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Im a health coach heres how to lose weight by eating COOKIE DOUGH it works like Ozempic… – The US Sun

May 12th, 2023

A HEALTH coach had shared her secret cookie dough recipe, which she claims can help you sheds pounds as effectively as weight-loss jab Ozempic.

Aesha Karunakaran, from California, US, took toTikTokto share the hack which helped her "lose 15 pounds of fat in 60 days".


She says this Oreo recipe "works like the natural version ofOzempic by leaving you feeling stuffed.

The wayOzempic works is that it synthetically releases a gut hormone you naturally produce called your GLP-1, Aesha explains in the viral clip.

Your GLP-1 is your hormone that is responsible for making you feel full. So when you feel full thats a sign that your GLP-1 is releasing.

She continued: After consuming a lot of calories, you release that GLP-1, and you feel full, and you stop eating.

She claims her cookie dough has the same filling effect.

"Now whey protein actually releases high amounts of GLP-1 naturally so that's why we're starting with this recipe with two scoops of all natural whey protein and we're using cupcake batter," she explained.

"Whey protein digests too quickly so you wouldn't be able to release as much GLP-1 with only whey protein so we need to slow down the digestion of this whey protein with a fiber."

She continues by adding two tablespoons of coconut flour to the mixfor added fibre to "slow down the digestion of the whey protein which in turn is going to release even more GLP-1".

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Carbs also naturally release high amounts of GLP-1, she explained.

"But because we're making this a weight loss food, we're going to use a small amount of slow digesting carbs, we're going to use two tablespoons of rolled oats that we've blended into oat flour".

Aesha then also adds a quarter cup (60ml) of milk before mixing the whole thing together and sprinkling on some Oreo pieces for taste.

She said: "I promise you'll probably have a very hard time eating very much else after this cookie dough because it releases such high amounts of your GLP-1 and works like a natural version of Ozempic for suppressing your appetite.

"If you struggled with binge eating or overeating, this recipe will greatly help you overcome those problems while also creating a healthy relationship and helping you enjoy your favourite foods in moderation."

According to the NHS, the most effective way to lose weight is to make healthier food choices, get more active and burn more calories.

If you're worried about your weight, speak GP or dietitians to work out what option would work better for you and you needs.

Ozempic has been making headlines over the last few months after being "wonder drug" by high-profile names includingElon Musk.

The jabs, similar to medicines such as Saxenda andWegovy, is also rumoured to have helpedKim Kardashianfit into herMarilyn Monroe dressfor last year'sMet Gala.

The pre-filled pens contain the active ingredientsemaglutideand are intended to be injected once a week to manage blood glucose levels in people withtype 2 diabetes.

Wegovy, which is marketed as a weight-loss product, will be available on prescription in UK pharmacies sometime this year.

Like all medicines, the jabs come with potential side effects - including sickness, bloating, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhoea.

Experts have warned that you shouldn't be taking the drug if you haven't been prescribed it by a doctor.

Diabetes UK stated: "It is not a medication for people who do not have diabetes or are at risk of type 2 diabetes."

See the original post here:
Im a health coach heres how to lose weight by eating COOKIE DOUGH it works like Ozempic... - The US Sun

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