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7 potential risks of the Keto diet – Times of India

Mar 30th, 2020
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The ketogenic diet is popular among a large group of people who wish to lose weight and stay fit. It is a low carb, moderate protein and high-fat diet. Increasing fat intake and reducing the amount of carbs you eat forces the body to rely primarily on fat for energy.However, like every diet, it comes with its risks. Here are seven potential risks of the keto diet that you should know before diving into it.The keto fluThe low carb intake comes as a shock to the body. As your body switches from carbs to fats for energy, you might experience flu-like symptoms. you might experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, fatigue and constipation. Most people feel better in a few weeks, it is important to monitor your symptoms and eat sodium, potassium and electrolyte-rich foods.Stress on your kidneysHigh fat foods are a staple during the keto diet. Eating foods like eggs, meat and cheese may leave you with a higher chance of kidney stones. These foods can make your blood and urine more acidic leading to calcium excretion in your urine. Studies also suggest that keto reduces the amount of citrate, a chemical that binds with calcium. So drink lots of fluid and keep your stats under check.

Digestive issuesDuring the keto diet, it can be difficult to meet your fiber needs. The fiber sources are mostly also rich in carbs. Thus, the diet can lead to constipation and discomfort. Fiber also feeds the good bacteria in your gut which boost immunity and improve mental health. The keto diet also has an effect on the good bacteria in your gut.Nutrient deficienciesWith the number of restrictions on the kinds of food you can eat during the diet, you miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. The diet doesnt provide enough vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Over time, you might develop vitamin deficiencies and you might have to take supplements for them.

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7 potential risks of the Keto diet - Times of India



Muskmelon health benefits: Heres how you can Lose weight, grow hair by adding this fruit in your diet –

Mar 30th, 2020
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As we all are entering in Summer and the most concerning thing for us is our skin and for that, you have to bring about changes in food eating patterns. In winters, we mostly eat foods that help us keep warm from the inside and make our body immune system strong. While in summer, we will eat foods that will aid in keeping the body hydrated. Having said that, let us speak about the health benefits of muskmelon or cantaloupe melon, which include weight loss and hair growth.

1. Aids in Weight Loss Muskmelon contains a good amount of potassium which helps in weight management and most importantly, it mostly contains water which keeps the body full and, thereby, helps avoid overeating. Also, the glycemic load of muskmelon is quite low compared to other fruits.

2. Improves Eyesight Cantaloupe melon comes along with Vitamin A, which strengthens the eye muscle, and also zeaxanthin which helps in improving eye vision.

3. Helps Treat Insomnia Eating muskmelon regularly can relax the nerves and muscles of the brain which can aid in suppressing sleeping disorders like insomnia.

4. Good For Immune System Musk melon contains an adequate amount of Vitamin C, which enhances the production of white blood cells. This, in turn, leads to the destroying of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other toxic substances.

Coronavirus outbreak: Is it needed to avoid eating meat? Know what doctors say

5. Helps in Hair Growth Since musk melon consists of Vitamin A, it can help in hair growth. Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum, which is the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands present under the scalp. This aids in hair growth, at the same time, keeping it well moisturized.

Muskmelon health benefits: Heres how you can Lose weight, grow hair by adding this fruit in your diet -



Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Eat Walnut to Lose Weight – LatestLY

Mar 30th, 2020
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Walnut For Weight Loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Losing weight is not that boring or a tedious task as often considered. Weight loss is not always eating bitter stuff or things which are bland in taste. Luckily, there are few munching snacks options which can keep your mood active, make you feel full, avoid over-eating and thereby help in weight loss. Having said that let us speak about walnut, which can be included in your diet for weight loss.Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Almond Butter to Lose Weight.

Nuts are rich in fibre, protein, healthy fats and minerals that aid in weight loss process and help burn belly fat. They are ideal snacks which have to be eaten to fill empty spaces between meals, as for higher metabolism, we should keep eating healthy stuff in small proportion after every two and a half hours. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, along with that it also consists ofmagnesium, copper, vitamins A and D. This makes it a quite nutrient-dense food.Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Eat Cottage Cheese or Paneer to Lose Weight.

If walnuts are eaten every day, it can boost fat loss and promote healthy body weight. It can also help to reduce hunger due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, plant sterols and vitamins that helps in reducing craving. Walnuts also promote gut health which is necessary for weight management. Seven to eight halves of walnuts should be eaten prior to a major meal, it will consequently help you eat less food.As per the study published in the Journal of Nutrients,eating walnuts every day did not show any effect on weight gain in elder group of people, in fact it resulted in a person having less calorie at the end of the day.

Along with walnuts, almonds and pistachios can also be included as delicious munching snacks to keep you away from unhealthy junk foods. It must also be noted that everyday physical exercise and eating other healthy foods like green vegetables and fruits are also necessary for perfect weight loss.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)

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Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Eat Walnut to Lose Weight - LatestLY



Obesity and Dieting: Diet Plan to Overcome Obesity – Krishi Jagran

Mar 30th, 2020
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These days many people are looking for ways to reduce obesity and belly fat. In today's world people are busy in earning money and are not careful about their eating habits. You will be surprised to know that diet has the biggest contribution in the process of reducing obesity. It doesn't matter how many hours people sweat in the gym, if their diet is not proper. Many people choose dieting and fasting to reduce weight and Muscle Gain but let me tell you that those people are wrong and have misunderstood dieting. For many people dieting means eating less food, but they can't see that in this way their body becomes weaker day by day.

In the course of dieting, quitting food is absolutely wrong. If you are serious towards your goal then first calculate your body's mass index by Body mass index calculator and then body's calories by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Different ranges of BMI are :-

If you're in the underweight range then BMI will be below 18.5.

If you're in the healthy weight range then BMI will be between 18.5 and 24.9 .

If you're in the overweight range then BMI will be between 25 and 29.9.

If you're in the obese range then BMI will be between 30 and 39.9.

Your obesity will reduce soon, if you follow a diet plan. The best thing about diet plan is that you do not have to be hungry, all you have to eat nutritious food every two hours. Many people around us have this misconception that if they eat less their weight will be reduced but its not true. By eating less, you will never become thin, instead you will become weak.

Diet plan to reduce your weight and overcome obesity :-

First of all you have to consume lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. You can add honey and lemon if you want to reduce your weight faster and this drink will eliminate your body fat and will also help in removing the body's toxic substance.

After one hour of drinking water eat a rich protein breakfast like eggs, protein shake, brown bread, oats/ poha, roti and sprouts. But avoid fried or oily food.

Then again after two hours of breakfast, you eat a bowl of fresh fruit or eat avocado because they actually increase the rate of burning fat.

What to eat for lunch

Then the main part comes that is lunch. Many people make mistake on this stage.

Keep one thing in mind you have to eat lunch two o'clock because discipline plays an vital role in reducing weight.

I would recommend you to have pulse, simple vegetable, two flour rotis, one cucumber raita and salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and onions ) because they contain more fiber, which gives the body energy.

Consuming above food will give you around 400 calories.

You can drink green tea one hour after lunch because it will help you to digest your food.

what to eat for dinner

This is the last meal of the day, many people quit/ skip this meal. But let me tell you skipping a meal are absolutely the wrong way.

You should have dinner by 8 o'clock.

I would recommend you to have two flour rotis with simple vegetable.

You can have vegetable soup in the dinner too.

The most important thing to remember is that do not sleep immediately after eating because this causes obesity.

Tips to lose weight:-

You need to Discipline, if you want to reduce your weight.

Avoid fry and oily products.

Eat Balance diet.

Workout regularly.

Keep one day as a cheat day in a month in which you can eat whatever you want to.

Eat avocado regularly.

Stay positive.

Early to bed and early to rise.

Have green tea once a day (you can avoid it on cheat days).

Keep a track of your weight (on monthly basis).

Avoid sugar.

Avoid high Carb diet.

Eat food that is high in fibers.

Avoid cold drinks & Alcohol

Quit smoking.

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Obesity and Dieting: Diet Plan to Overcome Obesity - Krishi Jagran



Lady Gaga’s Top Health, Diet, Fitness, And Mental Health Habits – Women’s Health

Mar 30th, 2020
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At 33, Lady Gaga (aka Stefanie Germanotto) has a seriously impressive rsum. She's an incredibly talented singer, actress, artist, and business woman (she recently launched her beauty line Haus Laboratories!). But Gaga is never one to hide the fact that her life and all of her successes also come with normal emotional ups and downsand we're so here for that.

Gaga has even received praise from Oprah for her realness when it comes to her physical and mental health. Rarely is someone so famous so honest, Oprah said about Gaga at her Oprahs 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour.

For being so famous, the superstar is shockingly relatable when it comes to how she stays healthy physically and mentally. Here, 40 things Lady Gaga does to take care of herself. You'll definitely want to follow suit with one or even a few of these habits.

1She starts her day with a healthy breakfast.

Gaga's got breakfast on lock. "It would usually involve some type of eggs or egg whites, definitely vegetables, a lot of vegetables, and sometimes Greek yogurt or different types of fruit, or healthy granola," Gaga's personal chef and lifelong friend Bo O'Connor told The Feast of her first meal of the day.

"If [Gaga] was in the mood for French toast or something sweeter, we would make a healthier version of that for her." Think: whole-wheat bread instead of white. This is an example of what O'Connor calls a "half-cheat meal," or a slightly more nutritious version of a traditionally not-so-healthy dish.

2She keeps nutritious snacks on hand.

Gaga's go-to snacks include whole-grain pretzels, GG crispbread crackers, rice crisps, health bars, nuts, and baked chips. She varies her snacks with some sweet and some savory, like bittersweet chocolate or a squeeze pack of almond butter, according to O'Connor.

3She stays hydrated in a healthful way.

Lady Gaga also makes sure to stay hydrated through rehearsals and performances. On the road, she drinks a lot of tea, fresh coconut water, and fresh green juice, O'Connor told The Feast. Gaga steers clear of any processed juices, but, "if she were to drink juice, it would be a green juice made fresh with kale and spinach and celery and cucumbers, parsley, lemon," O'Connor shared.

4She works with a personal trainer.

Gaga has been working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak for years. "I remember the first time she came by, she was teeny tiny. Shes petite," he says. "This is not someone that needed to lose weight. She dressed like a Jean-Paul Gaultier ad from the 80s, like so cool, and just woah. Theres presence," he told Elite Daily.

5She fills up on immunity-supporting spices.

Gaga nourishes herself during a cold with a spicy homemade beverage. "Sometimes when she wasn't feeling great or felt run-down we would make a hot drink with fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, lemongrass, to try to just calm her system," O'Connor told The Feast.

6She loves a not-boring salad.

Gaga often fills up on salads during lunch. "She definitely will always have a salad throughout the day, whether it's for lunch or dinner," O'Connor told People. These aren't your humdrum garden salads, hers include a lot more than lettuce. "It can have other components that are a little bit more satisfying," she adds.

7She lightens up comfort food.

"She's definitely an Italian girl at heart, so she loves the red sauce, or gravy as they call it," O'Connor says. A few of her family recipes appear in her dad Joe Germanotta's Joanne Trattoria Cookbook.

For a slightly healthier version of an Italian fave, she'll opt for gluten-free or quinoa pasta, served with veggies, and grilled shrimp for protein.

8Her fridge is always stocked with healthy stuff.

Here's a visual of Gaga's fridge: [Its] filled with water, kombucha, some type of unsweetened ice tea, definitely Greek yogurt and almond butter or any type of nut butters, and lots of types of fruits and vegetableskale, swiss chard, lemons, limes, ginger, O'Connor described to People.

9She's consistent with her workouts.

10She loves doing yoga.

"She does yoga whenever she can," a source also told Us Weekly, "not just for the physical element but for the mental side as well."

11She seeks professional help for her mental health when she needs to.

Gaga isn't afraid to be real about her mental healthand what she does to protect it.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle, Gaga revealed: "So I had a psychotic break at one point, and it was one of the worst things thats ever happened to me. I was brought to the ER to urgent care and they brought in the doctor, a psychiatrist." She went on to say that she has taken certain medications to help her through tough times. (Her honesty is *everything.*)

12She takes ice baths for sore muscles.

Gaga revealed that ice baths are an essential part of her post-show self-care. "Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20," she wrote on Instagram.

13She swims laps.

Gaga is also a fan of swimming and likes to do it before her shows. Pre-show routine: Hard workout and then Galactic Laps. GagaPhelps, she wrote in an Insta caption.

14She's into gyrotonics.

"Gyro class, not the Greek sandwich kind!! " Gaga joked in a caption oon a workout photo, ahead of her appearance in American Horror Story: Hotel.

In the image, she's using a "Gyrotoner" machine, which is used in gyrotonics traininga method that uses similar principles as yoga to "increase range of motion, improve strength and movement efficiency" the website explains.

15She's into Eastern medicine.

16She prioritizes skin care.

Her longtime makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, told TODAY that the singer has "the most incredible skin in the business."

Tanno revealed that Gaga uses and lots (and lots) of Talika face masks. Apparently she is also a fan of Talikas Eye Therapy Patches to help relieve puffiness.

18She does skin facials.

Joomee Song, an esthetician and owner of Faceworks Inc., worked with Gaga on American Horror Story. Song told Refinery29 at the time of the show that anytime Gaga was filming a close-up scene, shed do a scrub with hyaluronic acid to help minimize redness.

19She's obsessed with SoulCycle.

Gaga also loves a good SoulCycle sweat seshso much that Well + Good reported that she has two custom SoulCycle bikes in her tour bus.

20She does full-body workouts.

Gaga's workouts impact the body head to toe and include bicycle crunches, seated Russian Twists, reverse crunches, and dumbbell side bends. Gaga also does skater lunges (for that booty), overhead dumbbell triceps extensions (for those arms), and lateral dumbbell raises (for her shoulders), according to her trainer Harley Pasternak.

21She loves transcendental meditation.

Gaga opened up about her love of transcendental meditation with Oprah at Oprahs 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour. I do that, and when I slip up on it its not the best, because its better when I do. Sometimes I can be in a ton of pain, and meditate, and it goes away. Its amazing, she said.

22She does DBT, or dialectical behavioral therapy.

"I actually have a teacher; I take dialectical behavioral therapy. I think that DBT is a wonderful, wonderful way to deal with mental health issues," she told Elle.

23She indulges in her fave foods.

Gaga is a fan of fried chicken, especially from her dad's restaurant. "Had to stop at my dads new restaurant with @thechefartsmith. Its called @artbirdnyc if you want killer fried chicken n more at Grand Central Station food concourse in NYC," she captioned an Insta post of her taking a bite.

24She takes exercise breaks.

If her body is telling her no, she listens and takes a break from the tough workouts. "If Im in a lot of pain and deep stress, I might not do as hard of a workout, or I might not work out at all, she told Oprah during her Oprahs 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour.

25She does facial massage.

Another technique Gaga's facialist Song relied on during filming was kaika, a form of facial massage from Japan that promotes circulation, releases tension and reduces puffiness. Everything looks tighter and brighter, Song explained to Refinery29. What sets this treatment apart from others is that it is a combination of finger pressure and a Japanese microcurrent machine thats specifically designed to release tensionfast.

26She works hard to manage her chronic pain.

Gaga doesn't let her physical well-being take a backseat. Instead, she makes sure to keep up with interventions that alleviate her pain, like infrared sauna (pictured below).

Its getting better every day, she told Vogue, because now I have fantastic doctors who take care of me and are getting me show-ready.

27She satisfies her sweet tooth with fruit.

When we were in Tokyo, the fruit and produce was insaneits to die forso she definitely has a sweet tooth sometimes and likes chocolate and such, but in Japan the fruit is so amazing that you eat that and thats your indulgence, O'Connor told People.

28She loves to cook to unwind and bolster relationships.

Cooking is part of Gaga's world, and a way for her to relax and show love to friends and family. "We had dinner as a family every night," writes Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelica Germanotta, in the forward for her dad's cookbook, Joanne Trattoria. "The smell of a pot of fresh 'gravy' is one of the fondest memories I have from my childhood."

29She practices gratitude.

She even practices thankfulness when it comes to pain. I will be lying on my porch crying. And I will say, Thank you, God, for this pain. This pain is meant for me and my body right now. I'm here in this moment. And I'm learning. Thank you for teaching me, she told Oprah during Oprahs 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour.

30She applies sunscreen.

Gaga is serious about protecting her skin from the sun. She told Allure that her favorite sunscreen is Supergoop.

31She follows fitness trends, and loves The Mirror workout.

According to The Atlantic, Gaga loves the Mirror, which looks like a normal mirror, but it streams live and on-demand fitness classes in a broad range of workout genres. She reportedly bought it for her parents for Christmas, according to The New York Times.

32She loves getting outdoors.

"She loves being outside, at the beach or on a bike ride. When shes getting fresh air and connecting, shes always happiest, according to a source who spoke too Us Weekly.

33She follows the 5-Factor Diet.

The diet, created by Pasternak, consists of eating five meals a day made up of just five ingredients from five food groups. Plus, you do five five-minute exercises every day.

"Right away, she cooked a pizza from my 5-factor diet cookbook better than I couldve. I thought it was interesting she took a Polaroid because she liked the aesthetic of Polaroid better, then with her Blackberry took a photo of the Polaroid," he told Elite Daily.

34She tries to be emotionally vulnerable with others.

Gaga told Oprah at Oprahs 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour: I think the most shocking thing that I could possibly do is be completely vulnerable and honest with you about my life, what I've been through, the struggles that I've seen [and] been a part of, and share that with the world so that I can help other people who are suffering.

35She's serious about strengthening her hips.

Gaga broke her hip back in 2013, which required hip surgery, as reported by PopSugar.

She also told Women's Wear Daily: "When we got all the MRIs finished before I went to surgery there were giant craters, a hole in my hip the size of a quarter, and the cartilage was just hanging out the other side of my hip. I had a tear on the inside of my joint and a huge breakage. The surgeon told me that if I had done another show I might have needed a full hip replacement."

Ever since then, she's focused on keeping her kips healthy and strong with exercises like bridges.

36She's all about meal planning.

"Its really about planning. Thats why Lady Gaga has personal chefs. She has a million things on her plate. To have someone who plans her meals, and sets things aside for her, then she knows that theres no cheating," O'Connor told SELF.

37She loves to read to refresh.

Gaga loves to read in her downtime. She's posted some of the things she's reading on her Instagram, including poetry.

"I love this poet. Rainer Maria Rilke. At the heart of me I am one. Thats all that I am. A poet looking for a page.Am I a falcon , a storm , or a great song?" she captioned one post.

38She often sits quietly and prays.

Gaga also finds time to connect spiritually with herself. "Thank you for meditating/sitting quietly/praying w me. If we can make ourselves calm we can calm the whole world more and more all the time," she captioned a post.

39She makes healthy swaps for junk food.

If she's got a fast food craving? Her personal chef might whip her up a more nutritious version. "Id make her a turkey burger, gluten-free, lots of spices, and baked sweet potato fries. At least shes feeling that she can indulge a little bit and have something similar to a real burger but is still good for you," O'Connor told SELF.

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Lady Gaga's Top Health, Diet, Fitness, And Mental Health Habits - Women's Health



How to workout in a small apartment without annoying your neighbors – Insider – INSIDER

Mar 30th, 2020
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Dear Rachel,

I want to work out at home but the trouble is I live in a tiny apartment not only do I not have much room at all to move, but I don't want to annoy my neighbors by jumping around and making lots of noise. How can I get a good workout in so I maintain my fitness and strength, and don't gain weight?

Squished and self-isolating

Dear Squished,

As someone who lives in a city center apartment that can only be described as a shoebox, in a block with unfathomably thin walls and ceilings, I feel your pain.

Also, I'm glad to hear you're actually being considerate of your neighbors that's more than can be said for some people.

The good news is that you can totally get an efficient, full-body workout in without lots of jumping around, and when you're stuck at home, prioritizing doing so is an excellent decision.

You might need to move some of your furniture around I have to shift my coffee table to the side and roll up my rug to create enough room to put down a yoga mat but space can be made in even the coziest of apartments.

And it'll be worth the trouble.

"It's very easy to be sedentary right now and fall into the trap of bingeing on Netflix," Ashley Verma, founder of London barre fitness studio Define, told Insider.

A barre workout can be recreated at home using a sturdy chair. Ashley Verma

"Creating a daily at-home fitness routine can be very therapeutic mentally and physically during these uncertain times.

"If you can switch on the motivational mindset, you can do a fab workout in the comfort of your home. Simply clear a little space and you can tackle some of the most basic fitness moves that honestly lift the heart rate, lift your spirits, and build up your all-around fitness."

Cardio and high-intensity interval training is likely going to result in your downstairs neighbors angrily knocking on your door, but bodyweight resistance exercises should leave them in peace.

What's more, strength workouts are the most efficient way to train because the more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate. You can definitely still get a sweat on too.

"Your standard lunges, press-ups, and squats are basic moves that give fab results," advised Verma.

"If you are new to these moves, start small. Do 10 of each in three rounds. You will build from there.

"Need more? Clear some space at a wall and slide on down until your hips, knees, and ankles make a 90-degree angle, now hold. Yes, it's going to burn the lower body! Aim for a 10-20 second hold to start. Build to longer and aim for three rounds."

As well as push-ups, squats, and lunges in various forms, personal trainer and fat-loss coach Jordan Syatt shared the following list of quiet but effective exercises with Insider:

And if you don't have any of your own weights to perform the last three, don't fret: Syatt recommends using soup cans or bottles of laundry detergent (personally, I tend to go for cans of beans myself).

If fat loss is one of your goals, the way to make that happen is by creating a calorie deficit through your diet.

"In terms of losing fat, it comes down to keeping your nutrition in check and staying in a calorie deficit," Syatt said.

However, he doesn't recommend making that a priority at the moment, while self-isolating or social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A post shared by Jordan Syatt - SyattFitness (@syattfitness)Mar 18, 2020 at 3:01pm PDT

"Right now when you're quarantined, stuck at home, and around food all the time, I probably wouldn't worry as much about trying to lose fat," Syatt said.

Instead, he recommends giving yourself an activity-based challenge to work towards.

"Set a goal to try to achieve over the course of the day a certain number of repetitions of a certain exercise or several exercises," he said, suggesting push-ups, squats, or lunges, for example, or a couple of them.

"Try and achieve maybe 100 reps by the end of every single day," said Syatt. "Focus on achieving a goal with movement and exercise rather than trying to lose weight right now."

If you want to push yourself a little harder in your workouts without making noise, consider buying a set of medium dumbbells.

"Adding weight to your exercises puts increased demand on the body and raises the heart rate more without jumping around, which is especially great for anyone who lives in an apartment, not to mention the endless benefits of weight training, being able to build muscular strength as well as cardiovascular benefits," Gede Foster, Head of Fitness at home workout app Fiit, told Insider.

"When performing bodyweight workouts we lack a fundamental movement pattern of 'pull' exercises, for example, rows and deadlifts, etc," she explained.

"Adding in weights allows for a complete, balanced workout together with an even amount of push and pull. This is super important for the posterior chain especially in these 'work from home' times."

A post shared by Gede Foster (@gedefoster)Feb 29, 2020 at 5:29am PST

And if you want more guidance when it comes to structuring your workouts, you need only look online.

Between apps like Fiit (which has a "quiet" category of workouts), online coaches with huge social media followings like Syatt, and fitness studios offering online classes like Define, there's plenty out there to ensure you never get bored of exercising from your living room.

"Getting and staying fit is a process," said Verma. "Perhaps once you get the basics going at home and you find you want more of a push, start looking at online workout platforms that speak to you.

"Ultimately you have to find what motivates and inspires you to stay on your fitness journey."

Don't let a small space hold you back though, you can still get an awesome workout in take it from someone whose body is currently screaming after all the push-ups.

Wishing you well,


As Insider's senior lifestyle reporter and a self-described fitness fanatic, Rachel Hosie is fully immersed in the wellness scene and is here to answer all your burning questions. Whether you're struggling to find the motivation to go for a run, confused about light versus heavy weights, or unsure whether you should be worried about how much sugar is in a mango, Rachel is here to give you the no-nonsense answers and advice you need, with strictly no fad diets in sight.

Rachel has a wealth of experience covering fitness, nutrition, and wellness, and she has the hottest experts at her fingertips she regularly speaks to some of the world's most knowledgeable and renowned personal trainers, dietitians, and coaches, ensuring she's always up to date with the latest science-backed facts you need to know to live your happiest and healthiest life.

Have a question? Ask Rachel atworkingitout@insider.comorfill out this anonymous form. All questions will be published anonymously.

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The Incredible Body Transformation of Jorge Masvidal Over The Years – Essentially Sports

Mar 30th, 2020
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Jorge Masvidal is a journeyman. He started off as a lightweight in the now defunct BodogFIGHT promotion, following which he tried his hand at Kickboxing. Gamebred secured a win at his only boxing bout. Masvidal became a lightweight fighter in his early 20s, switching between the Light and Welterweight divisions.

His journeyman tag dissipated last year after he recorded the fastest knockout in UFC history at UFC 239. The fight, which lasted just 5 seconds, saw Ben Askren taken out by a high knee. To Masvidals credit, he looked much better than he did at the start of his career. Masvidaltime is a fan page dedicated to the fighter. Its post showcases the incredible body transformation he has undergone.

Today, Masvidal is a beast, with a 3 fight win streak in the Welterweight division. The last of the fights was against Nate Diaz, which saw him win the BMF Championship. He has everything going for him in the Welterweight division with a 7-4 record, three of which were via split decision. The American top team fighteris set to be the next challenger to Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal is all muscle. He stands at 172-173 pounds and has a 5-6% body fat range. Gamebred has 5-2 record in the UFC Lightweight division. He last fought as a Lightweight in April 2015 in a losing effort against Al Iaquinta. He moved to Welterweight in 2015 and remained there ever since. Can the fighter return to his former division?

He will look a lot less muscular, as he does not have a lot of fat to work with. He looks healthy and fine-tuned as a Welterweight. Many would not want to see him drop weight once again and fluctuate between divisions.

But that is one of the challenges of mixed martial arts. Masvidal might become a leaner and meaner version of himself, opening up to fights with the bigger names of the Lightweight division. The fighter has termed weight goals as the hardest part of a fight, saying that once he signs the name he has to make weight, no matter what. His struggle was well documented as part of his efforts to lose weight for the Michael Chiesa fight in 2013. He has been vocal about not getting the big fights as a lightweight.

Is this incredible body weight transformation something the BMF should undertake?

Continue the conversation on Telegram, join other MMA fans on MMA Fans Group

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The Incredible Body Transformation of Jorge Masvidal Over The Years - Essentially Sports



30 Years of Notre Dame on NBC: Blowing out USC completes Irish return –

Mar 30th, 2020
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It wasnt just the 45-27 loss at USC or the 24-7 halftime deficit. When Notre Dame ended its 2016 debacle with a disappointment in Los Angeles, it was out-gained by only four yards, but giving up three return touchdowns and sitting a promising defensive lineman due to repeated malicious on-field acts appropriately summed up a sloppy and undisciplined 4-8 season. The Irish were lost in just about every way.

Fast-forward 11 months. The score flipped to 49-14, then No.-13 Notre Dame notching a rout against the No. 11 Trojans. The Irish out-gained USC 497 yards to 336 and never looked back from a 28-0 first-half lead.

Notre Dame was back, even if that adjective is used far too often in this sport. And Irish head coach Brian Kelly knew it, particularly given the comparison point of the two games against the traditional rival.

I just said the rebuild starts here right now. Everything that we need to do is a commitment that youll have to make, Kelly said thinking back to the adrift locker room in the Coliseum in 2016. So youve got a couple weeks, whether you want to be back here because its going to be very difficult. Youre going to have to make a 100 percent commitment to bringing this program back.

And they did.

Beginning the season with a close loss to Georgia was respectable, but it took the trouncing of the Trojans for Notre Dame to truly reassert itself on the national stage, not to mention remain in the Playoff conversation. While USC has struggled the last two years, that 2017 team would eventually win the Pac-12 title. Delivering the intersectional rival its biggest loss of the season could not be diminished in any regard, particularly when it was followed a week later with another top-15 blowout that would propel the Irish all the way up to No. 3.

That statement began quickly thanks to spot-starting linebacker Tevon Coney. Senior Greer Martini had torn his meniscus, thrusting Coney from timeshare duties into a leading role, and thus began his 20-game stretch of 197 tackles, beginning with that nights 11. More precisely, beginning on the Trojans very first play, when Coney forced and recovered a Sam Darnold fumble to give Notre Dame excellent field position. To pull from that weeks wrap

When Coney got to him, he quite literally grabbed the ball out of Darnolds hands. Calling it a fumble would be disingenuous. The ball was never uncontrolled. Coney simply took possession of it. This was part of the Irish plan.

We know that [Darnold is] really loose with the ball, so just attack was the plan, said sophomore defensive end Khalid Kareem, who finished with two sacks and received the game ball. Be physical with him.

Three plays later, quarterback Brandon Wimbush connected with Equanimeous St. Brown for a 26-yard touchdown and a lead Notre Dame never came close to relinquishing.

A Kevin Stepherson 23-yard touchdown catch, an 84-yard Josh Adams touchdown run a week before the Irish launched his short-lived 33 Trucking Heisman campaign, a thought spurred by his 19 carries for 191 yards and three scores against USC and two Wimbush rushing scores made the two third-quarter Trojan touchdowns utterly meaningless and all fit the tone of the season, the next three seasons, really.

To some degree, even though USC won the Pac-12 that year and reached a New Years Six bowl game, that October evening marked a diverging point for both sides of the rivalry. Notre Dame has gone 28-5 since that opening kickoff, while the Trojans have stumbled through an 18-14 stretch.

Lean into that and some postgame quotes carry more weight to this day.

Credit their football team and their coaching staff for the job they did, USC head coach Clay Helton said. They came out and executed I thought a flawless game plan. Started with their run game. They were extremely physical tonight.

In 2016, it was the Irish struggling to figure out the programs direction. Since that 2017 revenge victory, those perspectives have flipped.

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How Coronavirus and Social Distancing Will Affect Teams During the NFL Draft – Sports Illustrated

Mar 30th, 2020
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Heres a story from three years ago, about a normal scene in the draft room. A quarterback was up on the screen, and the debate was healthy, robust and all over the place.

One scout in the room had him graded as worthy of the first overall pick, while others had first-round grades on him but werent quite that strong. Others still marked him as a second- or third-round pick. And no one was really pounding the table, until a coach, whod seen limited tape on the kid, declared, I f---ing love this guy.

He then launched into an explanation of what was so good about the player on the screen, bringing up many of the things that have manifested themselves the last couple years.

And as hes describing whats so good about the guy, said one person who was in the room that day, Im thinking to myself, I just learned something.

The team didnt draft the player, but it was prepared to, because in those few minutes a consensus had started to build. Detractors were moved off their spots a little. Those who liked him started to like him more. The process was working.

The player? Patrick Mahomes.

This week, in a memo to every team, the NFL declared that the draft will go forward as scheduled, April 2325. The event wont be held in Las Vegas, and whether or not teams will be able to use their facilities is up in the air. And there are valid arguments on both sides of whether the NFL should be going forward with it at all.

But this much we pretty much knowscenes like the one described above, which are common across the NFL every April, wont be happening this year. What you see on your television may not look much different from what you see every year, sans the massive street party. The experience for all these teams over the next month, though, will be.

And that means, as the NFL steamrolls forward, the results might be too.

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports (Goodell); Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports (Bowden); Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports (Delpit)


Were now entering the third full week of our strange new reality, and the NFL offseason is moving ahead. So the MMQB is going to with it. In this weeks column, weve got

A list of highly-regarded draft prospects who will be negatively affected by the crisis.

Details on how veteran players are handling this new reality.

More on a real-life heroic move from the NFL player ranks.

Nuggets on the continuing carousel of free agency.

But were starting with the leagues decision to move forward with the NFL draft.


On Tuesday, the owners will hold a conference call to replace parts of their annual meeting, which was supposed to kick off yesterday but was canceled a couple weeks ago. And itll start with an update from the leagues chief medical officer, Dr. Allan Sills, and Dr. Dev Anderson, a professor at Duke whos been the NFLs point of contact at DICON (the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network).

Those are definitely different kinds of keynote speakers than the owners are used to hearing from this time of year, as these are definitely different times.

But those on Park Ave. have been leaning on them. Sills has been regularly leading calls among league officials the last few weeks and has been discussing criteria for re-opening team facilities and welcoming players back to work, since one of the first questions from, well, everyone has been what would prompt a return to business as usual. That wont, however, be part of Tuesdays discussion with the owners, for a pretty obvious reason.

The NFL, like the rest of us, has no idea when itll be time to put such a plan into motion.

That leaves the draft as the only thing on the 2020 ledger that the 32 teams can approach with any certainty. And while coaches, execs and scouts did not like how commissioner Roger Goodell threatened them with discipline for criticizing the NFLs decision to go forward with the draftridiculous and embarrassing is what one AFC exec called the warning in last weeks memoopinions are split on the actual call to keep the event where it is on the calendar, and everyone is moving forward as best they can.

Much will be different. Here are a few examples:

Draft meetings. Scenes like the one I described above are the one thing that came up consistently with the teams I spoke to. The ability for a general manager to advance a debate in the room by saying, Lets put on the tape and see, is severely hindered, at best. And a lot of teams have these meetings with coaches and scouts all the same together, which allows for robust conversation and workshopping of disagreements like the Mahomes debate.

Now, everyone will be there on video conference, said one AFC GM. We cant sit in my draft room, me and my scouts, and watch Joe Burrow together. We may have some debate, and someone might say, Hey, go watch this kid against Clemson and tell me he cant do X or Y or Z. Or debate a guy, find a common opponent and settle it. Or with Senior Bowl guys, say, Well, lets watch them against same opponents and watch that right tackle against these two D-ends.

Its all going to have be independent film work, then discussing it.

That, of course, is less efficient (though some believe itll make the opinions of scouts less biased), and may make it harder to get through as many guys as a team normally would with this sort of discussion. And thats why teams are working through solutions, like projecting game tape into video conference, or having smaller breakout video conferences incorporating tape with individual area scouts and position coaches.

We probably wont do meetings as a, Lets watch these guys thing anymore, said an AFC exec. Itll probably be more going to coaches and scouts and saying, Watch these five guys, and come back and lets talk about it.

The value of time on the road will rise. This is another thing that was unanimous: Teams that pound the pavement with good people in the fall will be rewarded. That means having high-level people (GMs, directors) out there in-season, and it also means having road scouts that have done the work and are reliable.

More than any time since Ive been a scout, were really going to be relying on our scouts, said one NFC executive. I mean, were really gonna be relying on them. Theyve had the interaction on the ground, they should know the kids.

Another value in all that time on the road? The value of connections. When theres a question on a prospect, now more than ever, having relationships with coaches and staff at different schools will be vital, so questions on character, injuries or overall ability can be answered honestly without someone needing to even start the car and go anywhere.

Thats the other thing: Ive spent more time on the phone than ever before in my career these last two weeks, continued the exec. Youre leaning on connections, your sources. Youd generally like to be in their office, maybe come up for 10 minutes after the workout. But if youve known a guy for 20 years, you may not need that face-to-face. And thats what youll want, because normally 80% of it is face-to-face, 20% is over the phone. Now, itll be reversed, even more than that, where its 90% phone calls or FaceTime.

Replacing the 30 visits. One team I talked to has had about 100 of the allowable draft callsteams are permitted three per week with each prospect, with each call limited to an hourvia Zoom already. Anothers getting started tomorrow, but did dry runs last week. Soon, all will be conducting them because of the loss of what are commonly referred to as 30 visits, the de facto job interviews that teams are allowed to fly up to 30 players in for.

The early returns? Well, a team can get a pretty good idea of a players mental aptitude and ability to learn over the technology. Whats harder is reading body language and presence. As one veteran scout said, Theres an instinct you have ... youre gonna miss that now.

But the biggest thing lost is that teams, during those visits, are allowed to have kids meet with their doctors and trainers, and to put them through a physical to close their medical files. Not having the ability to do thatand well get back to thisis an awfully big deal.

Building the board. This will affect some teams more than othersand its all based on the involvement of the staff. For a team like New England, where less than a handful of people actually see the board, the effect will be negligible. But other teams work in larger groups to get through close calls on players at certain positions.

Thats best done in draft meetings with everyone in one room, since you probably arent going to be sending your board around via email.

When were building the board, were building it together, said another NFC exec. And a lot of thought goes into it. Hey, what about this guy over this guy? Well, lets see those two players covered by these players. And guys are looking at the board the whole time. Its good to have fresh opinions, people challenging you on your opinion, because ultimately scouts are paid for opinions. Its a huge part of the feedback for us. We want them to challenge us.

Coaches' involvement. The Patriots, again, are a team that involves their coaches heavily in the draft, as are New Englandconnected teams like the Lions and Dolphins. The Bengals and Steelers are like that too, as are the Cardinals. Some teams that are aggressive in getting coaches involved earlier, at the Senior Bowl and the combine, will likely have more informed coaches now (the Rams and Broncos didnt send theirs to Indy).

Heres whatll be common among all teams: Coaches work on prospects will be more affected than scouts, mostly because coaches are at a much earlier stage of their process (having just jumped in, at the earliest, in January) than their personnel-side counterparts. That saidas is the case with all of these elementsteams are looking for, and some are finding, benefit in the change.

Coaches might actually get to know players better because, honestly, they dont have a ton to do, said a third NFC exec, also referencing the likely cancellation of offseason programs. Theres a whole lot more film coaches can through now since theyre not on the road or starting their offseason programs.

One of the hardest parts of business, this time of year, your coaches talk to buddies on other staffs on players that they havent watched, and theyre biased before they turn the film on, said the AFC GM. And most teams send their coaches to pro days. With less of thatbecause its easy to talk there, youre around your friends in personI do think we are going to get a truer feel for what coaches think.

Medicals, medicals, medicals. This appears to be the biggest issue looming over everyoneand its especially big on players who either werent invited to the combine or are coming back from an injury. The annual combine recheck is usually a way to get updates. Without that, or 30 visits to tie up loose ends, teams are going to have to rely on information coming from the players, agents and others with a vested interest.

Youve probably seen agent-generated videos on social media of prospects doing splits or box jumps or running 38-yard dashes (wink, wink) over the years. (Our Kalyn Kahler wrote about these Stupid Human Tricks last year.) Teams have always ignored those, and likely wont put much more stock into them this yeareven with agents already getting hyper-aggressive in sending them to GMs and coaches after their players had pro days canceled.

Medical information might be a little different, so long as its from a trusted place, like a doctor whom teams know, or the school itself. If the relationships are strong enough for a team to have its doctors and trainers call the doctors or school officials, even better.

If you want to know how an ACL repair is going, you want your own doctors to put hands on him, said the second NFC exec. And were still working through that, to be honest, how to truly approach that. Maybe theres enough information where your doctor can make his best estimate. And maybe if its a guy that has had multiple surgeries, you might shy away.

That said, the idea of NFL teams having blind spots on players medically isnt completely foreign either.

We got the medical on all the combine players, which is good, and the select few rechecks wed like to get, and medicals on the guys that didnt go (to combine), those will be risks, said a second AFC GM. But Ive talked to people in baseball, and they get no medical on guys coming in. Zero. Well have to rely on scouts and doctors. But there are a lot of guys you bring into your building you havent gotten hands on, especially undrafted guys.

IT, IT, IT. So this part is weird, but relatableteam folks, through trial and error, are recognizing that home Wi-Fi and plugged-in, business-grade internet are two very, very different things. And the files that are being moved are massive. Streaming video, as one exec put it, worked like a charm at the office, and then you get to your house, and it doesnt work worth a damn.

So team IT people are working to try to recreate whats available in a football facility thats had tens of millions of dollars of technology poured into in someones home office. Which doesnt happen with someone snapping their fingers and making it so, no matter how much your high-speed connection at home may have you believing otherwise.


Then, theres the draft itself. For now, teams are adjusting. One team I spoke with will have three guys running meetings from someones house starting this week, with others video-conferenced in as needed; others will be doing meetings completely remotely. Continuing like this when draft weekend gets here will be more difficult.

During the draft, teams may assign a handful of people to work the phones, with each responsible for trade calls with, say, 510 teams. The GM and the head coach will be there, of course, as well as a director of player personnel type, the college scouting director and the cap guy. The pro scouting director is needed too, to track other teams needs, which are usually on a separate board that helps to project picks and set up trades.

Thats six people without even getting past the first person on the coaching staff or the first person on the scouting staff, and all of these people, in theory, would have to be working the phones in this skeleton scenario. The teams I talked to, for the most part, said theyd need 10-15 people on hand to do the draft efficiently and as normal.

If thats not possible? It could have a tangible effect on how the draft goes. Teams will probably be more risk-averse to begin with, because of the holes (medical and otherwise) in scouting reports, and because therell almost certainly be less time to get players ready to contribute, with the probable loss of offseason programs. If you have a patchwork draft-day setup affecting communication, you could see the same sort of caution on the trade market.

Thats the hardest part, said the second NFC exec. Having the draft the same weekends OK, everyone will adjust. We have all the same information, and teams that did their homework will get through it. But the hardest part is, that weekend, theres so much communication with other teams, with your pro scouting staff, your college staff. What does this team need? Wholl come up and get this guard or receiver?

Theres constant communication, guys on the phone. If youre not in the same room, thats going to be really difficult. The GM can only do so much.

Or instead of seeing a lot of teams moving around the board on draft weekend, you may just see them, as one executive predicted, try and trade for vets to plug holes before the draft, knowing its less likely this year that a rookie will be able to fill an immediate need, and knowing that the draft is going to be hard enough as is.

So yes, the draft will go on.

But the idea that itll be the same? The people who really know what its like arent pushing that one.


Of course, there are specific players who now find themselves swimming upstream against the issues created by the cancellation of pro days, private workouts and 30 visits. One such group would be the draftable players who werent invited to the combine. Not having a neutral physical that every team can access will be a problem for some of them, not having testing numbers will create issues for others. For some, it might mean going undrafted.

Some of the bigger names will feel the pinch too. Here are a few.

Kentucky WR/Everything Lynn Bowden: A do-it-all player who filled in at quarterback last year at Kentucky, Bowden projects as a receiver in the NFL. But since he was used mostly in a gadget role in college, private workouts and a pro day wouldve been important to show how he fits in specific places as a pro. And he also didnt run the 40 in Indy, which makes drafting him as an athlete a little more problematic.


Chaisson (18) led LSU with 6.5 sacks as a junior.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

LSU DE KLavon Chaisson: Chaisson, known as a raw player with a ton of potential to grow, chose not to work out in Indy. So he wont get a chance to put numbers to the athleticism thats his calling card.

Mississippi State CB Cameron Dantzler: A lanky and long corner, Dantzlers big 2019 season intrigued NFL folks. Then he ran a 4.64 in the 40 at the combine. And he wont have a pro day to make up for it.

LSU S Grant Delpit: Considered a sure-fire top 10 pick coming into 2020, a season marked with inconsistent play and shaky tackling has Delpit fighting to get anywhere close to that now. So hell have less of a chance to answer for that. Plus, he didnt run in Indy.

Virginia CB Bryce Hall: There were questions about Halls speed to begin with. He was injured and couldnt run at the combine. So now hes left with no real avenue to answer those questions at a position where athleticism comes at a premium.

Penn State WR K.J. Hamler: Hamlers game is speed. And in a deep receiver class, running like Alabamas Henry Ruggs did in Indy couldve separated him from the pack. He chose not to, opting to wait and run on PSUs notoriously fast track instead. Which, now, he wont get the chance to do.

Texas WR Collin Johnson: Once seen as a possible first rounder, the supersized Johnson got hurt and had disappointing 2019, then didnt run at the combine because of a hip flexor injury suffered during training. Now, he wont be able to full allay concerns about his health or his speed.

LSU TE Thaddeus Moss: The son of Randy had a Jones fracture in his right foot revealed at the combine, and underwent surgery as a result of that. Without medical rechecks, teams wont have a chance to get a great look at his progress, which compounds the fact that he doesnt have a workout on the books.

Fresno State G Netane Muti: Hes been pretty beat up injury-wise, and couldve used the chance to show what he can do in position drills. Hed planned to go through those at his pro day.

Vanderbilt TE Jared Pinkney: Hes well-regarded as a player, but ran a 4.96 in Indy, and really could have used the do-over his pro day would have given him.

Tennessee DE Darrell Taylor: Similar to Chaisson, hes a pass-rusher with big-time traits who didnt work out at the combinehe missed drills due to a foot injuryand now wont get the chance to quantify his athletic potential for teams.

And then, you have the obvious one:Tua Tagovailoa, wholl have limited shots to show teams how hes progressing in his rehab from hip surgery (hed planned to have a pro day workout on April 9). But hes not the only quarterback thatll be hurt by all of this.

That position is different to begin with, because teams looking at taking a QB in the first round usually pull out every stop to get to know all the prospectsfrom in-season scouting to the Senior Bowl and combine, to 30 visits and private workouts, and the unearthing of every little piece of information they can dig up. One GM told me this week that the order he had the quarterbacks in the year he took one changed between the combine and the draft. And Id bet thats not unusual, considering how deep quarterback scouting goes.

Under these circumstances? A lot of those opportunities are just gone. Which makes it harder to figure out if Tagovailoa can stay healthy, or Justin Herbert can be an alpha. Or why Jordan Love went so off the rails as a redshirt junior at Utah State. And thats hard when youre making a decision that your continued employment may ride on.

I remember meeting all these kids, seeing them at a restaurant, on campus, getting all these different exposures to them, you see how they match up with each other, said the GM. With a pick that big, intangibles matter so much. Weve all seen the quarterback who has all the physical tools, but you worried about intangibles, and it didnt work out. Thats the part you have to sign off on. And you have to meet him, you have to have been around him to really know.

Thatll make the next month tough on teams like the Dolphins and Chargers. And might make the idea of waiting until 2021for a draft thatll likely include Clemsons Trevor Lawrence and Ohio States Justin Fieldslook a little more attractive to those two teams, and a lot of others.


Last week, I reached out to a handful of players for my GamePlan column. And the stories that Kyle Allen, Richard Sherman and Mitch Schwartz brought to the table on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives were interesting, enough so that one of our editors, Mitch Goldich, suggested doing more of it.

I agreed and figured it was a good idea to hit up a few more guys. Mitch (Goldich, not Schwartz) was rightlots of players have interesting stories to tell. Here are three more of those

Hooper, who made his second straight Pro Bowl last season, is now working out near his parents place in the Bay Area.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Browns TE Austin Hooper, five-year NFL veteran

Hooper spent the end of February and beginning of March in Budapest, as part of ex-NFL tight end Gary Barnidges American Football Without Borders programa trip during which a group of about 15 players traveled to spread the gospel of the sport, providing a free camp and coaching clinic, while working with disabled kids and doing some charity work. The free-agent-to-be spent nine days in Hungary.

On the way back he got the message about the seriousness of the coronavirus before most of us. On his layover in Amsterdam before returning to JFK, Hooper noticed the Dutch airport was filled with people in masks, and everyone keeping their distance. He and the guys he traveled with were dealt a sobering reality: If they didnt make their flight, there was a chance they wouldnt be getting back at all.

When we got back, a lot of people were like, Yeah, this is just the flu, Hooper said. Id say to them, Yeah, no, thats not it. This isnt something to be played with, guys. Lets take this seriously. Everyone was nervous there, kept their faces covered, washed their hands, did everything they could to stay safe.

That was right around when Northern Italy was being locked down, and getting to see the European reaction drove home what couldand wouldbe coming to the States soon. And with that in the back of his mind, Hoopers own situation remained unresolved. After four years in Atlanta, he was set to hit the free agent market.

That part actually went fairly smoothly, since most of free agency happens over the phone anyway, and an agreement on a four-year, $42 million deal with Cleveland came shortly after the March 16 opening of the legal tampering period. But once that was done, things got back to being weird.

Hooper hasnt made a decision yet on whether or not hell sell his place in Atlanta, and he's living, for now, with his parents in San Ramon, Calif. There, hes part of a workout group that includes his college teammates Kyle Murphy (a Texans tackle) and Josh Garnett (a Lions guard), as well as free-agent TE Eric Swope.

Hooper has a strength coach who is local, so he has been able to get access to some weight equipment, but most of his work has come via bike rides and body-weight workouts. Hes using a nearby high school field to do agility drills and run routes.

Its definitely harder, he said. Its less regimented, and its a lot different. Its such a unique situation, weve all never had to deal with something like this, so were figuring it out as we go. I signed in Cleveland without stepping foot in that state, and I dont even know when Ill be able to.

As for that part of it, Hoopers been texting with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and has talked with Odell Beckham. Already, Hoopers thinking about getting together with Mayfield and the rest of the Cleveland skill guys somewhere once its safe, to try to make up for what theyre likely losing in spring workouts.

For now, like everyone else, hes doing what he can.

Patriots S Devin McCourty, 11-year NFL veteran

The rest is here:
How Coronavirus and Social Distancing Will Affect Teams During the NFL Draft - Sports Illustrated



The story of how Javon Hargrave became the Gravedigger – NBC Sports Philadelphia

Mar 30th, 2020
Comments Off on The story of how Javon Hargrave became the Gravedigger – NBC Sports Philadelphia

Javon Hargraves college defensive coordinator admits he doesnt really remember when exactly he first coined the nickname Gravedigger for the future NFL pro.

But he has a good idea why.

Id imagine he probably put his hands on somebody pretty violently and it gave me that image of domination, Mike Adams said to NBC Sports Philadelphia last week.

Hargrave, the 27-year-old defensive tackle who just signed a three-year, $39 million contract to join the Eagles, credits Adams for coming up with his nickname during Hargraves first spring at South Carolina State University in 2012.

Back then, Hargrave was an undersized prospect from a small town at an FCS school, but the Bulldogs coaching staff saw something special in him. You didnt get a nickname until you earned it and Hargrave earned his quickly.

In the spring, that was his thing, Hargrave said on a conference call with Philly reporters, calling me the Gravedigger because Im always jumping on quarterbacks.

Adams, now the defensive coordinator at Mercer University in Georgia, said there was just something explosive and powerful about Hargrave even back then. He watched Hargrave win all his battles inside with a dominance that reminded him of former NFL nose tackle Gilbert Brown, who previously had the nickname Gravedigger because of his celebratory dance. And Hargraves surname made it easy.

Thus, a nickname was born.

He was early on the Gravedigger, Adams said.

But Hargrave didnt arrive at South Carolina State that way.

Hargrave grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina and went to North Rowan High, a regional school in Spencer (pop. 3,308). He was a smart kid but academic issues forced him to miss what would have been his freshman season in college in 2011.

Because of all that, Hargrave ended up at South Carolina State, a Historically Black College and University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but didnt arrive on campus until January of 2012. He got there just in time for exhausting winter workouts as the coaching staff prepared its team for a brutally hot spring.

Hargrave was 265 pounds and out of shape.

While at home, Hargrave did his best to stay active but it wasnt enough. And running five 300-yard shuttles wasnt easy.

He ended up just about passing out on the last one, Hargraves former DL teammate and longtime friend James Settles said with a chuckle, remembering how they met. I had to go run across the field and help him to the finish line.

Despite that, there were still signs of greatness to come.

A lot of people couldnt see it because, like I said, he wasnt in shape, Bulldogs longtime defensive line coach David Blanchard said. But his first step was amazing, just getting off the ball. I know I couldnt believe it. I told the guys, I said, man this guy is special. And he was actually laying on the ground getting water. I was like, no, this guy is good.

Adams, the defensive coordinator, saw the explosion and the athleticism too. But he was more struck by the perseverance.

Hargrave was a young, out-of-shape kid and those workouts were a tremendous shock for him, but he powered through. He forced himself to finish all of them. That was when the quiet kid with the ever-present smile began to earn the coaching staffs respect.

Hargrave was good as a freshman and great as a sophomore but he still wasnt getting much national attention early in his junior season.

That changed on Oct. 25, 2014.

In a 20-14 win over Bethune-Cookman, Hargrave was a complete menace and tied an FCS record with six sacks in the game.

I aint never seen a D-lineman take over a game like that with my own two eyes, said former Bulldogs running back and Hargraves close friend Jalen Scoot Simmons. To be there as it happened was just eye-opening. Thats crazy.

Simmons remembers how their offense struggled that day and how Hargrave lifted the team. Hargrave remembers it as the game that really put me on the map.

But most of the people we spoke to said that game was great but it was just one great game of many. They were used to seeing that kind of domination from Hargrave.

That six-sack game, it was just a day he was hot, Settles said. To me, it wasnt nothing out of the ordinary. I was used to seeing him do that all the time. That was the norm to me, really.

Blanchard remembers a game in Atlanta during Hargraves sophomore season when he chased down a running back from behind all the way down the field after he broke loose. Adams remembers a game against North Carolina Central in 2013, when Hargrave dominated in a win a season after they were blown out by the same team.

And then there were the literal feats of strength. Both Settles and Simmons claim Hargrave would squat 700 pounds and could have done more if the strength staff would have let him.

Hes one of the strongest people Ive ever seen in the weight room, said Simmons, who spent time with four different NFL teams after his college career ended.

Hargrave became an Eagle this offseason but he was pretty close to becoming an Eagle in 2016. During that pre-draft process, the Birds were very interested in him.

In fact, the Eagles were one of a handful of teams to send their defensive line coach to the South Carolina State pro day on March 30, 2016.

I remember working out for the Eagles at my pro day, Hargrave said. That was one of the teams that I thought was going to draft me.

Before the pro day, Hargrave had put together quite an impressive performance at the East-West Shrine Bowl, the Senior Bowl and then at the combine.

The Eagles were very interested, so they sent then-defensive line coach Chris Wilson to Orangeburg to get a closer look. Wilson, now the defensive line coach at the University of Colorado, spoke to NBC Sports Philadelphia last week.

We went down and watched him for his pro day and to do an evaluation and the kids as good as advertised, Wilson said. We had a chance to put our hands on him, put our eyes on him, watch him and then go back and look at his college career. You just knew this kid had a chance to be a special player.

Wilson said he happily reported back to the Eagles front office that he thought Hargrave was a great player who would fit perfectly into Jim Schwartzs 4-3 scheme. And he loved Hargraves demeanor, saying the prospect had great self-awareness. The only question Wilson and others had, despite South Carolina States storied program, was about the level of competition Hargrave faced in college. But it didnt matter too much; the Eagles put Hargrave high on their board.

On draft day, the Eagles were on the clock at pick No. 79 in the third round and Hargrave was available. It came down to two options, but they took offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo from Oregon State.

I think overall our personnel department felt like [Seumalo] was the best player on our board and thats the direction we went, Wilson said.

Hargrave went 10 picks later to the Steelers.

After four years of two-gapping in Pittsburghs 3-4 defense he handled it quite well Hargrave is excited to be back in a 4-3 defense that will allow him to get up the field and after quarterbacks.

Its every D-linemans dream to play in a system like this, Hargrave said.

While the Eagles are now on their third defensive line coach in five years under Pederson, the basics of the defense are still the same and the responsibilities of defensive linemen havent changed much either.

I think its always about scheme and fit, Wilson said. It think coming to a more attack style in Philly more than what they were doing in Pittsburgh, I think that will bode well for him.

Thats exactly what Hargraves former teammates and coaches had been telling him too. Simmons said he told his buddy he needed to get back to an attacking defense and get away from those double-teams. Mission accomplished.

Those who were close to Hargrave during his college years cant wait to see what hes able to do with the Eagles.

Hargrave left South Carolina State for the NFL back in 2016 but has stayed tight with several of his former teammates and coaches. They all say hes still the same guy. On the football field, hes as hungry as ever. Off the field, hes the same quiet kid with the big smile and easy-going attitude.

To his old teammates, hes just their buddy. They still call him Hargrave, just like they always have.

But you can call him Gravedigger. After all, hes earned it.

Photos courtesy of South Carolina State University.

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