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I was hypnotised to lose half my body weight after piling on 26st by gorging on McDonalds and ketchup s – The Sun

Jun 16th, 2020

AN NHS nurse who ballooned to 26 stone by gorging on McDonald's and ketchup sandwiches has revealed how she lost half her body weight after being hypnotised.

Junk food addict Georgie Hughes, 25, always struggled to find clothes to fit her size 28 frame and was bullied by her peers at college.


As well as binging on steak and onion pies, Georgie would also eat half a loaf of a bread a day when she was at her biggest - and she couldn't even use her scales to weigh herself as they only went up to 25 stone.

She decided to take drastic action when her size began making her feel ill and she couldnt find anything to wear except baggy tents.

Having tried every diet - including juice cleanses and slimming shakes - she could think of, the NHS nurse decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

Now after 18 sessions with hypnotist Phil Collins - who made her believe her favourite snacks tasted disgusting - she has lost a whopping 13st dropping down to a size 14.



Earlier this year, Adele reportedly lost three stone thanks to a 295-an-hour hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy has been incredible, said respiratory nurse Georgie. "I was skeptical at first, but I havent looked back since. Seeing Phil has changed my life."

Explaining how hypnotherapy has changed her relationship with food, Georgie said: "Hes put me off bread and McDonald's forever.

"If I go with my friends or family now Ill eat the meat out of the burger but wont be able to touch the bun.

"And the thought of eating takeaways now makes me feel ill!"




During her first session, Georgie came to the realisation that she comfort ate to cope with being bullied at school.

It was a vicious circle, she said And I needed to break it. During my first session Phil asked me about my favourite food and I told him I could easily eat a few bagels and six slices of bread a day.

Id have three slices of peanut butter on toast for breakfast, then three packets of cheese and onion crisps, chocolate and sweets before lunch.

Id also sneak slices of white bread with cheese and tuna mayonnaise on or even just butter and ketchup.



At lunchtime I'd eat a jacket potato with butter, baked beans and cheese, and even more slices of white bread if I was still hungry.

For dinner Id usually eat three portions of carbonara pasta or a roast dinner with plenty of crispy roast potatoes.

McDonald's was also one of Georgie's favourite takeaways and shed often devour a large big Mac meal with cheese bites, a large strawberry milkshake and a couple of 99p cheeseburgers before going home and eating a second dinner.

In order to break this cycle, the hypnotherapist used the chest infections Georgie had previously suffered to convince her that bread tasted like mucus.



She explained: "He told me to shut my eyes and started to tell me that bread and bagels tasted like mucus. It worked straight away.

After the session I went home and took a bite of bread and it was absolutely disgusting. It tasted like mucus and put me off eating it.

Three weeks after her first session Georgie had lost a stone and continued to see Phil for another six months during which time she lost 5st.

I saw Phil once a week for two months and then every other week for the next five until I went away to university, said Georgie, who works at Shrewsbury Hospital.

He gave me the tools I needed to continue my weight loss journey on my own and Ive never looked back.

Before her weight loss, Georgie struggled to find size 28 clothes and would only dress in black.




I only ever bought black so that I didnt stand out, she said.I was miserable being so big and being bullied made me lose all my confidence and self-esteem.

Thats when I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. I imagined Id be asked to look at a watch and imagine myself thinner but it was nothing like that. He just spoke to me and made me trust him so I could completely relax.

Since giving up bread and bagels, Georgie ended up shedding a whopping 13 stone - half her body weight - which took her down to a slim size 14 and weighing 13st 8lbs.

For breakfast has a bowl of porridge, chicken and vegetable salads for lunch and healthy, low-calorie Hello Fresh meals for dinner.

My target weight is 12 stone and Im so close to it, she added.

I havent needed any more hypnotherapy since 2015, she says. But Phil and I keep in touch on a yearly basis and I tell him how Im getting on.

How does hynotherapy aid weight loss?


It took me a long time to lose weight and get to where I am now. But Im happy that it didnt all come off overnight. This way I know I have changed my lifestyle and will keep it off. Its also sorted my self-esteem and anxiety. Im a different woman now - not only to look at but inside too. Im happy with myself and my body.

Hypnotist Phil, who specialises in hypnotherapy, counselling and life-coaching, said: In the first session, Georgias self confidence and self esteem was extremely low and she confided in me that there were many personal issues.

Georgie, considering her young age when she first came to see me really did take to it.

It took a number of sessions for her to start believing in herself, but from that first session I knew that she could do it.

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I was hypnotised to lose half my body weight after piling on 26st by gorging on McDonalds and ketchup s - The Sun

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