everyone dreams to have a flat stomach but with the kind of lifestyle we live, it has just become a dream of sorts. So here we have 5 easy ways to actually get a flat stomach without dieting. Check it out

Whether you call it bloating or just belly fat, having a protruding stomach is not what everyone wants. While there is very little time in our busy schedule to actually hit the gym, it leaves us with very fewer options to work with. While most of us have tried the dieting route, it does not seem to help when it comes down to consistency. Don't worry, weve got you covered. We have a list of things that you can do which will help in reducing that gut area and pretty simple.

1. Cut back on the alcohol

While beer is your best friend, you need to understand that the liver processes the alcohol before any other carbs or proteins. This results in slowing down any fat burning processes resulting in the increased width around the gut area. You can still hit the bar though, but make sure to limit your consumption to one drink per week.

2. Try planks

If you are not someone to spend an hour at the gym, all you need to do in the day is to plank it out. Just get in the plank position and hold it on for about a minute. This will start toning the belly fat without actually having to go to the gym.

3. Watch the stress

While this may be the first time youd be reading about stress affecting belly fat, it is actually true. Having stress and anxiety can release a hormone called cortisol that encourages the body to store fatparticularly in the abdominal region. So whenever you feel stressed, practise a few breathing exercises or just press the pause button and take a break from work.

4. Eat smaller bites and ditch the straw

If you do not like a bloated stomach, avoid the thing that makes you gulp air. Sipping from a straw or chewing gum allows the air to enter the stomach making you feel gassy and bloated. Taking smaller bites of food and taking a seat while sipping water can make a huge difference to your bloated stomach.

5. Avoid late-night snacks

Eating heavy food items at the night can end up accumulating the fat while you are sleeping. Since there is barely any movement while sleeping, eating heavy food items at the night end up storing all the fat in and around the gut. Make sure to have an early dinner or take a walk if youve eaten late.

What is it that you do to get a flat stomach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Weight loss: 5 EASY ways to get a flat stomach without actually dieting; Check it out - PINKVILLA



How To Recognize And Deal With Emotional Eating – YouBeauty

Oct 14th, 2019
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Food has that quirky way of letting you know youve had enough of it after youve eaten the appropriate amount. People eat in different capacities based on what their body needs. Some eat for survival (whenever theyre hungry), some eat to lose weight (dieting), and others eat when theyre not actually hungry but sad. Feeding your feelings with food will only numb them momentarily. It will not fill the void or rectify the situation. These are some of the ways how you can recognize and remedy emotional eating.

Do you find yourself needing comfort food whenever youre stressed, lonely, or feeling blue? Doing this once or twice a month doesnt mean youre an emotional eater. But in a higher frequency, it becomes undeniable that you might be conflating emotional coping with hunger. When these emotional eaters feel a sense of emptiness or void due to a breakup, job layoff or grief, they immediately think food is a way to get out of that trance.

And with one bite comes the next, the next becomes the third plate and before you know it youve gone through an entire months supply of food in one sitting. Emotional hunger is different from physical hunger as it is immediate. It doesnt leave any fullness cue, it focuses on certain foods, aka comfort foods, and leaves a pang of guilt or shame once youre done.

The first step towards helping someone who eats their feeling would be to rid them of any common offenders found in their pantry/freezer. This will prevent them (or you) from bingeing on unhealthy snacks. So, if you have a family-size box of Oreos sitting in your kitchen, you should probably give them to a friend who doesnt find the need to fill their feelings with tasty cookies.

Next, encourage them to explore other methods of dealing with their stress, afflictions, or trauma. This could be opening up to someone, try exercising, yoga/meditating, and going to therapy. Its a healthier approach to managing negativity rather than binge eating, and they will notice results after a few sessions.

Lastly, encourage a doctor visit to prevent an eating disorder relapse in the future as this is likely to occur in heavy binge eaters. Its healthy to recognize that disordered eating might be leading to weight fluctuations, and its not merely your natural body state.

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How To Recognize And Deal With Emotional Eating - YouBeauty