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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Review And The Best 4 Alternatives For Weight Loss In 2023 Benefits, Advantages, Reviews And Before & After Pictures -…

Oct 16th, 2023
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Pain-Free Celebrations: Dr Page’s Guide to Enjoying Navratri with … – Punekar News

Oct 16th, 2023
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Dr. Nivedita Page

Pune, 16th October 2023: Navratri is a vibrant and significant Hindu festival celebrated over nine nights and ten days, dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It typically occurs in the autumn, both in the months of March-April (Chaitra Navratri) and September-October (Sharad Navratri). The festival holds immense cultural and religious significance in various parts of India and among Hindu communities worldwide.

Navratri is a time of joy and togetherness, marked by lively celebrations and communal gatherings. However, those who experience chronic pain confront particular difficulties that may make it difficult to make the most of any part of the festivities.

Chronic pain is chronic and lasts for months or even years at a time. It may result from several illnesses, including neuropathy, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. The pain may be somewhat uncomfortable or severe and incapacitating, affecting a persons physical, emotional, and mental health.

Here are some expert tips on how to manage chronic pain during Navratri:

Preparing Physically and Mentally

It is essential to get assistance from healthcare professionals like doctors, physiotherapists, or pain specialists. They can offer individualized advice based on a persons unique chronic pain situation, propose appropriate workouts, and prescribe pain management techniques according to their health status.

Setting realistic goals for Navratri and being aware of ones limitations is crucial. This could entail setting goals for how many activities youll attend, scheduling downtime, and knowing when to gracefully step down to prevent pain from getting worse.

Its crucial to work together with medical professionals to develop an all-encompassing pain management strategy. This strategy may include dosage regimens, complementary treatments (such as physical therapy and acupuncture), and methods for controlling pain while enjoying the festivities.

Deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation are among the relaxation methods that can be used to reduce stress. Lower levels of stress frequently result in decreased feelings of pain, making Navratri more pleasant.

Navigating Navratri Celebrations

It can be advantageous to choose less strenuous activities, including cultural concerts or social gatherings with sitting. Selecting activities that are compatible with ones level of pain tolerance allows active engagement without taxing the body.

Pacing oneself and not overexerting is critical. Taking breaks and conserving energy throughout the festivities can help in managing pain and preventing a flare-up of symptoms.

Using assistive devices like canes, braces, or ergonomic seating can provide additional support and ease of mobility, enabling individuals with chronic pain to participate in various activities comfortably.

Selecting loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that does not exacerbate pain or discomfort is key. Prioritizing comfort while maintaining a festive look will contribute to an enjoyable celebration.

Nutritional Aspects of Pain Management

Including meals with anti-inflammatory characteristics, such as vegetables, and fruits, will help you manage pain during Navratri.

For people with particular chronic pain problems, knowing and avoiding foods that could cause pain or inflammation is essential to a pain-free experience.

An anti-inflammatory diet and maintaining appropriate hydration can help manage discomfort and reduce inflammation, making Navratri celebrations more bearable in general.

Here are 5 short tips for healthy fasting while you are enjoying delicious meals this Navratri.

1. To keep your body hydrated and energized throughout your fast, drink plenty of water. Have water with your pre- and post-fast meals if the fast requires complete abstinence from all foods and beverages. Dehydration can occur if you go for hours without drinking any water.

2. Consistently try to eat before your fast. The body can better support itself throughout the day without food with its help. It aids in giving the body strength and vigor. This does not imply that before the fast, one should load their faces with fatty foods. Pick light, healthful foods like fruits, milk, almonds, and so forth.

3. Steer clear of challenging workouts when fasting. A quick stroll can be incorporated, but strenuous exercises like long runs or sessions in the pool should be avoided.

4. Optimize your nutrition when fasting. Therefore, if youre eating less, the body will place an even greater emphasis on the foods nutritious value.

5. When breaking the fast, eat healthfully. Always begin with some fruit and a glass of water. This will have a revitalizing impact and prevent an abrupt rise in blood sugar after a lengthy fast. The main course should be a healthy, light dinner.

Incorporating Gentle Exercise and Movement

Engaging in low-impact exercises like swimming, gentle yoga, or stationary cycling can improve mobility, flexibility, and overall well-being without causing excessive strain on the body.

Incorporating gentle stretching and relaxation exercises can help alleviate muscle tension and reduce discomfort, promoting a more pain-free celebration.

Practicing mindful movement, focusing on breathing and body awareness, can assist in managing chronic pain by fostering a deeper connection with the body and promoting relaxation.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Rest

Striking a balance between participating in festivities and prioritizing rest is essential. Listening to ones body and acknowledging when rest is needed is crucial for managing chronic pain effectively.

Establishing a self-care routine that includes adequate rest, relaxation, and self-soothing activities can significantly contribute to managing pain and enhancing the overall Navratri experience.

Incorporating mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques into daily routines can aid in reducing both physical and emotional pain, leading to a more enjoyable Navratri celebration.

Engaging with a Supportive Community and Resources

Connecting with support groups and communities of individuals facing similar challenges provides a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and finding emotional support.

Engaging with pain management professionals, attending workshops, or seeking individual counselling can offer valuable insights and guidance on effectively managing chronic pain during Navratri.

Sharing personal experiences and tips with others dealing with chronic pain fosters a sense of community and mutual understanding, offering a platform for learning and growth.

There are several options for chronic pain management- without painkillers and without surgery. Knee replacement surgeries, spine surgeries, and many more can be avoided if specialist advice is taken in time! Reach out to pain management specialists so that you can live your life to the fullest.

(Dr. Nivedita Page is a pain management specialist at Painex Clinic.)

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Pain-Free Celebrations: Dr Page's Guide to Enjoying Navratri with ... - Punekar News



Long-Dormant Viruses Are Now Waking Up After 50,000 Years as … – Slashdot

Oct 16th, 2023
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This week Bloomberg explored so-called "zombie viruses" that is, long-dormant microbes which they call "yet another risk that climate change poses to public health" as ground that's been frozen for "milleniums" suddenly starts thawing for example, in the Arctic, which they write is warming "faster than any other area on earth." With the planet already 1.2C warmer than pre-industrial times, scientists are predicting the Arctic could be ice-free in summers by 2030s. Concerns that the hotter climate will release trapped greenhouse gases like methane into the atmosphere as the region's permafrost melts have been well-documented, but dormant pathogens are a lesser explored danger. Last year, virologist Jean-Michel Claverie's team published research showing they'd extracted multiple ancient viruses from the Siberian permafrost, all of which remained infectious...

Ways in which this could present a threat are still emerging. A heat wave in Siberia in the summer of 2016 activated anthrax spores, leading to dozens of infections, killing a child and thousands of reindeer. In July this year, a separate team of scientists published findings showing that even multicellular organisms could survive permafrost conditions in an inactive metabolic state, called cryptobiosis. They successfully reanimated a 46,000-year-old roundworm from the Siberian permafrost, just by re-hydrating it...

Claverie first showed "live" viruses could be extracted from the Siberian permafrost and successfully revived in 2014. For safety reasons his research focused only on viruses capable of infecting amoebas, which are far enough removed from the human species to avoid any risk of inadvertent contamination. But he felt the scale of the public health threat the findings indicated had been under-appreciated or mistakenly considered a rarity. So, in 2019, his team proceeded to isolate 13 new viruses, including one frozen under a lake more than 48,500 years ago, from seven different ancient Siberian permafrost samples evidence to their ubiquity. Publishing the findings in a 2022 study, he emphasized that a viral infection from an unknown, ancient pathogen in humans, animals or plants could have potentially "disastrous" effects.

"50,000 years back in time takes us to when Neanderthal disappeared from the region," he says. "If Neanderthals died of an unknown viral disease and this virus resurfaces, it could be a danger to us."

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Long-Dormant Viruses Are Now Waking Up After 50,000 Years as ... - Slashdot



Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss in New Photos – Life&Style Weekly

Oct 16th, 2023
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Kelly Clarkson made fans everywhere drop their jaws in awe and beg for her slimdown secrets as she showed off her incredible weight loss in a recent post on Instagram.

On Sunday, October 15, Kelly, 41, shared a photo of the look she wore to perform at Audacys 10th Annual We Can Survive concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the day before. The Since U Been Gone singer sported a black wrap dress with a blue and pink abstract pattern that accentuated her tiny waist, as well as black tights and matching boots. Fans rushed to the comments of the post to compliment Kelly.

Please share your secrets!! What are you doing to look so amazing!! one fan wrote.

Can you share your weight loss journey? You look great, another user asked.

Kelly, you have been SERVING and SLAYING, a third fan commented.

Kellys stunning figure was a hot topic earlier in the weekend, as well. She posted several updates to her page as she joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on October 13, wearing a black lace top and black high-waisted pants that made her slimdown all the more noticeable. Again, her comments were flooded with fans complimenting how she looked and asking for her weight loss secrets.

While Kelly has not spoken recently about her weight loss, she has opened up in the past about her journey to losing 40 pounds and then some. The American Idol alum revealed in 2015 that she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem in 2006 and began taking medication, although she eventually stopped taking the undisclosed drug and made lifestyle changes instead.

Kellys weight has fluctuated through the years as she welcomed two kids, River Rose, 9, and Remington Alexander, 7, with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. However, in 2018, she revealed that she had lost nearly 37 pounds with the help of Dr. Steven Gundrys book, The Plant Paradox, which discusses a lectin-free diet.

Its basically about how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic, she told Extra at the time. I did it for this autoimmune disease that I had and I had a thyroid issue, and now all my levels are back up. Im not on medicine anymore because of this book.

Like many celebrities who have lost weight, Kelly has recently been accused of using Ozempic, the type 2 diabetes drug that has often been used as a weight loss aid. The pop star has not addressed the Ozempic accusations, but she did shut down rumors that she used diet pills in May 2019.

Other fake news thats going around about me is that Ive been taking weird pills 4 weight loss or doing weird fad diets, she wrote in a tweet. All of this is not true. I aint got time 4 all that. I eat the same stuff I always have. Its all just made w/different flours/sugars/ingredients.

Kelly and Brandon, 46, finalized their divorce in March 2022 after a two-year legal battle. Many fans have wondered if Kellys recent weight loss can be attributed to the divorce. While she hasnt made the connection herself, Kelly did recently make another big lifestyle change to improve her mental health post-divorce: a cross-country move from Los Angeles to New York. Her talk show will now be filmed at NBCs 30 Rock studio in the Big Apple, allowing her to be on the same coast as her family, who live in North Carolina.

I knew I needed a fresh start and couldnt be in L.A. I really wanted to be in Montana, but you cant really do a show from there quite yet. So I was like, The only other option would probably be New York, she told USA Today in an interview published on Monday, October 16.

Kelly added, I feel like a weight has lifted. That move was very needed. I think the thing Im most excited about with [The Kelly Clarkson Show] season 5, on a selfish level, is just showing up to work smiling and actually meaning it. Thats a beautiful gift that you dont realize until youre out of it.

Excerpt from:
Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss in New Photos - Life&Style Weekly



New weight loss drugs changing the spectrum of aesthetic procedures – Islander

Oct 16th, 2023
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Dr. Polo, I lost 30 pounds on Ozempic. My double chin is gone, but now my neck skin is loose and sagging. What can you do to help me?

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the use of a new class of weight loss drugs around the globe. Semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) are drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes.

A scale with measuring tape and an apple.

When combined with diet and exercise, they can effectively lower glucose levels, reduce risk of cardiovascular events and result in significant weight loss. Among these, only Wegovy is FDA approved to treat weight loss, although the others are also commonly being prescribed off label for this indication.

Here in the U.S., where more than 70% of adults are overweight or obese, demand for these drugs has been staggering, and has outpaced the ability of the manufacturers to produce them. This demand is only expected to increase as supplies are ramped up and even more effective drugs, with more convenient forms of administration, are scheduled to soon arrive.

In the aesthetic surgery world, we are already seeing the effects of this recent phenomenon. Clinical trials of these drugs have demonstrated loss of more than 20% of body weight in many patients. As with any other means of weight loss on this scale, changes in facial and body aesthetics are inevitable. In recent months, probably every day in my practice I see at least one patient seeking rejuvenation after weight loss facilitated by one of these new drugs.

A person pouring pills into their hand.

Many of my patients are even beginning to use the expression, Ozempic Face to describe changes in their facial appearance that have occurred after substantial and rapid weight loss. Typically, this is characterized by a loss of volume of facial fat, and laxity and redundancy of facial skin, leading to a gaunt and sagging appearance.

For these patients, both minimally invasive and surgical procedures may be considered. For restoration of lost volume, facial injectables or autologous fat grafting would likely be the best options. For tightening of loose, wrinkled or sagging skin, laser or radiofrequency treatments, and thread-lift procedures would be effective non-surgical options.

Others may elect a more complete alternative and undergo a full face and neck lift surgery. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed a 22% increase in non-surgical skin-tightening procedures in 2022, and an 8% increase in facelift surgeries.

Likewise, Ozempic Body is another trending expression. Below the neck, volume loss from weight reduction may also become an aesthetic issue for breasts and buttocks. Again, the solution for this would include either autologous fat grafting, or implants, when inadequate body fat remained for transfer. With most body areas, however, skin excess is more commonly the concern after substantial weight loss.

Measuring tape on the ground with a person weighing themselves in the background.

ASPS statistics from 2022 showed large increases in many body lift procedures: 37% for tummy tucks, 30% for breast lifts, 28% for buttocks/thigh lifts, and 23% for arm lifts. Surely, these changes are being significantly impacted by the prevalence of use of these weight loss drugs.

Anyone using these medications for treatment of type 2 diabetes, and/or for weight loss, should only do so under the direction of a physician. Although they are proving to be safe and effective, like any drug, they do have potentially dangerous side effects.

In order to maintain lasting weight loss and improved health, these medications should also be combined with lifestyle modifications, including proper diet and exercise programs.

When you have succeeded in your weight loss journey and are interested in exploring options to address aesthetic changes in your face and body, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to help you complete your makeover.

Dr. Polo is a graduate of theUniversity of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. He is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and partner atMiami Plastic Surgery. He has been in practice over 20 years during which time he has remained an active member of the medical staffs ofBaptist Hospitaland South Miami Hospital. Dr Polo is dedicated to patient safety and education in Plastic Surgery, and he has been recognized by his peers by election to leadership positions including past-president of The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons and president-elect of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Polo is an expert in Cosmetic Surgery of the face, neck, breasts and body. His greatest expertise is in breast augmentation and mommy makeovers. His practice also encompasses the entire spectrum of non-invasive treatments such as Botox, fillers, CoolSculpting, ultrasound, lasers and radio-frequency.

Dr. Polos favorite spots on the island include the Crandon Park golf course, the beach at Cape Florida Light, and The Spa and Rum Bar at the Ritz Carlton.

You can email him questions

To read Dr. Polo's last column,clickhere.

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New weight loss drugs changing the spectrum of aesthetic procedures - Islander



The Weight Is Over: Shannah ODells Journey From Nurse Director … – Baxter Health

Oct 16th, 2023
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As Director of 3 West Medical/Pediatrics, Shannah O'Dell, MSN, RN, CPN, sees many patients and staff throughout the course of a typical day. But over the past two-plus years, there has been steadily less of ODell for others to see, thanks to her commitment to a weight loss regimen that has gradually but substantially slimmed her profile.

You can officially put in print that I have lost 100 pounds, she said with pride ringing in her voice. I have been asked the question, How did you do it? a lot. I think the biggest lesson that I have learned that I would want people to know is, you cant cheat. Theres no pill thats going to do it for you, no shot, not even surgery. Nothing is going to do the work for you. If you want lasting health and weight loss, you have to put in the work.

ODell, 37, claims she has always struggled with her weight, but rarely was the challenge as difficult as coming out of the pandemic.

In February of 2021, I was coming off a year of living in craziness here at the hospital, being the director of an inpatient unit that was dealing with COVID-19, she said. A lot of stress, working a lot of hours and I put on quite a bit of extra weight. I was in my mid-30s, and I realized that I was not going to get away with being that overweight in my 30s like I did when I was in my 20s.

The other motivation to get healthy was her family. A mother of two, she wanted her children to not only have a healthy mom, but to have their own healthy habits as well.

Ive got these two little kids at home, and I really wanted to be healthy for them, she said. I wanted to be a better example for them because their behavior mimics my behavior. Theyre eating what Im eating. Theyre sitting on the couch when Im sitting on the couch.

ODell admitted to having tried every fad diet in the book leading up to her latest attempt at slimming down, but something about her resolve in early 2021 suggested that this time would be different.

I think the biggest thing in all of this is your weight loss is not in your body, its in your mind, she said. You have to master your mindset. We always think you just have to be motivated. I think your determination has to be bigger than your motivation.

ODell joined a local workout class for women and started the long journey toward her goal of dropping pounds and adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. Predictably, the first few months were taxing, but drawing on her considerable mental strength, she pushed through the aches and pains, determined to succeed.

From the beginning, I really, really, wanted to do this on my own, she said. I wanted to be able to say, I didnt take pills. I didnt take shots. I didnt have surgery. I got my diet right, and I changed my life on my own.

I didnt know if I would always be able to stick to that commitment, but I have so far. And thats been important to me throughout the whole thing.

One important element of sticking with her game plan to lose 100 pounds was to not target the whole thing at once.

I made month-by-month goals, she said. So my goal would be I want to lose 10 pounds this month or I want to try to get 5 pounds off this month. I think on Day One if my goal had been 100 pounds, it would have overwhelmed me and I would have said, Forget it. Im never going to get there. Setting small goals I felt like I could meet over the course of 2 years kept me feeling like I was continuing to be successful.

Early on, ODell also developed a unique strategy of leveraging what she didnt like about her new regimen as motivation. She didnt love exercising, for instance, and knowing how much more of it shed have to do if she fell off the diet wagon helped her pass up temptation.

I first attacked what was hardest for me, and that was exercise, she said. I weighed a lot, and exercise was very, very difficult for me. I thought if Im going to do this, Im going to attack the thing that I dread and hate the most, and that was exercise.

When you work really, really hard doing a session of cardio, youll think twice about what you eat. I worked my butt off sweating, so Im not going to eat that piece of pizza because its not worth it. You cannot outwork a bad diet.

Like a lot of things in life, success in weight loss often boils down to just showing up. Despite her loathing of working out, ODell continued to report to class, and before she knew it she started to see results. Not only that, she also began to evolve on the subject of exercise, exploring new activities to keep things fresh.

Ive actually had a pretty interesting exercise journey, she said. I started out with these classes that were high-intensity interval training and then I kind of got bored with that, so I switched to powerlifting, of all things. I absolutely fell in love with it, and I did powerlifting for about a year.

Then I kind of again got bored with that, so I did some cardio classes again, and now Im currently in a body-building program. Been doing that for about three months.

Additional motivation came from her clothes getting looser and people commenting on her progress, but the march to 100 pounds lost wasnt without its hiccups. After dropping weight steadily for months, she hit a wall in November 2022.

I had lost 96 pounds and could not get past that point. And I have struggled for months gaining weight back and losing it and gaining and losing, she said, adding that while she finally did push past it to reach the 100-pounds-lost mark, shes well aware theres no such thing as autopilot when it comes to health and fitness.

I have from the very beginning made the decision that my journeys never going to be over, she said. One hundred pounds lost is just where Im at right now. Ill eventually get to a healthy weight and Ill stop losing weight, but I have to continue the grind of exercise and eating right or my obese body is going to come back, and I know that.

A big motivator for me starting a few months ago was my 14-year-old who started working out with me and has lost about 30 pounds. Now that he is into it and very committed, Ive got to stay in it for him too.

ODell said the process continues to teach her things about herself in ways that go far beyond a number on a scale.

A big part of where I feel my success has come from is feeling like I have control of what I do with my body. Im not a victim of what my body does, she said. I definitely see things from a different perspective than when I was a big ol girl who thought I can never do this or that because of what I weighed. I now see things from the lens of whats possible.

There are still days that Im not motivated. There are days I dont want to work out. There are days when I want to eat the pizza and the cake and all the things, but my determination is to win. You have to win the battle in your mind before you can win the battle in your body.

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The Weight Is Over: Shannah ODells Journey From Nurse Director ... - Baxter Health



Drug Used to Treat Rashes Could Cause Weight Loss: Study – The Messenger

Oct 16th, 2023
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A drug for psoriasis may have inadvertently helped obese patients lose weight in clinical trials, researchers report, opening the door for another use for the medication.

The PSORRO study looked at the efficacy of oral Roflumilast, a drug usually used for severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), in reducing symptom severity of psoriasis, a painful condition where skin cells form rashes and become inflamed.

In the relatively small study, including just 46 people, the drug showed effectiveness at relieving the symptoms of people with the condition.

However, what researchers noticed in follow-up data, which they presented last week, at the annual meeting of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, is that one in three of the patients in the drug group had a drop in at least 5% of their baseline body weight. Around 17% of the patients in the drug group lost more than 10% of their baseline body weight. This effect was not recorded in the studys placebo group.

We saw that the higher baseline weight correlated with the proportion of weight loss, so that the more heavy patients at baseline also were the ones who experienced the greatest weight loss," said Alexander Egeberg, MD, PhD, one of the authors of the original study.

According to Dr. Egeberg, weight loss is a problem in patients with COPD, as they tend to be underweight due to the complications from their disease. However, weight loss may be a boon for some patients with psoriasis and an unhealthy body weight.

The findings tell a similar tale as to how Wegovy, one of the worlds most in-demand drugs, came into existence. Semaglutide, the drug behind Wegovy, was initially developed to help people with type 2 diabetes manage their condition. Sold under the name Ozempic, many users reported significant weight loss while using the weekly injection.

Novo Nordisk, the drugs manufacturers, later launched weight loss specific trials for semaglutide and eventually received approval for a rebranded version of the drug known today as Wegovy.

The drug is still in trials to determine its efficacy in treating psoriasis, and it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Drug Used to Treat Rashes Could Cause Weight Loss: Study - The Messenger



Grit and self-control linked to better weight loss outcomes in couples – News-Medical.Net

Oct 16th, 2023
Comments Off on Grit and self-control linked to better weight loss outcomes in couples – News-Medical.Net

New research has underscored how characteristics of "grit" and self-control are associated with better weight loss and weight maintenance outcomes in a study focusing on couples. And that these characteristics can change through behavioral interventions.

This research led by Amy Gorin, professor of psychological sciences and vice provost for health sciences and interdisciplinary initiatives; and Tricia Leahey, professor of allied health sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and director of InCHIP, was published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Previous research has shown that self-control and "grit" (the ability to persevere toward long-term goals) are associated with better weight management outcomes. But no one had ever looked at this phenomenon in couples and whether the phenomenon is associated with weight management habits.

"We wanted to see if there was any sort of effect of couples," says Leahy, who is also director of InCHIP. "That is, do partners have similar levels of self-control? And, does self-control change similarly in couples over time when they're in a weight loss program?"

The 12-month study included a six-month intervention and then a follow-up after another six months with the 64 couples in the study.

The researchers had participants fill out questionnaires to assess their levels of self-control and grit at the start and end of the study. The questionnaire asked participants to indicate to what extent statements like "I am good at resisting temptation" or "setbacks don't discourage me" applied to them.

The researchers also engaged participants in a behavioral weight loss intervention to decrease calorie intake and increase physical activity, teaching them behavior change skills like goal setting and stimulus control.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that, surprisingly, there was no couple effect. Couples did not start out with similar levels of self-control or grit, and, if one member of a couple improved their grit or self-control over the course of the study, their partner did not necessarily experience similar changes.

While couples tend to share weight management behaviors, this study found that there wasn't any social influence between the couples when it comes to self-control or grit. Instead, these are more individual characteristics."

Tricia Leahey, professor of allied health sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and director of InCHIP

However, even without specifically focusing on increasing self-control and grit, participants did generally see improvements in these characteristics during initial treatment.

"That suggests that both constructs are malleable," Leahey says. "Sometimes people think of self-control as something that doesn't change. But this study goes to show that, with a behavioral weight loss program that teaches behavior change strategies, we can improve people's self-control or goal pursuit."

The study confirmed previous findings that self-control and grit are associated with better weight management outcomes. These traits were also associated with important behaviors like having a habit of exercise and self-weighing. Grit was particularly important for weight loss maintenance, according to the researchers.

"Weight loss maintenance is a major challenge in obesity treatment," Leahey says. "The fact that we saw that grit was associated with weight loss maintenance, suggests that targeting grit may improve long-term maintenance outcomes."

Given these findings, future studies may consider improving people's grit, or goal persistence, to improve weight management habits, perhaps by focusing on long-term goals for which weight management and/or physical fitness is important such as finishing a road race or coaching a child's soccer team.

Future studies may also consider reducing reliance on self-control and grit via environmental modification. "Our environments tend to be obesogenic in that there are a lot of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and significant opportunity for sedentary behavior," Leahey says. "Because of this, it's not surprising that we have high rates of overweight and obesity. By modifying our environments, we can make it easier for people to lead healthier lives and not have to exercise as much self-control and grit."


Journal reference:

Gorin, A. A., et al. (2023) Self-control and grit: associations with weight management and healthy habits. Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Excerpt from:
Grit and self-control linked to better weight loss outcomes in couples - News-Medical.Net



Novo Nordisk Boosts Its Guidance on Demand for Its Weight-Loss … – Investopedia

Oct 16th, 2023
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Key Takeaways

Novo Nordisk (NVO) boosted its guidance for the second time in two months as demand soars for its diabetes treatments, Ozempic and Wegovy. American depositary receipts (ADRs) of Novo Nordisk rose close to 2% to an all-time high on Friday following the news.

The Danish drugmaker now predicts full-year sales will increase 32% to 38%, up from its previous forecast of a gain of 27% to 33%. It anticipates operating profit growth of 40% to 46% versus its earlier estimate of 31% to 37%.

Novo Nordisk noted that the change was primarily reflected in higher expectations for Ozempic volumes in the U.S., and gross-to-net sales adjustments for Ozemic and Wegovy in the U.S.

For the third quarter and first nine months of the year, Novo Nordisk expects revenue growth of 38% and 33%, respectively. Operating profit expansion over the same periods are projected at 47% and 37%, respectively. Those results are scheduled to be released Nov. 2.

The success of Ozempic and Wegovy in helping patients lose weight has led to a boom in demand. In August, the company reported sales of its treatments skyrocketed 158% in the first six months of the year.

Ozempic and Wegovy are being tested for other uses as well. Earlier this week, Novo Nordisk reported it had halted a trial of Ozempic to treat chronic kidney disease early because preliminary results showed signs of success. Two months ago, it released results of a study that indicated Wegovy was successful in reducing major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with cardiovascular disease.


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Novo Nordisk Boosts Its Guidance on Demand for Its Weight-Loss ... - Investopedia



1 Big Risk Facing Ozempic, Wegovy, and Other GLP-1 Weight-Loss … – The Motley Fool

Oct 16th, 2023
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Weight Loss Solutions