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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Dramatic Weight Loss … – Screen Rant

Oct 16th, 2023


Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life has changed in many ways since her shocking weight loss. The reality TV show star became a household name in 2015, shortly after she went viral with her dancing videos. Whitney had gained more than 200 pounds when she was in college. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. It almost made Whitney stop dancing because she felt ashamed of her weight. However, Whitney slowly started to realize that thinness is not related to happiness and now preached self-love and acceptance.

Weight loss surgery felt out of character to Whitney. But she was driven to consider it after her breakup with Chase Severino. He cheated on Whitney with another woman with whom he got pregnant. Whitney confessed getting out of the engagement was the lowest point in her life. She had never thought of it before but wondered if people would treat her better if she did it. She was okay with her weight but was not okay with the way people treated her. Whitneys therapist convinced her that it was just her grasping for ways to get over the split. Whitney decided against getting weight loss surgery.

Still, the MBFFL star has continued to get questions about whether she opted for it. Whitney admits shes lost weight, but its not because of surgery. Its grief, thanks, she said in her recent interview with ET. Whitney said the death of her mother, Barbara Babs Thore, was the reason behind her rapid weight loss. But Whitney is trying to cope with the loss of her mom by putting on a brave front on social media. Whitney is focused on her body acceptance journey. Whitney had lost 70 pounds by November 2020 itself. Her Instagram pictures suggest shes lighter now, but Whitney chooses to not talk about her weight.

Whitney has been open about her battle with PCOS, which she was diagnosed with over 20 years ago. The symptoms Whitney had were alarming. One of the symptoms that gave Whitney her biggest insecurity was her hair loss. She wore tape-in extensions for the longest time. Shes even thought of rocking a bald head. However, Whitneys healthy lifestyle changes have helped her regain her confidence. Shes been using products that have helped her regrow her hair, and her travel photos and videos are proof of that.

During her recent trip to Bordeaux, Whitney recorded a POV-style video to let her followers see the city through her eyes. She wore her hair in a luscious high bun and wore a figure-hugging dress in brown as she explored the city. You are an inspiration to us. Be happy. You deserve so much, a fan told Whitney in the comments.

Whitney's not just sticking to dresses that cover her up entirely. Shes trying out various styles that accentuate her new body more. Whitneys style keeps evolving as she experiments with everything from loose-fitting tees to lacy corset jumpsuits. Whitney recently experienced a cabaret while in Paris. Girllll you look SMOKIN I loveeee the classiness yet still sensual feel of the dress, a fan told Whitney while the My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11 star did a little twirl for the camera in her lacy backless outfit.

Sources: ET, Whitney Way Thore/Instagram, Whitney Way Thore/Instagram,

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore's Dramatic Weight Loss ... - Screen Rant

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