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Want to lose weight with meal kits? Avoid these mistakes – CBS News

Nov 19th, 2023
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Meal kits aren't just an easy, breezy substitution for homecooked meals. The best meal delivery kits can help you focus on improving your diet and get a better hold on managing your nutritional intake -- but you need to know how to make the most of meal kits to see results.

It's one thing to iron out an effective weight-loss plan with your doctor and find the ideal meal delivery service for your needs. But that's just step one on your weight-loss journey. The follow through is just as important.

We know that consistency is important when it comes to maintaining a fitness-friendly diet day in and day out. The best meal kits can help you find a rhythm with your weight loss goals, but is there even more you could be getting out of your meal kits? (Hint: the answer is yes.)

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight on a meal kit subscription. Learn more about what you're missing out fromyour favorite meal delivery services below.

Macronutrients may sound like another buzzword in the world of health and fitness, but if you don't have at least a basic understanding of what they are and why they matter -- you're missing out. Many meal delivery services like Trifecta offer portion-controlled and macro-balanced meals that can make it easier to hit your daily goals for different macronutrients.

So what are macronutrients? The nutrients our bodies most need to function. Unlike micronutrients, which are mainly vitamins and minerals, macronutrients are consumed in the largest amounts: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Counting macros can help with weight loss by promoting high protein, low-carb diets, which have been linked to improved weight loss. Tracking macros -- by writing down everything you eat and adding up macros or tweaking meals and portions to meet your nutritional needs -- is a great way to self-regulate your calorie intake. Meal kits help with this by listing specific ingredient information, offering diet-specific meal plans, and promoting low-carb recipes.

Just make sure you talk with your doctor to determine your personal needs when it comes to calorie intake. Everyone's numbers are a little different, but online resources like this calorie calculator can help you get a general idea of what your relationship to macronutrients should be.

Embarking on a doctor-approved weight loss journey can be hard. Consistency is key when it comes to losing weight, so you need one of two things to stay on track: a strong resolve that motivates you to stick to your daily goals or someone to help guide you along the way.

The meal delivery service Factor is all about setting up subscribers with fully prepared meals that are rich in nutrients, but that's not all. Subscribers also gain access to individual support from a registered dietitian.

Working with a dietitian who knows your nutritional needs (and your eating habits) has been linked to improved outcomes in weight loss and weight management. If you feel like something's missing from your weight loss endeavors, it may just be individualized nutrition care from a paired dietitian.

Meal kits are wonderful for adding some much-needed convenience and meal variety to your daily life, but even the healthiest meal kits are only as effective as your eating habits. Don't just order the most appealing recipes and pile on the comfort food week after week; be strategic about your meal plan instead.

The best meal kits offer diet-specific plans and meals. Green Chef is a CBS Essentials favorite when it comes to keto meals, for example. High-fat, low-carb ketogenic diets have been linked to increased short-term weight loss success.

If you're struggling to find a meal kit offering quality low-sodium meals, Blue Apron serves up plenty of recipes with under 600 milligrams of sodium -- which fits well with the American Heart Association's recommendation of no more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day.

Tom Horton is a resident health expert for CBS Essentials, with deep experience in topics ranging from chronic conditions to health-care devices to diet options. He lives in upstate New York, and draws his power from local bookstores, long hikes on a sunny day, and his cat Sammy.

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Want to lose weight with meal kits? Avoid these mistakes - CBS News



Investors increase holdings of weight-loss drug makers’ shares in … – Reuters

Nov 19th, 2023
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[1/2]Lilly Biotechnology Center is shown in San Diego, California, U.S. March 1, 2023. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights

NEW YORK, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Some big investors showed increased appetite for weight-loss drug makers in the third quarter, piling in to shares of Eli Lilly (LLY.N) and Novo Nordisk amid growing demand for their product, securities filings showed on Tuesday.

Shares of both companies have soared this year as Novo Nordisk's (NOVOb.CO) Wegovy and Ozempic and Eli Lilly's Mounjaro and Zepbound have been shown to help control blood sugar and dramatically lower weight.

Shares of Eli Lilly rose 14.5% in the third quarter and are up 67% this year. Among the heavyweight investors that increased allocation in the third quarter are JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N), BlackRock (BLK.N), Vanguard and hedge funds Two Sigma, Tiger Global Management and Coatue Management.

JPMorgan added more than 1.6 million in shares of the company, which are now worth roughly $1 billion.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week approved Eli Lilly's drug, which will be sold under the name Zepbound and is expected to compete with Novo Nordisk's Wegovy.

In a recent note on active fund managers' holdings, Bank of America said Eli Lilly was the market's most crowded stock at the end of September, with 54% of funds owning it.

Some investors also bought more American Depositary Receipts of Novo Nordisk, including Fidelity Investments, Lazard Asset Management, T Rowe Price and Soros Fund. The companys ADRs rose 12.4% in the third quarter and are up 45.8% year-to-date.

Novo Nordisk on Saturday presented data showing that the heart protective benefits of Wegovy are not solely due to weight loss, which could make it easier for healthcare insurance reimbursement in the future.

Still, other investors trimmed their exposure to Eli Lilly, such as Wellington Management Group, California Public Employees Retirement System and Bridgewater Associates. Marshall Wace LLP sold almost its entire stake as did Renaissance Technologies.

Funds might have cut their holdings on worries that the companies' share prices may have run up too quickly, with competition from other drug makers seen on the horizon.

Eli Lilly currently trades at 54 times forward earnings while Novo Nordisk trades at 34 times forward earnings, according to LSEG Datastream, compared with a multiple of 18.3 for the S&P 500.

Stocks have now a pretty tight rope to walk. They have to become dominant in a market that has yet to be fully developed from a reimbursement perspective and not succumb to fast followers that are rapidly moving in to development, said Vincent Aita, chief investment officer and managing partner at healthcare-focused hedge fund Cutter Capital Management.

Amgen (AMGN.O) and Pfizer (PFE.N) are working on competing drugs.

Reporting by Carolina Mandl in New York Editing by Ira Iosebashvili and Matthew Lewis

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Investors increase holdings of weight-loss drug makers' shares in ... - Reuters



EVOLVE MVMT Launches First Wearable Optimizing Weight Loss Through Walking Form, Tracking Quality of Steps – Yahoo Finance

Nov 19th, 2023
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‘Let them run’: Jim Cramer says analysts who are wary of … – MoneyWise

Nov 19th, 2023
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10 Best Walmart Frozen Foods for Weight Loss – Eat This, Not That

Nov 19th, 2023
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Frozen foods can make meals and snacks convenient, but not all options are created equally. When browsing the frozen section of the store, you'll find plenty of fried foods, options loaded with sugar, and foods that pack calories with few vitamins and minerals. When selecting foods that will help with weight loss, you'll likely see more success when skipping these types of foods. While all foods can be part of a weight loss diet, the majority of what you eat should aid in a feeling of fullness and contribute essential nutrients. So, the next time you head out for groceries, consider the 10 best Walmart frozen foods for weight loss.

Walmart has an expansive selection of foods in its frozen section, but only a small percentage made the cut for our list. When selecting the best Walmart frozen foods for weight loss, we kept a few pieces of criteria in mind. First, the food must provide protein and/or fiber. Getting both of these nutrients in a single food is ideal, but the next best is having at least one. These nutrients increase satiety, allowing you to feel more satisfied with less food. Next, we chose options with minimal added sugar. A few grams per serving is reasonable, but options packed with refined sugar didn't make the cut. That's because sugar provides empty calories and is unlikely to contribute to fullness. Lastly, having fruit or vegetables as part of the food is a major bonus. Produce provides fiber and nutrients for not many calories, creating a filling option.

Bring this list with you next time you head to Walmart for your groceries. It will streamline your selections and make it easy to choose foods that will support your weight loss goals. Here are the 10 best Walmart frozen foods for weight loss. Read on to learn all about them, and when you're finished shopping, be sure to check out The #1 Protein to Eat for Weight Loss, According to a Dietitian.

Egg whites are packed with protein and contain minimal grams of fat. This makes them low in calories while still being a filling food. This Veggies Made Great Spinach Egg White Frittata option is also loaded with veggies, so you get a little fiber, too. You'll still need to pair them with fruit or whole-grain toast to create a balanced meal, but they simply heat in the microwave while you get ready for the day. This makes them incredibly convenient and a great choice for a dietitian-approved weight loss breakfast. 6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

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This Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl packs 19 grams of protein per serving, and it's just 270 calories. Made with a combination of turkey sausage, egg whites, potato, and reduced-fat cheddar cheese, you'll without a doubt be satisfied when you finish this meal. This option also simply heats in the microwave while you carry on with your to-do list, making it easy to eat for your weight loss goals. Incorporate black beans for a fiber and protein boost, or serve your bowl with fresh fruit on the side for a well-rounded meal.

You may be surprised to see pancakes on this list, but these are no ordinary flapjacks. Each serving of the Kodiak Protein-Packed Buttermilk Power Flapjacks comes with three pancakes and provides 14 grams of filling protein. You'll also get 4 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of sugar, making these much healthier pancakes than traditional options. The serving size of three pancakes only amounts to 190 calories, so top your pancakes with a spread of nut butter and some sliced banana for a full breakfast that suits your calorie needs.

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Popsicles are another food you may not think of as being beneficial for weight loss, but these GoodPop Organic Junior Pops contain zero grams of added sugar and are made with 100% fruit juice. At only 25 calories a pop, they make a great swap for traditional popsicles or other frozen desserts. If you have a sweet tooth and struggle to find healthier ways to satisfy your craving, make sure to pick up these pops.

This brand is known for its frozen Greek yogurt bars, which are another healthy frozen treat. However, their Frozen Greek Yogurt Vanilla Bean Poppables are especially good for weight loss because one serving contains 2 grams of protein and will only set you back about 50 calories. One Poppable is just enough to satisfy your dessert craving without leaving you feeling overly full. With nonfat milk and Greek yogurt as the main ingredients, this means you'll get a little protein with each bite, too.

RELATED: 9 Best Low-Calorie Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Protein should be part of every mealespecially when you're trying to lose weightbut it can be time-consuming to prepare. To drastically cut your prep time, pick up these Great Value Fully Cooked Turkey Meatballs. Allow them to warm up in marinara sauce on the stovetop for a pasta dish, or pop them into the air fryer or microwave for a quick zap before incorporating them into a meal. Each serving provides 13 grams of protein and is only 120 calories.

Avocado is loaded with fiber and healthy fats, but keeping fresh produce on hand can lead to spoilage and waste. These Great Value Diced Avocados are great for incorporating into smoothies for a boost of fat and fiber, and can even be defrosted and mashed to make fresh guacamole. Plus, research shows that avocados can be beneficial for weight loss. Mash them and spread them onto your toast, or keep them in diced form to add to your grain bowls and tacos for easy nutrient boosts.

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Soy is a plant-based source of protein, making these Seapoint Farms Edamame Soybeans in Pods another convenient way to boost protein in your diet. Each steamable pack is only 90 calories and provides 9 grams of protein. Enjoy them on their own for a protein-rich snack, serve them as a filling appetizer before a meal, or add the beans directly to your dinner for plant-based protein. You'll also get a whopping 7 grams of fiber per servinga crucial aspect of any weight loss regimen!

Smoothies make for a nutrient-packed meal, but not all options are created equally. This Dole Boosted Blends Frozen Blueberry and Banana Protein Smoothie Blend comes with frozen blueberries, bananas, and a protein blend of whey protein and almond butter. This combination makes for a balanced smoothie that contains zero grams of added sugar. You'll get 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, making for a filling meal. Each serving is only 160 calories, so add in some avocado for a calorie and nutrient boost to create a full meal.

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Spaghetti squash is a great alternative for pasta, but baking fresh squash can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Enter, Green Giant Veggie Spirals Spaghetti Squash. This frozen option will drastically reduce your prep time, and the only ingredient is spaghetti squash. You'll get fiber and protein in each serving (1/2 cup prepared), and this option will only set you back 25 calories. This will add tons of volume to your meal for few calories, making for a filling and nutritious meal.

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Melissa Rifkin, MS, RDN, CDN

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10 Best Walmart Frozen Foods for Weight Loss - Eat This, Not That



Teen Mom alum Bristol Palin shows off her weight loss in skintight black dress and silver cowboy boots at… – The US Sun

Nov 19th, 2023
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10 Best Trader Joe’s Desserts for Weight Loss – Eat This, Not That

Nov 19th, 2023
Comments Off on 10 Best Trader Joe’s Desserts for Weight Loss – Eat This, Not That

Let's be real: If you want to lose weight successfully, you need to create a sustainable game plan. Meal planning is an integral part of the process, so you can create each meal with just the right amount of protein and healthy ingredients. In addition, if you're a dessert eater, it's unrealisticand unsustainableto think you'll deprive yourself of desserts forever. To help you out, we spoke with The Nutrition Twins, Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, CFT, and Lyssie Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT, who sit on our Medical Expert Board, who share the 10 best Trader Joe's desserts for weight loss.

Trader Joe's may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of satisfying your dessert cravings, but it should be front and center on your sweet tooth radar. You can find delicious treats such as decadent hot cocoa and chocolate-covered strawberries that won't set you back many calories at all. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn the best Trader Joe's desserts for weight loss to add to your cart. And when you're done, don't miss The #1 Protein to Eat for Weight Loss, According to a Dietitian.

If you love chocolate and fruit, your sweet tooth will go crazy for Trader Joe's Gone Berry Crazy! Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pieces. "You can have six of them for 100 calories and they're frozen, so you can't scarf them down," The Nutrition Twins explain. "A candy bar, which you can gobble down in far less time, can typically be three times as many calories. Plus, you get antioxidants from the strawberries, which help to tame the inflammation associated with stubborn body fat." 6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

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This decadent Organic Hot Cocoa Mix from Trader Joe's will hit the spot on a cold winter's day. At just 100 calories in a serving, you can't go wrong indulging in this delight when you're craving something sweet.

"This rich, creamy, and cozy hot chocolate squashes a sweet tooth and chocolate craving," The Nutriton Twins say. "Since it's hot, you have to slow down and enjoy it, so you're forced to take your time with it. Since it's warm, it will help to pacify you, as well as help to take the edge off, calming nerves so you'll be less likely to overeat or binge due to stress."

Trader Joe's Organic Dried Mango is a perfect choice when you're in the mood for something sweet, tasty, and chewy. "You can have eight pieces of dried mango for only 130 calories," The Nutrition Twins explain. "There's no added sugar, only antioxidants and pure mango, so they're the perfect alternative to Laffy Taffy, which is loaded with sugar and will set you back several hundred calories. Our clients tell us this is one of their all-time favorite sweet treats."

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Another decadent, dark chocolate-covered fruit option, Trader Joe's Gone Bananas! Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Slices are here to satisfy your sweet tooth without costing you many calories. Four pieces amount to 100 calories while offering two grams of fiber.

"These sweet, creamy bananas are covered in Belgian chocolate and frozen to create the perfect hit-the-spot decadent indulgence, yet you can have four of them for only 100 calories," The Nutrition Twins explain. "You can suck on them to really make them last, or bite and slowly savor- since they're frozen you're forced to slow down. Four pieces of Belgian chocolate or a chocolate bon bon could set you back 500 to 800+ calories!"

When it comes to dietitian-approved, weight-loss-friendly desserts, fruit is the name of the game here. It's a naturally sweet alternative to many sugar-packed, calorie-packed treats like ice cream, cookies, and candy. Trader Joe's Organic Dried & Pitted Deglet Noor Dates fit the bill and are such a delicious treat to tame your sweet tooth.

"You can have five of them for just 110 calories, which is more than half the calories of a sugar-packed Snickers bar," The Nutrition Twins say. "Dates are also a good source of fiber, so they slow digestion, so you feel fuller and aren't craving more food soon after. That chewy fiber takes time to eat, so you can't scarf them down. Plus, dates rank among the highest of foods in terms of their antioxidants, so they help to fight against the inflammation that is linked with weight gain."

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Mints may not be the first things that come to mind when you're seeking a satisfying dessert, but hear us out. "If you're someone who just likes to keep something flavorful in your mouth to keep your taste buds occupied, these mints are for you," The Nutrition Twins say. "You can have three Chai Tea Mints for only five calories. That's fewer calories than a teaspoon of ice cream!"

If lollipops or hard candies are typically your guilty pleasure of choice, these mints are an excellent alternative. "You'll get a burst of flavor and have fresh breath to boot, but you'll skip all the extra sugar and calories you'll get from continually eating hard candies," The Nutrition Twins add. "Plus, they're made with black tea, crushed cardamom seeds, cinnamon, and cloves, so you get the anti-inflammatory benefits of the spices."

If you want the "real deal" for dessert and you love ice cream, consider Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Hold the Cone. "Enjoy one cone-less ice cream, and this sweet, creamy decadence with chocolate chips will have you satisfying your ice cream craving in less than 100 calories," The Nutrition Twins explain. "Most full-size ice cream cones are at least 300 calories, so these mini-sized portions save your waistline big-time."

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These Triple Ginger Snaps are here to slay the holiday seasonand they're dietitian-approved for your weight loss plan! "These sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy Snaps hit different notes on the taste buds thanks to the fresh, crystallized, and ground ginger that help to excite and satisfy tastebuds," The Nutrition Twins tell us. "With a little more than a gram of sugar in each cookie, you can have five of them for 100 calories and you get the anti-inflammatory ginger bonus to fight the inflammation that makes weight loss efforts more challenging. Unlike sweets that simply provide one note-sweetness, you won't feel the urge to overindulge with these."

With only three grams of added sugar in a one-ounce serving of these Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds, you'll savor the sweet crunchiness of it all for only 150 calories. "Plus, you'll benefit from heart-healthy fat as well as fiber that both keep you fuller longer and prevent blood sugar crashes created by most desserts that cause you to crave more sugar," The Nutrition Twins add. "Your waistline will also score from nut consumption, which has been linked to lower body weight. We recommend savoring them one by one, which means you'll fully get to enjoy all 19 chocolate-covered nuts."

Last but not least, this list of the best Trader Joe's desserts for weight loss wraps up with the supermarket's Classic Lemon Bars. These treats will add some zest to your snack time.

"If you tend to eat more than you planned, these bars are for you," The Nutrition Twins stress. "That's because you defrost them for about an hour at room temperature before indulging, which means you can't impulsively eat more than what you've thawed. We suggest thawing one at a time for a 90-calorie, deliciously creamy, lemon custard-topped shortbread cookie."

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10 Best Trader Joe's Desserts for Weight Loss - Eat This, Not That



10 Best McDonald’s Breakfast Orders for Weight Loss – Eat This, Not That

Nov 19th, 2023
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For a quick breakfast, you may consider stopping at a drive-thru as you head out to start your day. Many fast-food restaurants offer a breakfast menu, but not all are created equally. You'll find plenty of fried items, treats loaded with sugar, and coffee drinks that pack more calories than an entire meal! With options like these, it can be tough to navigate a breakfast menu with weight loss in mind. The good news is that there are plenty of McDonald's breakfast orders for weight loss that will help you work toward your goals.

When ordering McDonald's breakfast, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, check out the calories. This is a perk of chain restaurants, and you'll find the calorie count available for every food and drink item. This can help you separate the better items on the menu and provide you with the information you need to make modifications to better suit your goals. Next, limit added sugar. Coffee drinks especially are notorious for containing empty calories, but the McGriddle sandwiches here also contain upwards of 10 grams. Lastly, pack your own produce. Adding a piece of fruit from home can incorporate fiber into your breakfast, helping it to be a more filling meal.

To simplify your next morning drive-thru experience, here are the 10 best McDonald's breakfast orders for weight loss. Take a look at the suggestions to create a balanced meal, along with the additions and modifications you can make to turn a fast-food breakfast into a healthier option. Keep reading to learn more, and when you're done, don't miss the 7 Best Ways To Burn 500 Calories, According To Personal Trainers.

The Egg McMuffin may be one of the most well-known breakfast items at McDonald's, and for good reason. With 17 grams of protein and only 310 calories, you have a well-balanced meal that meets the energy budget of many individuals. This sandwich also provides 2 grams of fiber, helping to promote satiety. Add a side of Greek yogurt from home for an easy protein boost, and top it with some fruit for a serving of produce.

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The Sausage Burrito comes in at only 310 calories. You'll get 13 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber in this breakfast option. Although lower in protein and fiber compared to the Egg McMuffin, this burrito has a healthier profile of fat, calories, and sugar compared to many other McDonald's menu items. Pair your burrito with yogurt and fruit for a heartier meal, or dip it in mashed avocado from home for a serving of produce and a fiber boost.

Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, and this Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald's packs 4 grams per serving. Unfortunately, it also contains 18 grams of added sugar, but you can reduce this by several grams by skipping the dried fruit. This will also bring down the calories to 250 without cutting fiber. This breakfast option is on the low end for protein, so add some nuts or nut butter from home for a boost of healthy fats and protein that will make this a more filling, well-balanced meal.

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Sausage is a fattier source of protein, although the portion on this Sausage McMuffin helps keep calories reasonable. A 400-calorie sandwich makes for a decent breakfast, and with a single modification, you'll have room to add some fruit from home for an even healthier meal. Skipping the cheese will save you 50 calories and several grams of fat. It will also reduce protein a bit, but that's a healthy trade for less saturated fat. Pair this breakfast sandwich with a banana and nut butter to incorporate fiber, protein, and healthy fats for a meal that's under 500 calories. 6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

The egg in the Sausage McMuffin with Egg option brings your calorie count up to 480, but also contributes several grams of protein. To make this a healthier option, you should still consider skipping the cheese, and instead use those calories for a healthier side. There are only 2 grams of fiber in this sandwich, so adding a serving of fruit or a few avocado slices on top goes a long way in making this a more filling meal. You can also ask them to skip the clarified and salted butter to save 20 calories and a couple of grams of fat without changing to flavor of the sandwich too much.

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Although coffee doesn't constitute a full meal, a latte that includes milk contributes several essential nutrients. In fact, the small latte at McDonald's provides 7 grams of protein. Bump that to a medium, and you'll get 10 grams of this filling nutrient. If you prefer to eat light in the morning, a latte is a good compromise between skipping a meal and getting some important nutrients to start your day. To turn your coffee drink into a full meal, simply add an apple or banana with nut butter on the side for a boost of carb, fiber, fat, and protein. In addition, consider asking for nonfat milk to maintain protein in your drink with far fewer grams of fat.

Just like the latte, the milk in a cappuccino creates a decent source of calories to start your day. The medium option will get you 9 grams of protein, and swapping the whole milk for non-fat will save you about 30 calories. Pair your cappuccino with yogurt, fruit, and nuts from home, or the simple fruit and nut butter option previously suggested. The small cappuccino with nonfat milk will come in at under 100 calories, allowing it to be paired with the sausage burrito for a breakfast that's around 400 calories.

McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee can be added to any breakfast on this list for as few as 5 calories. Black coffee is a source of antioxidants and is a reasonable addition to your meal. However, to make it work for your weight loss goals, make sure to skip the added sugar, and use minimal added cream. These are sources of empty calories that won't contribute to your feeling of fullness. One serving of cream will add about 20 calories to your drink and only 1.5 grams of fat, making this a dietitian-approved coffee drink.

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Although the Hotcakes and Sausage are 770 calories when ordered as is, two modifications will drastically cut the calories and grams of sugar in this meal. Skipping just the syrup saves 180 calories, and foregoing the butter can save another 70. This brings your meal to around 520 calories. While this may be too much for some, it could work well for others. To further bring down calories, have only two of the pancakes. Share the other one, or dip it in Greek yogurt for a balanced snack later in the day.

The McDonald's breakfast meals can get high in calories pretty fast, but the Egg McMuffin Meal only comes in at 455 calories. This helps support your weight loss goals while providing a hearty breakfast. Your meal comes with an egg McMuffin, a small coffee, and hash browns. You'll get 4 grams of fiber and 19 grams of protein in this meal, making for a filling breakfast. Have only half the hashbrown to save 70 calories without taking away much fiber or protein.

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Melissa Rifkin, MS, RDN, CDN

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10 Best McDonald's Breakfast Orders for Weight Loss - Eat This, Not That



Teen Mom Gary Shirley shows off amazing weight loss transformation in wife Kristinas new pics for 37th b… – The US Sun

Nov 19th, 2023
Comments Off on Teen Mom Gary Shirley shows off amazing weight loss transformation in wife Kristinas new pics for 37th b… – The US Sun

GARY Shirley has flaunted his incredible weight loss transformation in new photos shared by his wife Kristina in honor of his 37th birthday celebration.

The MTV star and his spouse have been shedding the pounds in recent months through diet and exercise.




Now Gary, 37, has shown off his complete transformation in new photos shared by his wife Kristina, 36.

The mother of two took to her Instagram profile on Thursday to post a tribute to her husband in celebration of his birthday.

The collage featured several pictures of the slimmed-down dad as he posed with various family members in recent weeks.

The first image showed Gary with his daughter Leah, 14, who he shares with his ex Amber Portwood, 33.

The Teen Mom star smiled while wearing a black t-shirt and backward hat, as he embraced his daughter's head.

The child star sported a nude sweater and her caramel-colored hair was styled in curls.

A second snap showed an extremely thin Gary hugging his younger daughter Emilee, who he shares with Kristina.

The MTV star looked slimmer than ever in a plain white t-shirt and gray shorts.

His little girl grabbed his waist tight in an embrace while showing off her girly style in a pink t-shirt and purple backpack.

A third photo showed Gary and Kristina smiling brightly in formal wear.

The father of two's face was nearly unrecognizable as he showed off his new fit frame.

The TV personality wore a white button-down with a black tie and matching fedora hat, while Kristina went for a black gown in the picture.

The final shot was a solo selfie of Gary wearing a black t-shirt, black sunglasses, and a backward hat.

The happy-looking star put up a rock and roll sign to the camera as he flaunted his major weight loss.

Kristina captioned her post: "The older you get, the more handsome you are. Wishing you the best birthday & another year full of happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet cheeks! Cheers to 37!!"

Gary's birthday tribute came about a month after he and his wife debuted their dramatic weight loss transformations in a clip from the Teen Mom: Next Chapter reunion.

The reality star and his spouse appeared on the episode alongside his exAmber Portwood, 33, and their daughter Leah.

The TV personality spoke about how he supported his teenage daughter's decision to begin taking birth control and how he has chosen to "trust" her to make the correct decisions.

The little girl then thanked her mom, dad, and step-mom for their support, leaving Amber in tears over her daughter's decision to forgive her for past mistakes.

Though many fans were enthralled to see the family speaking in a cohesive unit, others were floored by how thin both Gary and Kristina appeared in the clip.

Gary flaunted a shockingly thin figure in a blue collared shirt, khaki shorts, boat shoes, and a backward hat.

Meanwhile, Kristina sported a skin-tight black cocktail dress and sparkly silver heels, showing off her newly fit physique.

The couple looked better than ever after months of prioritizing their diet and fitness regimen.

Fans noticed the jaw-dropping transformation, taking to the comments to gush over the husband and wife duo.

"I need to point out how great Christina looks," one admitted.

"Gary lost so much weight Good for him, he was always a great guy and a Caring dad," a second gushed.

"Gary proud of him he has lost alot of weight and looks great," a third agreed.

"Wow Gary looks amazing!!!!" a fourth complimented.

"Leah is beautiful and Gary and Christina look amazing," a fifth remarked.

"Gary lost weight!" a final put shortly.



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New Weight Loss Drug Could ‘Wipe Out’ Liver Disease – The Messenger

Nov 19th, 2023
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A new experimental drug found to be more effective than Wegovy and Mounjaro for weight loss could also stop fatty liver disease in its tracks, according to new clinical trial data.

At this weeks Liver Meeting the annual conference of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases experts revealed that a retatrutide treatment regimen was capable of reducing liver fat by as much as 85%.

Retatrutide, which is under development by Eli Lilly for weight loss, is in the same family of drugs as Ozempic and Mounjaro, as they are all GLP-1 agonist drugs. However, retatrutide is also an agonist of the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon receptors.

In the phase 2 trial, patients who were given weekly injections of 8 mg and 12 mg retatrutide resulted in 24% weight loss and between 81% and 86% reduction of fat in the liver. Whats more, 89% and 93% of patients receiving retatrutide 8 mg and 12 mg had less than 5% liver fat after 48 weeks of treatment, meaning that there was no longer enough fat in their liver to meet fatty liver disease criteria.

Arun J. Sanyal, M.D., chair of the division of gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at Virginia Commonwealth Health, who presented the findings at the annual meeting, said that the results are quite dramatic.

Between 80-90% of patients and actually by week 48, at the high dose, 93% of patients lost so much fat in the liver that they were below the cutoff for having fatty liver disease, which is quite dramatic, because in the overweight-obese population, we first said that 70-75% of them will have excess fat in the liver, Dr. Sanyal said in an interview with HCPLive during the meeting. But now we have a treatment that can treat obesity, and you can wipe out the liver fat in 90% of these people.

People with fatty liver disease, also called steatotic liver disease, have excess fat build-up in their liver. Things like type 2 diabetes, obesity and chronic heavy alcohol consumption can cause the excess fat to accumulate. Often fatty liver disease will not cause issues, but if left untreated, long-term problems like hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis can develop. Between 80 and 100 million adults in the United States are affected by the condition.

While clinical findings on retatrutide are positive thus far, Dr. Sanyal notes that there is a caveat the people involved in the phase 2 trial had early stage liver disease and were not considered at risk of advanced liver disease during the time of their enrollment. That makes it challenging to understand whether retatrutide would benefit patients who might be at risk of developing conditions like cirrhosis and hepatitis.

More clinical trials are needed to assess retatrutides utility in advanced liver disease, but in the meantime, Dr. Sanyal suggests that the drug could still help to delay the onset of severe liver scarring.

Here, the implication is that by treating the underlying obese state and by getting rid of all the fat in the liver, there's at least a reasonable assumption that you might in the future be able to say that this population that no longer has fat in the liver, they're not going to progress to significant scarring of the liver, or they will not develop fibrosis or fibrosis-related outcomes, Dr. Sanyal said.

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New Weight Loss Drug Could 'Wipe Out' Liver Disease - The Messenger


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