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Weight Loss: How to use Hing water for weight loss and diabetes – IndiaTimes

Dec 6th, 2023

01/6Hing water benefits for health

In some cultures, asafoetida-infused water, or hing water, is used as a traditional treatment and is thought to have several health advantages, including the ability to help with weight loss. The resin known as asafoetida, or "hing," is extracted from the roots of some plants and has been utilized in traditional medicine and Ayurveda due to its possible anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. Hing water may help with weight loss in the following ways:

Although there is little scientific proof that hing directly affects metabolism, better digestion and nutrition absorption can help metabolic processes inadvertently. An important component of overall metabolic health is effective digestion.

It is well known that asafoetida has anti-inflammatory qualities. Reducing inflammation may help with general health and weight control as it has been connected to metabolic diseases and obesity.

According to certain research, asafoetida may affect blood sugar levels. It might boost efforts to lose weight and manage cravings by encouraging more stable blood sugar levels.

You can use these easy steps to make hing water Heat up a glass of water to a boil. Put a small amount of hing, or asafoetida, into the boiling water. Give it a few minutes to steep. To get rid of the asafoetida residue, strain the water. You can optionally add some flavoring, like honey or lemon.

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Read the rest here:
Weight Loss: How to use Hing water for weight loss and diabetes - IndiaTimes

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