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Whats The Healthiest Way To Prepare Chicken For Weight Loss? We Asked Experts – Yahoo Life

May 12th, 2023
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Woman preparing chicken for cooking

Whether your want to lose weight or just make healthier meal choices, lean proteins like chicken can help women over 40 reduce fat and build muscle. Experts agree that lean proteins like chicken can also provide your body with protein and energy, and burn more calories than red meat.

To learn more about the healthiest way to prepare chicken for weight loss, we consulted the experts: Lisa Richards, a registered nutritionist, and Jen Welper, the Wellness Executive Chef at the New Mayo Clinic Diet. They said that grillingis the healthiest, weight-loss-friendly way to cook chicken. This is because grilled meats have reduced fat content because fat drips off as the food cooksthat way meals are healthier and it makes it easier to manage a low-fat diet. Plus, reduced fat intake helps lower bad cholesterol levels. Find out more below!

Who doesn't love chicken? This lean protein can be a healthy and affordable meal for anyone looking to lose weight or improve their overall health. Chicken strengthens bones and muscles, helps reduce cholesterol, controls blood pressure, and is rich in vitamins D and B.

While oven-baking chicken can provide a delicious and filling meal, Richards and Welper agree that grilling is often the healthiest way to prepare this lean protein. "Chicken is best cooked without unnecessary added calories from oils and other ingredients," Richards, who founded The Candida Diet, explains. "Grilled chicken is typically the healthiest method of eating chicken, but you must be mindful to avoid adding fats and high-calorie toppings."

Richards continues and says that after eating grilled chicken, "you will be more nourished because you are opting for lean animal protein rather than meat that is high in fat." Eating grilled chicken "on a regular basis can replace meats high in saturated fat that can lead to heart disease and other chronic illnesses," she adds.

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Welper points out that the ingredients you add to your grilled chicken and the "type of cut" you get matter if you want to lose weight. That's why it's important to carefully examine the type of chicken you buy at the store. "With a boneless, skinless, 4-5 ounce chicken breast, grilled would be ideal," she says. "An outdoor grill is not necessary as you can use the cast iron skillets or griddles for this."

"A serving of boneless, skinless chicken breast is under 300 calories, just 6 grams of fat, no carbs, and 53 grams of protein," Richards tells us. "This is an excellent source of lean protein for weight loss. When purchasing chicken breast, always opt for skinless as this is where most of the fat is contained."

Richards concludes that grilled chicken offers you the leanest possible meat with far less fat and calories than any other meat or cooking method. "You may feel more satisfied because of the protein content in grilled chicken," she notes. Protein, she continues, is a "satiating macronutrient that helps the body feel full for longer." Overall, she stresses that regularly eating grilled chicken "can lead to less overeating throughout the day."

So, experts agree that grilling your chicken is the best way to cook them for healthy weight loss. They also suggest cooking with as little oil as possible with unsaturated fats like avocado oil and choosing toppings and herbs that are anti-inflammatory and low-calorie. And, if you're looking for some recommendations, check out these 4 grilled chicken recipes for weight loss!

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Whats The Healthiest Way To Prepare Chicken For Weight Loss? We Asked Experts - Yahoo Life



Having Lost 35lbs In Incredible Weight Loss Journey, Ayesha … – The Sportsrush

May 12th, 2023
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Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are amongst the most popular couples in all of North American Sports. With the former having established himself in the annals of NBA history as an all-time great player, its brought quite a bit of attention to his family. Ayesha is no slouch either as shes a highly motivated entrepreneur and cooking connoisseur by profession. She would recently showcase her successful weight loss journey on social media, leading fans to applaud her for her efforts.

In the midst of her weight loss journey, Steph and the Golden State Warriors are looking to defend their 2022 NBA title in this years Playoffs. After beating Sacramento in 7 games, they find themselves in a 3-1 hole to LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the first time the Warriors have been down 3-1 in a series since their series against the OKC Thunder 7 years ago in 2016.

That series, as everybody knows, ended with Curry and crew coming back from a 3-1 deficit only to blow their own 3-1 lead in those same NBA Finals

With the past two games (Game 3 and Game 4) having been played in Los Angeles at the Crypto Arena, the Warriors werent able to bring their family along for support. They would lose both games.

Now that the series has shifted back to Chase Center for Game 5, fans were quick to notice that Ayesha Curry is courtside cheering her husband on as the Dubs look to win a game at home to hopefully push the series forward.

What many fans have noticed, however, is the positive change that Ayesha put herself through with tons of hard work and dedication. Her weight loss journey led her down the path of losing between 30 to 35 pounds, and she even took to Instagram to show off the journey she had been on.

Ive been kind of through a health journey over the past 3 years now. Ive lost 35lbs over the past year, said Ayesha. Im really excited about it but now I want that definition and I want to feel strong in my skin.

Stephen Curry fans even took to Twitter to give a Jordan Poole-esque reaction to it all, saying Curry started Game 5 on fire because he saw his wife courtside.

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The others couldnt help but compliment how good the celebrity chef looked.

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Some fans noticed how she was rocking the 2010 Warriors logo.

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Having Lost 35lbs In Incredible Weight Loss Journey, Ayesha ... - The Sportsrush



Juicing for weight loss: Results, recipes, and risks – Medical News Today

May 12th, 2023
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In moderation, juice can be part of a balanced diet that leads to weight loss. However, all-juice diets or fasts are not a sustainable way to reach a moderate weight and may also have health risks.

Juice fasts are a type of crash diet. These diets involve making extreme dietary changes for rapid weight loss, which may lead to side effects, such as fatigue or nutritional deficiencies.

Often, people who try juice fasts for weight loss regain weight when the diet ends. This may lead to further body dissatisfaction, which can play a role in eating disorders.

This article explores the potential benefits and disadvantages of juicing for weight loss, the risks of juice fasts, and some juice recipes to try at home as part of a balanced diet.

There is no scientific evidence that specifically consuming juice helps with weight loss.

Juicing can be part of a balanced diet that does help with reaching a moderate weight, but the juice itself has no special ability to burn fat or remove toxins, as some people may claim.

However, some juices can be lower in calories than other drinks, such as soda or energy drinks. Switching to juice may help a person reduce their intake of these foods, which may contribute to weight loss.

Juice can also help people who dislike whole fruits and vegetables to get more of them into their diet, and can be a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

However, the overall benefits of drinking juice are similar to that of eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Learn about some successful ways to lose weight.

In comparison to eating whole fruits and vegetables, juicing may have some disadvantages, such as:

There is some concern from health organizations that juicing or blending fruits may increase the amount of free sugars they contain. The body digests free sugars more quickly, which may lead to spikes in blood sugar and insulin.

However, a 2021 review notes that no studies have confirmed how much sugar becomes free sugar when turning fruits into juice. The review also found no evidence that 100% fruit juice contributes to obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

Juice fasting is when a person consumes only juice for a set period. It is a form of crash diet, or fad diet, that promises dramatic weight loss in a short space of time.

Similarly to other fad diets, juice cleanses work by severely limiting a persons calorie intake. This will result in weight loss.

However, as this level of restriction is not sustainable, people often regain weight when they resume a typical diet. Significant or rapid weight loss can both slow down a persons metabolism and increase their hunger. These two factors make the weight loss difficult to maintain.

There is no evidence that any fad diet is a safe or effective way to reach a moderate weight. In addition to a lack of evidence that they work, juice fasts and cleanses may also pose risks. These include:

Fruits and vegetables do not provide all the nutrients people need for health. They are low in protein, healthy fats, and certain vitamins, such as B12. This may lead to fatigue, weakness, dizziness, or other symptoms.

Some raw fruits and vegetables, such as raw spinach and kale, contain high amounts of oxalates, which are compounds that can damage the kidneys. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) warns that drinking large amounts of oxalates in juices may increase the risk of kidney problems.

A 2018 pilot study of two juice cleanse camps observed a connection between juice cleanses and behaviors consistent with eating disorders, such as anorexia or orthorexia. These included extreme calorie restriction, intense physical exercise, laxative use, and a desire only to eat clean food.

Juice fasting for extended periods may result in malnutrition. Refeeding is when a person with malnutrition begins receiving the nourishment they need. When refeeding happens too quickly, it can cause sudden changes in the body, known as refeeding syndrome. The symptoms can include fatigue, weakness, confusion, delirium, or high blood pressure. In severe cases, refeeding syndrome can be life threatening.

If a person wishes to try juicing as part of a balanced diet, here are some recipes they can try. If using a blender, add some liquid to the ingredients, and strain with a mesh sieve afterward.

Before making any significant changes to the diet, a person should speak with a doctor or dietitian.

For this recipe from Live Eat Learn, juice or blend:

For this recipe from Tia Clara, juice or blend:

For this recipe from Minimalist Baker, juice or blend:

Below are some common questions about juicing for weight loss.

There is no data that juice cleanses detox the body. There is no credible evidence that any detox diet helps eliminate toxins from the body, nor that this is medically necessary. In most cases, the body can remove toxins effectively on its own.

No food or diet can specifically target belly fat or any other part of the body. However, reaching a moderate weight, in general, may decrease abdominal fat overall.

Raw spinach, kale, and beets are high in oxalates. People should avoid juicing these frequently, as oxalates can harm the kidneys.

Drinking vegetable and fruit juices in moderation can contribute to weight loss as part of a balanced diet. In contrast, all-juice diets, fasts, or cleanses may result in quick weight loss, but the results will likely be temporary.

Extreme diets are not a healthy or sustainable way to reach a moderate weight and can be harmful. Some people who have tried juice cleanses have experienced serious complications.

It is also important to note that weight loss alone is not necessarily a sign of good health. Adequate nutrition, sleep, social connection, and relaxation are also important factors.

If a person is considering juicing for weight loss or trying a fast or cleanse, they should speak with a doctor or dietitian for advice.

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Juicing for weight loss: Results, recipes, and risks - Medical News Today



Sister Wives Meri Brown reveals secret to her weight loss and boasts shes unstoppable in new vid after… – The US Sun

May 12th, 2023
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SISTER Wives star Meri Brownhas revealed the secret to her weight loss following her split from Kody.

The 52-year-oldtook part in a grueling F45 workout Tuesday during her trip to London.

F45 training consists of 45-minute workouts in a group setting with high-intensity exercises.

Meriwore a gray T-shirt with the slogan "#READY" on it as she filmed the workout at the gym.

TheSister Wivesstar grinned at the camera as people lifted weights around her.

She posted the video - which was set to Sia's song, Unstoppable - on her Instagram Story and captioned it: "Taking team training to a whole other level!"

Meri also posed with her fellow F45 workout buddies in a post on her Instagram grid.

She captioned it: "London Day 2 started off with business building and training with the amazing@danelledelgado followed by more epic training.

"Yep, where you do one thing, you do everything!#f45brought a whole new meaning to team training! #SweatDailymy new motto for life AND business!

"After a good workout, we did a little more sight seeing and shopping. This place is amazing, Y'all!"

Meri jetted to London earlier this week, calling the destination her "lifelong obsession."

The TLC starvisited Buckingham Palacewhile she was there but admitted it left her feeling "awkward" and "uncomfortable."

In the slideshow of photos,she captured herself taking in the sights at Paddington Station, Buckingham Palace, the Princess Diana memorial, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.

She gushed over the experience in her caption: "First day in London complete! 7:30 am arrival left plenty of time to get some sight seeing in! I'm a huge Paddington fan so of course Paddington Station was on top of my to do list."

Meri then explained some parts of thegetawayshe wasn't a fan of, confessing she felt "awkward" being there.

"I had some mixed emotions about Buckingham Palace. Pretty awesome place to visit, and also felt very awkward to parade in front of someone's home and take a picture just to say I had been there.

"I was surprised at the uncomfortable emotions that came up there."

However, the TV personality didn't let it dampen her stay and continued to venture to other notable attractions.

"The walk through the park and Princess Diana memorial walk was beautiful, lots of green and blooming floral. This little critter was so cute, jumped right up on the fence as I walked past and let me get super close to him as I had a little conversation with him.

"And of course you can't go to London without seeing Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Such beautiful and amazing architecture!"

Meri flew to London the same weekend asKing Charles III's coronation, though it doesn't appear she attended the festivities.

The trip came shortly after the TV starlisted her $1million Arizona home for rent- four months after splitting from her ex-husband,Kody, 54.

The U.S. Sun exclusively learned last month that Meri officially settled into her bed and breakfast in Utahwith the help of her ex.

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Sister Wives Meri Brown reveals secret to her weight loss and boasts shes unstoppable in new vid after... - The US Sun



Chemotherapy-induced weight gain in early-stage breast cancer: a … – BMC Medicine

May 12th, 2023
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Chemotherapy-induced weight gain in early-stage breast cancer: a ... - BMC Medicine



Khloe Kardashian shows off her chiseled abs in an iridescent bikini for new Snapchat pic after major… – The US Sun

May 12th, 2023
Comments Off on Khloe Kardashian shows off her chiseled abs in an iridescent bikini for new Snapchat pic after major… – The US Sun

KHLOE Kardashian has shared new photos from her sunny vacation with her sister Kourtney, 44.

Khloe, 38, decided to post a few throwback photos from one of her vacations this week.



She laid out on a lounge chair with Kourtney with a lush green lawn behind them as the sun beat down on them.

Khloe was wearing a super tiny silver holographic bikini with large hoop earrings and a lightweight white cover-up.

Kourtney wore an orange bikini with a dotted design on the top. Her hair was still long and dark.

They were both getting their vitamin D while sipping on green drinks.

The Good American founder posted a second photo of her abs in the bikini as she dramatically put her hand to her forehead.

Both pics showed off her incredible and toned abs that appeared after her weight loss.

She captioned that photo: "This was a fun vacation."

The third photo she posted from her trip showed her in the same outfit with a massive tan sunhat.

Khloe has been showing off her shrinking frame onsocial mediaand on the red carpet in recent months.

Fans have been voicing theories that her weight loss is due to her heartbreak over her baby daddyTristan Thompson'slove child scandal.

Tristan, 32. welcomed a son namedTheowithMaralee Nichols,33, back in December 2021.

He had an affair withMaraleewhen he was supposedly mutually exclusive with Khloe - with whom he shares a daughter True and a baby son.

During the season two premiere of The Kardashians, Khloe detailed theheartbreaking aftermathof her ex's paternity scandal.

Khloe confirmed that she was unaware of her ex's infidelity and was informed when documents were leaked to the press.

By that point, she had already decided to haveanother baby via a surrogate with Tristan, revealing that they had done an embryo transfer days earlier.

"I mean its supposed to be a really exciting, amazing time and its just a different experience, I think. It's been so hard. I don't want to celebrate anything," Khloe sobbed to the camera.

Khloe also claimed that Tristan knew about his love child in July 2021 but pushed theTVstar to have another baby anyway.

I found out about Tristans situation the first week of December," she confessed.

Its just so close. I wouldnt want anyone to think I did this after the fact. Why would I want to have a baby with someone who is having a baby with somebody else? Im not that much of a sociopath. Im a lunatic, but not that f***ing deranged.

Khloe appeared to put aside her hurt feelings over Tristan's unfaithful ways when their baby boy was born.

She allowed Tristan to be in the delivery room when their surrogategave birth in August.

"I am so grateful. It's such a beautiful gift that we're able to have," Khloe gushed over the little one.

Last week, Khloe was spotted leaving a restaurant on Friday, and she appeared curvier than in the past few months.

TheHulustar's new figure received plenty of praise from fans.

The 38-year-old was wearing a long-sleeve turtleneck dress that conformed to every inch of her body.

The dress was white with gray writing on the front and a colorful design scattered on the dress.

Shewas also wearing pale yellow thigh-high baggy boots that came up to the hem of her dress.

She accessorized with large gold sunglasses, a large gold watch, and a tiny tan and gray purse.

The photos of Khloe were posted on a popular Kardashian Reddit thread, and fans had a lot of positive things to say.

"It looks like she's getting back to a healthy weight!" one person said.

Another commented: "Shes looking great, and healthier than when she was going through all the [Tristan Thompson] drama."

A third added: "I must admit I hate the look but personal taste aside, I think she looks great."

"I love this look... She pulls off the tight body on dresses the best to me," one user reacted.




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Khloe Kardashian shows off her chiseled abs in an iridescent bikini for new Snapchat pic after major... - The US Sun



Im a health coach heres how to lose weight by eating COOKIE DOUGH it works like Ozempic… – The US Sun

May 12th, 2023
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A HEALTH coach had shared her secret cookie dough recipe, which she claims can help you sheds pounds as effectively as weight-loss jab Ozempic.

Aesha Karunakaran, from California, US, took toTikTokto share the hack which helped her "lose 15 pounds of fat in 60 days".


She says this Oreo recipe "works like the natural version ofOzempic by leaving you feeling stuffed.

The wayOzempic works is that it synthetically releases a gut hormone you naturally produce called your GLP-1, Aesha explains in the viral clip.

Your GLP-1 is your hormone that is responsible for making you feel full. So when you feel full thats a sign that your GLP-1 is releasing.

She continued: After consuming a lot of calories, you release that GLP-1, and you feel full, and you stop eating.

She claims her cookie dough has the same filling effect.

"Now whey protein actually releases high amounts of GLP-1 naturally so that's why we're starting with this recipe with two scoops of all natural whey protein and we're using cupcake batter," she explained.

"Whey protein digests too quickly so you wouldn't be able to release as much GLP-1 with only whey protein so we need to slow down the digestion of this whey protein with a fiber."

She continues by adding two tablespoons of coconut flour to the mixfor added fibre to "slow down the digestion of the whey protein which in turn is going to release even more GLP-1".

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Carbs also naturally release high amounts of GLP-1, she explained.

"But because we're making this a weight loss food, we're going to use a small amount of slow digesting carbs, we're going to use two tablespoons of rolled oats that we've blended into oat flour".

Aesha then also adds a quarter cup (60ml) of milk before mixing the whole thing together and sprinkling on some Oreo pieces for taste.

She said: "I promise you'll probably have a very hard time eating very much else after this cookie dough because it releases such high amounts of your GLP-1 and works like a natural version of Ozempic for suppressing your appetite.

"If you struggled with binge eating or overeating, this recipe will greatly help you overcome those problems while also creating a healthy relationship and helping you enjoy your favourite foods in moderation."

According to the NHS, the most effective way to lose weight is to make healthier food choices, get more active and burn more calories.

If you're worried about your weight, speak GP or dietitians to work out what option would work better for you and you needs.

Ozempic has been making headlines over the last few months after being "wonder drug" by high-profile names includingElon Musk.

The jabs, similar to medicines such as Saxenda andWegovy, is also rumoured to have helpedKim Kardashianfit into herMarilyn Monroe dressfor last year'sMet Gala.

The pre-filled pens contain the active ingredientsemaglutideand are intended to be injected once a week to manage blood glucose levels in people withtype 2 diabetes.

Wegovy, which is marketed as a weight-loss product, will be available on prescription in UK pharmacies sometime this year.

Like all medicines, the jabs come with potential side effects - including sickness, bloating, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhoea.

Experts have warned that you shouldn't be taking the drug if you haven't been prescribed it by a doctor.

Diabetes UK stated: "It is not a medication for people who do not have diabetes or are at risk of type 2 diabetes."

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Im a health coach heres how to lose weight by eating COOKIE DOUGH it works like Ozempic... - The US Sun



Hideout Fitness Empowers Irvine Residents to Achieve Summer Weight Loss Goals – EIN News

May 12th, 2023
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Personal trainers in Irvine combine military training experience, with physical fitness knowledge to help clients with losing 10 pounds for summer

Hideout Fitness, a private gym in Irvine, California, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their summer weight loss goals through a realistic approach

Jacob Rodriguez

Summer Weight Loss Tips

In a recent article titled "How To Lose 10 Pounds By Summer: 3 Tips," Hideout Fitness provides valuable insights into establishing realistic goals and effective strategies for shedding those extra pounds. Fitness coach Jacob Rodriguez, a leading expert in the field, emphasizes the importance of setting achievable goals to ensure long-term success.

"Setting realistic goals is everything," states Rodriguez. "Crash diets and extreme methods may seem tempting, but they are unsustainable. At Hideout Fitness, we encourage our clients to adopt healthier and more realistic approaches. Gradual weight loss improves overall health and ensures more sustainable results."

Hideout Fitness believes in the power of simple, healthy habits that can be maintained for the long haul. The article presents three easy tips for weight loss, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, and weight training.

The first tip highlights the importance of getting moving and staying active. According to the Irvine fitness and nutrition coaches at Hideout Fitness, the importance of staying active cannot be overstated. Whether engaging in sports, swimming, or enjoying walks on Irvine's scenic hiking trails, incorporating regular physical activity into daily routines is crucial for burning calories and shedding weight.

"Regular physical activity is crucial for weight loss," explains Rodriguez. "At Hideout Fitness, we provide personal training sessions tailored to each client's needs and preferences. Our dedicated trainers guide individuals through various exercises, ensuring proper form and technique while offering a supportive environment."

The second tip, focusing on establishing a solid foundation for nutrition, sets the tempo for the rest of ones weight loss journey. A balanced diet plays a pivotal role in weight loss. Hideout Fitness recommends incorporating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and reducing processed and sugary foods. Adequate hydration is also essential for overall health and weight management, with a recommended intake of at least 8 cups of water per day.

The coaches at Hideout Fitness aim to take the difficulty out of meal planning with its premier meal prep and planning service, Hideout Fuel.

Hideout Fuel, a meal-planning service offered by the gym, assists clients in making healthy choices by providing customizable meal plans and snack ideas. Whether customers prefer fixed meals or enjoy variety, Hideout Fuel ensures their nutrition aligns with their specific dietary restrictions and goals.

Contrary to popular belief, weight training is not solely for building muscle; it also aids in weight loss. By increasing metabolism and burning more calories even at rest, weight training promotes fat loss and helps individuals achieve a toned and defined physique. Hideout Fitness offers personalized weight training programs designed by experienced trainers to optimize results and minimize the risk of injury.

"At Hideout Fitness, we prioritize our clients individual needs and goals," says Rodriguez. "Our team of skilled personal trainers creates customized workout plans that cater to all fitness levels, allowing our clients to feel confident and motivated in their weight loss journey."

Combining expert guidance, personalized training, and a supportive environment, Hideout Fitness is the go-to fitness destination for Irvine residents seeking effective and sustainable weight loss solutions. With a comprehensive approach encompassing realistic goal setting, healthy nutrition, and tailored workouts, Hideout Fitness ensures its clients achieve their desired summer transformation.

About Hideout Fitness

Hideout Fitness is a leading private gym located in Irvine, California. With a commitment to helping clients achieve their fitness goals, the gym offers personal training and semi-private training sessions in a supportive and inclusive environment. The team at Hideout Fitness is dedicated to empowering individuals to live healthier lives and reach their full potential.

To learn more about Hideout Fitness and schedule a consultation with one of their experienced personal trainers, visit

Jacob RodriguezHideout Fitness+1 657-223-3466Contact@Hideoutfitness.comVisit us on social media:


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Hideout Fitness Empowers Irvine Residents to Achieve Summer Weight Loss Goals - EIN News



Ice water for weight loss: Does it really work? – Sportskeeda

May 12th, 2023
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Modified May 11, 2023 13:09 GMT

Drinking ice water for weight loss has become a trend these days. While many people claim ice water has helped them reduce weight, others believe its just a myth and doesnt provide any benefit.

So, whats the truth? Does drinking cold water burn calories and reduce weight? Heres all you need to know.

According to studies, when you drink cold water, calories are burned, but its too little to even make a difference in your weight.

Drinking cold water has its own benefits, but when it comes to weight loss, sure, there are effects, but quite low. However, there are certain factors that link ice water to weight loss.

Heres how ice water for weight loss may possibly work:

Ice water for weight loss may work as it is believed that cold water can reduce hunger and cravings.

A study also found that consuming 500ml of ice water before a meal led to a significant reduction of calorie intake in people consuming an average of 13 percent fewer calories, compared to those who did not drink ice water before meals.

Studies suggest that drinking ice water may increase your energy expenditure, which means consuming ice water can allow your body to work even harder than usual so as to warm the water up to your normal body temperature.

As a result, this can increase the number of calories your body burns and furthermore, may possibly help with weight loss.

Drinking ice water while exercising can help maintain a lower internal body temperature and also prevent overheating of your body. This, in return, will help you exercise more easily, that too without getting fatigued.

According to a study, consuming 10 cups of ice water can help burn 80 extra calories. But it is easily gained back by consuming just one hard-boiled egg or a string of cheese.

So, as you can see, ice water for weight loss makes such a small difference in the calorie balance that it wont be of any use.

Drinking cold water on a hot summer day may feel refreshing, however, there are risks associated with it.

Studies suggest that consuming ice water can lead to thicker nasal mucus and also make it quite challenging and sometimes even painful to pass through the respiratory tract.

Studies have also found that drinking cold water triggers migraine and also worsen achalasia, a health condition that makes it difficult for your body to pass food through the esophagus.

So, as you can see, there are no significant benefits of drinking ice water for weight loss. Therefore, regardless of whether you drink cold or hot water, the aim should be to keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day.

For weight loss, however, the best thing you can do is exercise daily and opt for a calorie-deficit diet. You can also consult a nutritionist to get professional tips and advice regarding weight loss diets and exercises.

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Ice water for weight loss: Does it really work? - Sportskeeda



Sister Wives Christine Brown flaunts her major weight loss in sexy green dress on date night with fianc D… – The US Sun

May 12th, 2023
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SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has shown off her weight loss during a date with her fianc David Woolley.

The 51-year-old displayed her slim figure in a tight green dress when the couple headed out for a romantic dinner.

TheTLCpersonality - who has been losing weight for several years - accessorized her dress with a simple gold clutch.

David, 59, shared a photo of himself and Christine cuddling up after their meal.

He captioned it: "Club 33 was awesome last night with my lady! Special thanks to Sheri Dirden for the wonderful reservation."

David and Christine went for dinner after spending the day at Disneyland with her daughters Ysabel, 19, and Truely, 12.

Ysabel shared photos of them posing happily at the attraction, which they headed to on Saturday.

Sister Wives star Christine shares Ysabel and Truely with her ex-husband,Kody Brown.

Kody, 54, and Christine are also parents to daughters, Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Gwendlyn, 21, and a son Paedon, 24, though they didn't appear to join the outing.

David got down on one knee andproposedtoChristine in early April, just two months after goingpublic with their romance.

While the couple'srelationship timelineis unclear, a source told The U.S. Sun that they were secretly together "for months" before the proposal.

"The wedding will be sooner than later. It could happen within the next month or up to four months," a source revealed.

"Christine definitely does not want a long engagement.

"Truth be told, it could happen any day, and we might not even know about it."

The newly engaged couple kept their engagement a secret before sharing the news with the world on April 14.

Theywent public with their relationshiptwo months prior onValentine's Day.

The source continued: "They're moving fast. Polygamy law is, like, a 30-day engagement, so it's something she's used to."

The U.S. Sun previously reported thatDavid's proposal was filmedfor the next season ofSister Wives.

There's no doubt that theirweddingwill also be filmed, per a source.

"They're under contract with TLC and they have to follow strict guidelines not to reveal details until it airs."

This means themom of sixmight have to be more careful during this time, givenshe's already leaked spoilersabout her romance.

However, her contract hasn't stopped her from letting people know that she is in the middle of wedding planning.

On April 15, Christinebegged her followers for help.

She wrote: "We dont always get second chances in life, Im blessed to have found mine. To have found my happily ever after. Its time to plan a wedding!!!

"Im asking for any Utah locals for help, our wedding cake, flowers, more and most importantly my WEDDING DRESS," she continued.

"Please reach out and DM me your info if youre a Utah Local designer, artist, or owner and can help me with my wedding."

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Sister Wives Christine Brown flaunts her major weight loss in sexy green dress on date night with fianc D... - The US Sun


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