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How the U.S. Military Could Dominate: New Ammo? – The National Interest Online

Oct 18th, 2019
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Key point: It could reduce the weight a soldier carries into battle, but is that enough?

Recently, much attention has been focused on the state of the U.S. militarys arsenal of small arms. After the announcement and subsequent cancellation of the U.S. Armys 7.62 Interim Combat Service Rifle project, many were left wondering what the U.S. Armys actual plan was for a future service rifle. One possible answer was demonstrated at the AUSA 2017 by Textron: the use of Cased Telescoped Ammunition (CTA) technology in small arms.

Unlike the use of CTA in vehicular autocannons, CTA in small arms is a rather recent development. While some early cartridge designs could technically be considered CTA (one example is the 7.6238mmR ammunition used in the Russian M1895 revolver), these early designs did not have many benefits that modern CTA technology provides. During the Cold War, small-arms development mostly focused on caseless ammunition. This lead eventually to the H&K G11, a rifle that used caseless telescoped ammunition. The G11 participated in the U.S. Armys Advanced Combat Rifle program and was accepted into service in the Bundeswehr. However, the G11 fell victim to budget cuts following the reunification of Germany, and not many military attempts to pursue caseless ammunition have happened since.

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Enter the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) program. At first, LSAT was simply an attempt to design lighter-weight small arms. Eventually, due to conflicts with the XM8 program, the LSAT programs scope was limited to light machine guns. While LSAT briefly attempted to use caseless technology to achieve this goal, they eventually settled on the use of CTA. The LSAT program (which focused on 5.56) then became the Cased Telescoped Small Arms Systems (CTSAS) program in 2016. This also expanded the scope of the project to include other calibers. Currently, the CTSAS program, run by Textron, has successfully produced a line of polymer-cased and linked CTA, along with a series of belt-fed machine guns and magazine-fed carbines that fire this ammunition. The ammunition is at technology-readiness level 7, which means it has undergone various environmental durability and endurance tests.

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So what benefits does CTA have in small arms? The primary selling point for CTSAS CTA is, true to its name, a 41 percent weight reduction and 12 percent volume reduction compared to conventional ammunition. The CTSAS machine gun design itself also weighs less, with the 7.62mm variant weighing in at 14.5 pounds, compared to 21.8 pounds for the M240L, the Armys current lightweight 7.62 machine gun, and 18.1 pounds for the PKP Pecheneg, the Russian militarys current 7.62 machine gun. The LMG also has reduced risk of cookoff, due to the chamber being separated from the barrel. In addition, the CTSAS CTA rounds use compacted propellant, which has better burn characteristics and takes up less case volume compared to traditional loose propellant. (Other CTA rounds, including those used in the CT40, are known to use loose propellant.) The round design also incorporates an end cap that forces the round into alignment with the barrel. This mitigates the possible problem of the round anviling into the barrel and rifling, and causing excess barrel wear. Another theoretical advantage for polymer CTA ammunition is reduced round cost, due to the smaller amounts of material and energy required to create each round; however, this has yet to be seen, due to economies of scale. The CTA round and LMG design have proven versatile, with 5.56-millimeter and 7.62-millimeter versions of the CTSAS machine guns and CTA being produced and tested. CTA has also been produced in a new 6.5 caliber, which is purported to have superior ballistics to current calibers.

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The primary problem that is preventing widespread adoption of CTSAS small-arms technology is one of systemic inertia. Given how hard it is for the U.S. military to standardize on a single rifle magazine, the prospect of switching over to entirely new guns, ammunition links and ammunition is incredibly daunting. This is an up-front cost that the U.S. military is unlikely to be willing to pay at this moment, for the limited gains CTSAS technology provides. CTSAS technology also breaks the rules about how one can traditionally think about small arms. Early versions of the CTSAS carbine that fed from a magazine couldnt be reloaded until the magazine was empty. Indeed, the optimal feeding configuration for any CTSAS weapon is belt feeding. However, the idea of issuing every soldier a belt-fed rifle is a hard pill to swallow for some who assume belt-fed weapons will always take more time to reload than magazine-fed weapons. CTSAS also is not fully mature in its carbine versions, which still weigh more than the current standard-issue M4 Carbine.

Overall, CTA in small arms is a promising technology that could significantly reduce the weight that a soldier carries into battle, while also providing other minor benefits. However, its unclear whether this is enough of an improvement for the U.S. military to adopt it.

The author would like to thank Nathaniel F. at for the informative series of interviews with Kori Phillips.

Charlie Gao studied political and computer science at Grinnell College and is a frequent commentator on defense and national-security issues.

Image: Reuters.

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Hope In The Rubble: Staff Helps Find Wedding Ring Lost In Trash – Southampton, NY Patch

Oct 18th, 2019
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FLANDERS, NY It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. That's what Ron Fisher thought despairingly when he realized he'd accidentally brought a box of valuables, including his wedding ring, to the North Sea transfer station.

Fisher, who lives in Flanders and owns Fisher Signs & Shirts in Southampton and Westhampton, said after moving into a new house last month, there were lots of boxes.

"We more or less finished unpacking and I loaded my car to bring them to the dump for recycling," he wrote on Facebook. "Next to all the flattened boxes in my trunk was a box containing the deed to our house, all of our mortgage closing paperwork, the warranties and receipts for all of our new furniture, and, most importantly, my oversized wedding ring that I've been meaning to resize."

At first, it seemed all hope might be lost.

Then Fisher spoke to the heads of the North Sea Transfer Station, Christine Fetten and Ed Thompson, and they offered to pull the trailer Thursday morning, empty it, and let his employee Sarah Huneault and him dig through it.

"The entire staff was incredibly helpful, and used the machines to break apart the compacted cardboard until we found the rough area where my boxes were," he said. "When I asked Sarah if she was willing to help me scavenge, she didn't blink and said 'yes'. When we showed up to the dump, they said, 'We thought you were bringing manpower.' I told them, 'She's all the manpower I need, and we got to work,'" he said.

Huneault said when Fisher called her and told her he was going to go through the bin, she was more than excited to lend a helping hand. They drove together, unsure of how the next few hours would unfold.

"While waiting for the incredible crew to unload the compactor, Ron and I stood side by side, mentally preparing for 'go time,'" she said. "We stood there looking at the mound of cardboard and reassured each other that anything is possible, and we looked at the situation almost like a game or a puzzle. We were determined to have fun with this devastating situation."

Once they got the go ahead to begin, Huneault said they started making their way through areas that had signs of Fisher's belongings, including business cards, receipts, coupons. "Anything that even resembled his stuff gave us hope," she said. "I knew there were many important things in that box, like the deed to his home and his beautiful wedding ring, so while looking, I happened to glance at a worker that had a manila envelope. I shouted to him not to throw it, and sure enough, it was the deed! I was shocked, but we weren't out of the woods yet."

The pair continued through the mound of trash. "We got fooled a few times by metal shower curtain rings, broken key rings, and many other items," Huneault said. "Shortly after the deed was found, Ron lifted a huge pile of cardboard just to scout the ground and bam! There was his ring, loose but not damaged or scratched one bit. I was standing next to Ron at the time, who was crouched down on one knee. When he said my name with such excitement I felt the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders. As soon as it was in his hand I crouched down with him and we just held hands with the ring in between. We just sat there for a second with our eyes closed, completely surprised and grateful."

Huneault found all of the mortgage paperwork and deed, Fisher said. Then, 20 minutes later, "after going through piece by piece, we found my wedding ring laying on the floor," Fisher said. He was grateful to all who helped him find his precious ring. "The staff was remarkable," he said.

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Hope In The Rubble: Staff Helps Find Wedding Ring Lost In Trash - Southampton, NY Patch



Algorithms Are Designed to Addict Us, and the Consequences Go Beyond Wasted Time – Singularity Hub

Oct 18th, 2019
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Goethes The Sorcerers Apprentice is a classic example of many stories in a similar theme. The young apprentice enchants a broom to mop the floor, avoiding some work in the process. But the enchantment quickly spirals out of control: the broom, mono-maniacally focused on its task but unconscious of the consequences, ends up flooding the room.

The classic fear surrounding hypothetical, superintelligent AI is that we might give it the wrong goal, or insufficient constraints. Even in the well-developed field of narrow AI, we see that machine learning algorithms are very capable of finding unexpected means and unintended ways to achieve their goals. For example, let loose in the structured environment of video games, where a simple functionpoints scoredis to be maximized, they often find new exploits or cheats to win without playing.

In some ways, YouTubes algorithm is an immensely complicated beast: it serves up billions of recommendations a day. But its goals, at least originally, were fairly simple: maximize the likelihood that the user will click on a video, and the length of time they spend on YouTube. It has been stunningly successful: 70 percent of time spent on YouTube is watching recommended videos, amounting to 700 million hours a day. Every day, humanity as a collective spends a thousand lifetimes watching YouTubes recommended videos.

The design of this algorithm, of course, is driven by YouTubes parent company, Alphabet, maximizing its own goal: advertising revenue, and hence the profitability of the company. Practically everything else that happens is a side effect. The neural nets of YouTubes algorithm form connectionsstatistical weightings that favor some pathways over othersbased on the colossal amount of data that we all generate by using the site. It may seem an innocuous or even sensible way to determine what people want to see; but without oversight, the unintended consequences can be nasty.

Guillaume Chaslot, a former engineer at YouTube, has helped to expose some of these. Speaking to TheNextWeb, he pointed out, The problem is that the AI isnt built to help you get what you wantits built to get you addicted to YouTube. Recommendations were designed to waste your time.

More than this: they can waste your time in harmful ways. Inflammatory, conspiratorial content generates clicks and engagement. If a small subset of users watches hours upon hours of political or conspiracy-theory content, the pathways in the neural net that recommend this content are reinforced.

The result is that users can begin with innocuous searches for relatively mild content, and find themselves quickly dragged towards extremist or conspiratorial material. A survey of 30 attendees at a Flat Earth conference showed that all but one originally came upon the Flat Earth conspiracy via YouTube, with the lone dissenter exposed to the ideas from family members who were in turn converted by YouTube.

Many readers (and this writer) know the experience of being sucked into a wormhole of related videos and content when browsing social media. But these wormholes can be extremely dark. Recently, a pedophile wormhole on YouTube was discovered, a recommendation network of videos of children which was frequented by those who wanted to exploit children. In TechCrunchs investigation, it took only a few recommendation clicks from a (somewhat raunchy) search for adults in bikinis to reach this exploitative content.

Its simple, really: as far as the algorithm, with its one objective, is concerned, a user who watches one factual and informative video about astronomy and then goes on with their day is less advantageous than a user who watches fifteen flat-earth conspiracy videos in a row.

In some ways, none of this is particularly new. The algorithm is learning to exploit familiar flaws in the human psyche to achieve its ends, just as other algorithms find flaws in the code of 80s Atari games to score their own points. Conspiratorial tabloid newspaper content is replaced with clickbait videos on similar themes. Our short attention spans are exploited by social media algorithms, rather than TV advertising. Filter bubbles of opinion that once consisted of hanging around with people you agreed with and reading newspapers that reflected your own opinion are now reinforced by algorithms.

Any platform that reaches the size of the social media giants is bound to be exploited by people with exploitative, destructive, or irresponsible aims. It is equally difficult to see how they can operate at this scale without relying heavily on algorithms; even content moderation, which is partially automated, can take a heavy toll on the human moderators, required to filter the worst content imaginable. Yet directing how the human race spends a billion hours a day, often shaping peoples beliefs in unexpected ways, is evidently a source of great power.

The answer given by social media companies tends to be the same: better AI. These algorithms neednt be blunt instruments. Tweaks are possible. For example, an older version of YouTubes algorithm consistently recommended stale content, simply because this had the most viewing history to learn from. The developers fixed this by including the age of the video as a variable.

Similarly, choosing to shift the focus from click likelihood to time spent watching the video was aimed to prevent low-quality videos with clickbait titles from being recommended, leading to user dissatisfaction with the platform. Recent updates aim to prioritize news from reliable and authoritative sources, and make the algorithm more transparent by explaining why recommendations were made. Other potential tweaks could add more emphasis on whether users like videos, as an indication of quality. And YouTube videos about topics prone to conspiracy, such as global warming, now include links to factual sources of information.

The issue, however, is sure to arise if this conflicts with the profitability of the company in a large way. Take a recent tweak to the algorithm, aimed to reduce bias in the recommendations based on the order videos are recommended. Essentially, if you have to scroll down further before clicking on a particular video, YouTube adds more weight to that decision: the user is probably actively seeking out content thats more related to their target. A neat idea, and one that improves user engagement by 0.24 percent, translating to millions of dollars in revenue for YouTube.

If addictive content and engagement wormholes are whats profitable, will the algorithm change the weight of its recommendations accordingly? What weights will be applied to ethics, morality, and unintended consequences when making these decisions?

Here is the fundamental tension involved when trying to deploy these large-scale algorithms responsibly. Tech companies can tweak their algorithms, and journalists can probe their behavior and expose some of these unintended consequences. But just as algorithms need to become more complex and avoid prioritizing a single metric without considering the consequences, companies must do the same.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Minister should not be involved in selection of players: Kiren Rijiju – The Statesman

Oct 18th, 2019
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Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju on Friday responded to boxer Nikhat Zareen who had written to him asking for a fair trial for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. While assuring her, he said that a Minister should not be involved in the selection of players.

Ill surely convey to Boxing Federation to take the best decision keeping in mind the best interest of the nation, sports and athletes, Rijiju tweeted.

Although, Minister should not be involved in the selection of the players by the Sports Federations which are autonomous as per Olympic Charter, he added.

After six-time champion Mary Kom won a bronze medal in the 51-kg weight category at the World Championships, the BFI has decided that all medal-winners from that event will get an automatic spot in the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers slated to be held in Wuhan from February 3 to 14. The decision, effectively, shuts the door on Nikhat, who is in the same weight category as Mary Kom.

Nikhat had told IANS on Wednesday that she would speak to the Sports Minister after trying to contact BFI President Ajay Singh several times. And that is exactly what she did on Thursday as she also took to Twitter to post the letter.

All I want is a fair chance. If Im not given the opportunity to compete what am I training for. Sports is about fair play & I dont want to loose faith in my country. Jai Hind, she wrote.

In the letter, also published with the tweet, she brought the example of how even Michael Phelps had to qualify every time to participate in the Olympics and also spoke about how she has been inspired by six-time champion Mary Kom since she was a teenager.

I have been inspired by Mary Kom since I was a teenager. The best way I can do justice to this inspiration was to strive to be as great a boxer as her. And Mary Kom is too big a legend in sport to need to hide from competition and not actually defend her Olympic qualification.

After all, if 23-time gold-medallist Michael Phelps had to re-qualify every time for the Olympics, the rest of us must do the same, she wrote.

I am writing to you as a sportswoman trying to make her mark in sport and bring India glory on the international stage.

She also found support from Abhinav Bindra, Indias only individual gold medal winner at the Olympics, as he re-tweeted Nikhats tweet with the message: While I have all the respect for Mary Kom, fact is, an athletes life is an offering of proof. Proof that we can be as good as yesterday. Better than yesterday. Better than tomorrows man/woman. In sport, yesterday never counts.

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Minister should not be involved in selection of players: Kiren Rijiju - The Statesman



Brotherly, family bonds shape Jones – Hoosier Sports Report

Oct 18th, 2019
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During a three-hour cruise down the streets of Memphis, LaRon Harris kept his hands on the wheel and his mind on his brothers future.

The journey Cam Jones was about to undertake at Indiana, LaRon had completed a decade earlier at Tennessee. In 2002, he was a highly touted recruit for the Vols, a 6-foot-3, 300-pound lineman with NFL potential. He lasted two seasons in Knoxville, detouring to Northwestern Oklahoma State and eventually the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent.

Every right and wrong turn, LaRon had faced the consequences. His hope was a late summer ride down memory lane, shortly before Cam departed for offseason workouts, would impart some wisdom. LaRon just kept driving and talking, veering from academics and relationships to faith and temptation.

We were just driving, and he told me the mistakes he made and the things he wishes he could have done different, Cam said. He was telling me, if I stay focused, the skys the limit for me.

The promise of Cam Jones has revealed itself in moments when running backs are flattened and quarterbacks run scared. Ranked third on the Hoosiers in tackles, the 6-foot-3, 224-pound sophomore is shaping into an aggressive, determined force for the IU defense.

But its a path Cam has been on for a long time.

There is a picture of LaRon cupping a 2-year-old Cam in his meaty left arm as the right reaches for a Tennessee state player of the year trophy. Cam is captured with his mouth wide open, looking up at his big brother, mid-question.

How do I get one of these?

LaRon pushed him.

When little brother wanted to enter a room, LaRon blocked the doorway with his massive frame. Cam had to claw his way past. When he found Cam and his friends playing football, LaRon asked for the ball. He chucked it down the street as far as he could.

Brotherly torture was fun for a competitive boy who watched football games in an orange Tennessee uniform and plastic white helmet. He ran down the street and brought the football back, every time.

Cam aimed to please. It wasnt until ninth grade he learned the value of hard hits. LaRon, who coached for every one of his brothers teams from fourth to 12th grade, recalls how Cams teammates howled after he laid out a ballcarrier. After that, he was like a missile.

Laser-guided in focus, hes a product of his influences. The rights hes been taught, he embraces and copies. The wrongs, he has tried to avoid.

Sitting in the passengers seat of LaRons car, all Cam had to do was listen.

Hes latched onto every word, LaRon said.


LaRon and Cam talk on a variety of subjects. It could be girls. Sometimes, Cams having trouble studying for a test, and LaRon will tell him to parody his favorite song with the answers.

On Aug. 31, he called with a more urgent concern. Cam had just sprained his ankle in the opener with Ball State. He was looking at as many as six weeks on the sideline.

Man, Im hurt, Cam told LaRon. I think its serious.

The battle of Cam versus the Ankle Injury is the stuff of legend now. He spent eight to 10 hours a day in IUs training room in the days that followed, aiming to reduce the swelling and regain flexibility.

LaRon played a part in that.

First, make sure its not something really, really serious, LaRon told Cam on the phone. If its not, you need to spend the night in the training room. You need to stay there.

LaRon knew he would because Cam has a different level of dedication. And by different, LaRon specifically means different than what he had.

Gifted with enormous size and athleticism he could land a backflip at 345 pounds LaRon didnt have the same passion for the work of football. He only watched film when the entire team was together. In the weight room, if there was a set of 10 reps, he did the 10. That was it.

LaRon planted seeds, hoping the hard parts would be more fun for Cam. When he was watching cartoons, LaRon told him that out there, somewhere, another little boy was working out. Cam would grab LaRon for pushups in front of the TV. In the middle of football games, Cam pulled LaRon outside and made him run whatever play they just watched.

LaRon chucked the ball. He blocked the doorway. And in the weight room, he mentally counted Cams reps. A funny thing would happen when Cam reached Rep 10.

10, 11, 12, 13

A do-everything mentality made Cam a do-it-all player for St. Benedict, leading in tackles, sacks, receptions, rushing yards, and touchdowns as a junior and senior.

Cam loved everything about football. So, naturally, he hated sitting out. When he busted his ankle, he bunkered himself in IUs training room, texting with his mother, Diane, who sent him lists of vegetables and fruit that reduce inflammation.

Mom, youre not a doctor, stop googling, he wrote back.

But just a few hours later, Cam followed up. Whatd you say I need to eat? Pineapples, oranges, carrots, and green beans, specifically.

Cam spent one game on the sideline, miserable, his foot in a boot. But that was it.

He returned for Ohio State on Sept. 14, limited but present. The next week versus UConn, Cam returned an interception for a touchdown. He also blew up a read-option play, blasting a Husky running back in the backfield.

The score: Cam Jones 1, Ankle Injury 0.


When it comes to that one-game absence, Herb Jones can relate to his son. He loved the game too much to sit out, as well.

Back in his day, Herb was a star high school running back in the Memphis area. He had an offer to play for Tennessee but came up one point short on his ACT score. The offer stood, as long as hed be willing to sit out his freshman year and get eligible.

That didnt appeal to Herb. He chose instead to play at a junior college, Northeast Mississippi. If only he knew it would be a path toward losing the game altogether.

In the summer following his freshman season, Herb went riding around a parking lot on his friends motorcycle. Only his friend failed to fully disclose an issue with the motorcycles breaks.

I was downshifting, Herb said. By the time I looked down and looked back up, a guy was backing out of a parking spot. We just met each other.

The crash tore the bumper off the car. It also tore flesh from Herbs leg, requiring 98 stitches to close the wounds. From then on, running hurt.

One season of college football was all Herb got. If LaRons cautionary tale wasnt enough, Cam heard his fathers warnings a few times, as well.

Think before you make your decisions, Herb said. I didnt think I could get hurt on this thing, or it could end my career, or end my life.

There were so many people in Cams life offering guidance. Herb, in particular, was a disciplinarian and critic.

Cam may have scored a touchdown, but Herb asked why he held the ball so loose. Cam obliterated one ballcarrier but Herb talked about the one time he whiffed on a tackle.

It set up a good cop, bad cop routine with mom.

I have a nicer sort of way of getting my point across OK, so what happened with so and so play? His dad, I looked over and you were on your butt. What happened on that play? Diane said.

But theres a logic behind it.

I wish I had someone who told me when I was playing, so I could have corrected my mistakes, Herb said. I never did want him or LaRon to make the mistakes I did.

Cam was steered toward the right things. Herb and Diane moved out of a rougher part of Memphis and into the community of Cordova on the citys eastern edge. They sent their son up the street to St. Benedict, where he focused on academics and community service. A good chunk of Cams 100 hours was spent with LaRon, a life insurance agent, visiting his older clients and helping them around the house.

Cam also had a special relationship with his grandmother, Merry Jean Norman.

Merry was a giver. For LaRon, shed sneakily slip him CDs of his favorite dirty comedians, such as Richard Pryor and Robin Williams, which hed surreptitiously listen to on his Walkman. Cam, the baby boy, spent hours by his grandmothers side, dancing, playing checkers, or painting angel figurines.

He was with her until the day she died in January of Cams sophomore year.

She just made me feel special, Cam said. Every single day, coming home after school, she was the first person I saw, the first person who asked me how my day was. I could do no wrong. Cam could do no wrong.

There is a reason it makes Diane uneasy to hear the word violent associated with Cams play on the field. It was especially hard when Cam knocked out Michigans Berkley Edwards on a kickoff last year, drawing a targeting penalty as well as some online vitriol for an alleged cheap shot.

There is an aggressive side to Cam, harnessed by his father and brother. But hes also quite tender, a people-pleaser and a family man.

At IU, there is a picture of Merry on Cams nightstand, so shes there when he wakes up. Cam has put a drawing of her in his car. He also keeps candles and flowers, items Merry enjoyed.

Before every football game at St. Benedict, LaRon and Cam had a lengthy embrace, invoking Merrys memory.

I love you, Im proud of you, work hard, your family is here for you. Nana is watching, LaRon would say. Go ball out and have fun.

It was a small enough gesture to go unnoticed, but when Cam returned an interception 44 yards for a touchdown versus UConn, he tapped his right hand against his chest and then his facemask before pointing to the sky.

He was sending a kiss to Merry.

I know shes proud of me, she looks down on me, and shes happy for me, Cam said, smiling. I kissed her.


His entire life, Cam has listened to those around him. But there was one day when no one could give him the correct answer.

It was the early morning hours of signing day, Dec. 20, 2017. The plan was to wake up at 5 a.m. and sign his letter of intent. Cam walked into LaRons bedroom at 3:45.

He had no clue, LaRon said.

Up until that point, LaRon had helped Cam in every facet of his recruitment. He handpicked the plays on Cams highlight reel, placing them in a specific order to show off his do-it-all skillset. He accompanied Cam to prospect camps, needling him to walk up to Memphis head coach and knock his socks off with a question about academics.

It had all worked out. Memphis offered. Tennessee offered. IU found itself in a mix with Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Missouri and others.

Cam verbally pledged to the Hoosiers initially but pulled back on his commitment in May. Memphis, his hometown school, was making a hard push. The Tigers team bus stopped at the house. They flew a helicopter into one of his games.

He was basing his decision off the right things, LaRon said. It wasnt about the glamor and the glitz a lot of other schools were selling as their main attraction at Indiana, its Come and be part of a family. Love each other.

Memphis coach Mike Norvell was selling the same thing, just with some flair.

As far as Cams actual family, they already had a preference. Herb and Diane were, silently, rooting for IU; they didnt want him hanging around Memphis. LaRon liked what he saw from coach Tom Allen and the Hoosiers, as well.

But this was Cams decision. No one could tell him what to do.

Cameron, you have to man up and make your own decision, LaRon said. Go in your room, close your door, you pray, and you talk to whoever you need to. Whether its nana or anyone else talk to them and dont come out until you know what you want to do.

When Cam reemerged, he knew.

He signed his letter of intent for IU that morning, as scheduled.

The night before signing day, I really didnt know where I wanted to go, Cam said. I woke LaRon up, we talked about it and he was like Im there. Im there for you no matter what.

Thats one thing I love about him, diehard Tennessee fan, but hes happy Im here. Im happy Im here. My familys happy Im here.

Cams family is now a part of IUs. LaRon texts Coach Allen after games and he replies. Its a level of care he never really felt from his coaches in Knoxville.

The Hoosiers head man was effusive in his praise of Cam when he worked his way back from a six-week ankle injury in less than two, returning that pick-6 versus UConn.

Thats who he is, Allen said. Whatever hes doing, thats how hes going to attack it. Thats how he was raised. Thats the kind of young man we brought here.

And thats the young man LaRon and others sent to IU, priming him with that three-hour car ride down the streets of Memphis. The very same streets where Cam ran back and forth, retrieving the football for his big brother.

As a kid, I always thought it was fun and games, but what it was really teaching me was to keep going, keep trying, Cam said. No matter what, be competitive and do your best.

I kept going back and forth, back and forth and it kept pushing me.

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The top ten exercises to help you lose weight revealed – which burns the most calories? – Express

Oct 18th, 2019
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There are many different routes slimmers can go down when they are trying to shape up. Some may focus on their diet while others will choose to ramp up their exercise regime. If trying to exercise more, not all sports are equal with some activities promising to help you burn nearly 1000 calories in just one hour, according to research by What are the top ten exercises to burn calories?

READ MORE: Shayne Ward used this diet trick to shed an incredible 3st 7lb

With most people willing to dedicate one hour to a gym class, the research looked at over 30 different sports and how many calories they could burn in that time.

1. Squash - 886 calories

2. Running - 738 calories

3. Rugby - 738 calories

4. Martial Arts - 738 calories

5. Skipping - 738 calories

6. Boxing - 664 calories

7. BMX or Mountain Biking - 627 calories

8. Swimming - 591 calories

9. Rock Climbing - 591 calories

10. Football - 591 calories

Comparing the various sports, playing squash came out on top with players burning around 886 calories in just one hour.

Running, martial arts and playing rugby came out as a close second with gym goers able to burn off around 738 calories from the activity.

The research also revealed the sporting activities which are less likely to burn extra calories.

1. Yoga - 185 calories

2. Surfing - 221 calories

3. Pilates - 221 calories

4. Sailing / Windsurfing - 221 calories

5. Weightlifting - 221 calories

6. Walking - 244 calories

7. Table Tennis - 295 calories

8. Gymnastics - 295 calories

9. Horse Riding - 295 calories

10. Golf - 332 calories

Those who prefer a more tame gym session will need to work harder to shift the weight with yoga burning the lowest amount of calories per hour.

Weightlifting, pilates and surfing were also among some of the lowest burners and fitness fanatics would only lose about 221 calories through the activities.

Sports including table tennis, gymnastics and golf will also leave slimmers struggling to feel the burn.

When losing weight, combining an exercise plan with a weight loss diet can give the quickest results.

Surprisingly, adding more high carb foods into the diet could be a good way to get into shape.

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Weight loss: One woman lost a remarkable seven stone with this diet plan – what is it? – Express

Oct 18th, 2019
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When looking for a weight loss diet plan, looking to those who have recently slimmed down can be a good way to get inspired. One woman has used social media to share snaps of her impressive weight loss transformation. As well as sharing pictures of her slim frame, the Reddit user guesstalt posted her diet and fitness tips. She combined intermittent fasting with exercise to make the huge transformation.

In the post, the slimmer revealed she had slimmed down from 19st 4lb to a trim 12st 7lb.

Speaking of her incredible change, guesstalt revealed she followed an intermittent fasting plan.

On this diet, slimmers will restrict when they eat to certain times of the day and fast for the remaining hours.

Some will choose to do this by eating within a four or eight hour window during each day, such as between 12pm and 8pm.

Others will choose to eat all their daily calories in one meal of the day, also referred to as OMAD.

The slimmer said: I started doing 16:8 - six days a week, one free day - about two years ago, and Ive been doing OMAD five days a week with weekends only 16:8 for all of 2019.

gesstal told other Reddit users she would eat one meal a day an give herself a one hour window to do so.

She posted: My meal Mon-Fri is dinner. I usually break my fast around 6pm to 7pm and give myself an hour or so to eat what I need.

I try to eat lots of vegetables and get my protein, but other than that, I eat what I want within my calorie goal. IF has been a game changer for sure.

The dieter explained she continued the diet plan through the entire duration of her weight loss journey.

Whats more, she sped up her results by adding in exercise and has focused on combining weight training with cardio.

I lift or do circuit training five days a week Mon-Fri in the morning and 20 to 30 minutes of cardio several days a week in the afternoon, she added.

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Weight loss: One woman lost a remarkable seven stone with this diet plan - what is it? - Express



Weight loss diet: Having this drink can help you burn fat fast – expert issues warning – Express

Oct 18th, 2019
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Slimmers may want to lose weight for a number of different reasons, whether to lose fat or improve health. When doing this, changing diet habits and exercising more can be the best way to get results. Apple cider vinegar is a drink which is thought to speed up fat loss and help slimmers get into shape. How does it work? An expert issued an important warning.

When adding apple cider vinegar into the diet plan, studies have shown even a small amount can speed up the fat burning process.

One study of 175 obese people showed having the condiment daily lead to reduced belly fat and weight loss.

Those who had just one tablespoon lost an extra 2.6 pounds during the three month test and those who had two tablespoons lost 3.7 pounds.

Research has shown having the drink helped slimmers feel fuller which meant they were less likely to overeat later in the day.

When having the drink, dieters can choose to take the tablespoon neat or soften the taste by mixing it with water and lemon.

Speaking to, personal trainer and nutritionalist, Harry Smith, explained the possible benefits of the drink.

He said: There is a line of thought that apple cider vinegar can improve health by reducing insulin response after meals, reducing body fat and improving blood triglyceride profiles.

However, he issued an important warning to those hoping to have the tipple and explained it may not be all it seems.

None of these claims are backed by any substantial scientific evidence, there is some weak evidence at best, he explained.

It has a largely insignificant effect on health like a single raindrop in the sea. It just isnt noticeable.

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Weight loss diet: Having this drink can help you burn fat fast - expert issues warning - Express



Weight loss story: I followed THIS simple diet to lose 20 kilos in just 2 months! – Times of India

Oct 18th, 2019
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The quest to lose weight is immensely exhausting, to say the least. Something similar happened with 34-year-old Mangesh Singh who tried gymming for 7 years but to no avail. He even tried swimming and several other diets to lose weight, but he did not find anything even remotely sustainable. This is his incredibly motivating journey of losing 20 kilos in just 2 months. Here is how he did this.Name: Mangesh SinghOccupation: IT Head

Age: 34 years

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Highest weight recorded: 103 kgs

Weight lost: 20 kgs

Duration it took me to lose weight: 2 months

The turning point: There wasnt any particular moment that led to the realisation that I needed to lose weight but actually a series of events. For example, I am the youngest in my family but because of all the excess weight, I used to look overweight. I also tried to go for a morning walk daily but I could not continue it.

In addition to several diets, I also tried working out in a gym for seven straight years but to no avail. Those diets were not sustainable and I gained double the weight after stopping them. While looking for a sustainable diet plan, I stumbled upon the intermittent fasting which is the 16/8 plan.

While I was very sceptical about following it initially, I witnessed incredible weight loss after following this diet. The best part? I felt extra energetic throughout the day and my focus also improved.My breakfast: I do not eat anything in the morning.My lunch: 2 boiled eggs with fruits

My dinner: 1 bowl of dal, a portion of brown rice, one chapati and a portion of chicken/fish

Pre-workout meal: I do not eat anything before working outPost-workout meal: I vouch on chana sattu drinkI indulge in: I have an eating window of eight hours, so I dont really avoid eating any specific food during that time.

My workout: I go for a walk in the evening.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: I have realised that contrary to popular notions, it is very crucial to eat on time to lose weight. However, at the same time, it is important to cut down all the junk and processed food items.

How do I stay motivated? Once I began to see the change in my energy levels, it was enough to keep me motivated to continue my journey to lose weight and stay fit.

Weight loss story: I followed THIS simple diet to lose 20 kilos in just 2 months! - Times of India



Is Kudam Puli the next big thing for weight loss? – Times of India

Oct 18th, 2019
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If we ask you, whats that one thing you want to change about yourself without making any efforts, and we are sure that the answer would be -- losing weight and looking beautiful. Well, staying in shape is undeniably a universal desire, and why not as a healthy body and a sane mind is all we need to survive the stressful and fast-paced world. However, the desire to lose weight and work towards it are two different things. Ironically, most people want to lose weight, but the mere thought of all that exertion often leads to procrastinating the idea of working towards losing weight. No wonder as they say- no pain, no gain. Interestingly, theres a plethora of health care and weight loss advice floating all around the internet. Right from quick fad diets to meal replacement solutions to several fat reduction treatments, the internet is flooded with ideas, but the question arises whether these ideas are worth trying and sustainable over a long period of time.

Well, the answer is simple, quick weight loss plans and fad diets can help you lose weight quickly, but arent sustainable over a longer period of time. Hence, going for simple ways can make life far better and help you lose weight gradually in a sustainable way. Losing weight is a struggle, but going for natural ingredients to lose weight along with some exercise is the best way to manage weight.

Off late, a fruit extract from the Southern part of India has gained a lot of popularity among the world of fitness enthusiasts for its amazing weight loss properties-- Malabar Tamarind also known as Kudam Puli. However, it has been used an active ingredient in many health supplements used for reducing fat, across the world this fruit extract is also known as Garcinia Cambogia.

Traditionally, in South India kudampuli was used to add a tangy flavour to the pickles and curries. The extracts of kudampuli have ample amount of phytochemical, which blocks the production of fat in the body. The rind of this fruit was majorly used for making foods and drinks, but with its increasing popularity, it has turned out to be the main ingredient in most weight loss meal solutions.

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Is Kudam Puli the next big thing for weight loss? - Times of India